Carol Ameche's Preparation List

Hello everyone. I promised a long time ago that I would print a list of suggestions of things to pack for a possible
camping trip!   I am truly sorry it is so late.  Delays are so difficult to schedule in, but they seem to be part of the
training, for serious campers, I mean!

This information and  address is for a stove that will cook two meals a day for two weeks on only 25 # of charcoal.  In
a Dutch oven you can cook for 12 people.  It has a warranty of 10 years!  Phone # 888-532-9800;  fax is  (801)
There are two sizes of Volcano cook stoves and other equipment, as well.  A videotape accompanies orders and
demonstrates everything.  3450 W. 8550 South West, Jordan, Utah 84088.

Please remember, all of us have different tastes and habits and needs.  These are my own personal thoughts.
Outdoor stores, like Popular, etc., have camping lists also.  You just need to reflect on your own preferences.  If you
plan to leave your homes for a short period of time, although you may decide to stay MANY WEEKS also!  These are
not games or meant to be frightening, but capable of motivating us to rise above natural apathy and disbelief.  Trust
means to continue to have faith and believe in spite of the evidence.

How about bug repellant.  Don't know where you'll be.  Equipment for cooking, like above stove and charcoal.
(Avoids transporting liquid fuel and lasts longer).  MANY matches and a can to store them, and starter fluid.  Silvered
sheets are available that protect from cold inside warm blankets, pillows and bedding, and sleeping bags good to
below zero.  (Remember the possibility of VERY COLD WEATHER during these different weather patterns).  Air
mattresses, woolen blankets, warm socks and clothing, but not many because of limited room in cars.  A shower set
up.  You can get these at Army surplus stores, a bungie cord and hook to hang it up!  Flashlights, candles, simple &
nutritious foods that have a long shelf life.

Cereal, canned goods (like tuna and chicken, hams and stew, and soups dry and canned)
 sardines, rice, chicken and beef bullion cubes, crackers, bread sticks, low fat pretzels, bagel slices, mashed potato
buds or flakes, Macaroni and cheese boxed dinners, rice dinners, pasta dinners, pasta, canned spaghetti sauces,
spices you always use, salt/pepper, veggies, butter buds (!).  Peanut butter, jellies, honey come in plastic jars now,
juices in small boxes or plastic bottles. Tea bags, coffee bags, unless you MUST have fresh brewed!   "Let them eat
cake" or Brownies! Walk through Sam's or CostCo and places like that for ideas and good buys.  Drink mixes, (great
time for that Slim Fast!) like Gatorade, lemonade, etc., Tang, of course!!  Pot holders for grilling, cooking oil, powdered
Milk  and food for the babies. Twenty lbs. Of  powdered milk per month is suggested amount that little ones need.
Power Bars, Balance Bars, dried fruits, nuts and cans to keep these things in.  Next time we leave (for good) we can
pull out all the stops and Bake!  Cocoa or Hot Chocolate Mixes and a Teddy Bear for everyone!!!

If you just take one car, perhaps a trailer behind.  That's all you can take, if your car is full of people.   Calculate what
will last the longest and is easiest to transport.
Purchase a large netting to put over things you put on top of car!  Porta Potties and lots and lots of plastic bags, (all
those grocery bags we've been saving for a hundred years!).
Won't need that folding shovel this time, as we won't be outdoors.

Let's put all the snorers in one cave or house, whaddya say?  First aid kit, extra bandaids, iodine, antibacterial soap,
scissors, tools for adult.  Needle and thread for repairs, maaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnyyy batteries, LOTS of charcoal or
cooking fuel and small hibachi or Weber grill or that Volcano.  Warm shoes and socks and boots and comfortable
shoes, sweaters and don't forget how much warmer pantyhose make you feel (men?)

A small wash tub, laundry soap, clothes line and pins (wooden ones better?) Bleach, also good for purifying water.
8-15 drops per gal.  A Bible, and Crucifixes, holy water and oil, pictures, non-breakable statues; knee pads like you
buy to scrub floors are good!  Rosaries and all those books we were always going to read!  Games for the kids, art
supplies, board games, dice, books, etc.

On this particular camping trip, we will possibly be staying indoors or wherever at all times.  Potassium Iodide for
radiation sickness (well, I don't know!) can be obtained from 1-800-866-4876.
Whatever else you'll need for privacy and personal use.  Leave the Elastin and Minoxidil at home!!  Creams for dry
skin and Mascara, of course!  Shampoos, buckets, toiletries, Q-tips, baking soda.  Soaps: bath and cleaning things..
Broom and dust pan, garbage bags, bowls for mixing, storage bowls and plastic bags, lg. spoons, Stainless plates and
cups and utensils or plastic dishes are at army surplus stores.  Tarps, rubber mats for under sleeping bags.

Do what you can and trust!  We need to plan to eat smaller amounts and conserve water and food.  We will need
LOTS of water. We can also count on Heavenly help, if it comes to that.  Pot holders, lg. pots!  Fry pans, Dutch oven?

Medicines, tissues and bathroom paper (LOTS and LOTS!),  sore muscle ointment, personal supplies, toothbrush and
paste.  Will we need bowls to wash and brush teeth  in!  (HELP!)

Do you need to take extra critical care supplies or medicines?  Trust is the number one essential to pack.   And jars
and jars of good humor!  Discipline and Endurance, too.
Patience and Humility are good!  Supplemental food can be found freeze dried or air dried commercially.  Military
MREs?  Use large duffel bags or suitcases on wheels as much as you can.  They're easier to move.   By now, you are
considering buying a truck of semi trailer!  Again, the emphasis is on simple and easy to move and store, and START
NOW.  You will think of a hundred things I forgot, so send it to Joe at for printing for the rest of us!
Extra covered plastic storage containers for storage.  Old towels (as well as new) for rags or pkgs of small cleaning
towels.  This should be a time of enjoyment for the family.  And ladies, I'll bet we're gonna learn to love beards!  Info
on means of water purification is available at:
Sigh.... Good luck, have fun and pray and laugh and love each other.  Bye.
News from a fellow camper: SW - Pro Personal Water Filter, Order Code #2130, Price: $31.50.  It can be filled from
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quick to use as a regular water bottle, and catches more industrial and agricultural pollutants at a faster rrate, than
any other filters.

   Bayberry Mall, PO Box 503, Salem Utah 84653
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