These ideas on preparations where provided by Darrell Bennett whose ideas were distributed through MISSION MOMENTS as provided by Miracle of the Rosary Mission, Inc .



I (Darrell Bennett) would like to encourage everyone to review the following information. I
encourage everyone to complete their preparations for emergency preparedness
as soon as practicable and to maintain them thereafter. This is not a time
for panic, but rather for preparedness. Once prepared, spiritually and
temporally, there is no need for panic or fear. The gospels tell us that
where fear exist love has not been perfected. Let us pray the Holy Spirit
may come and bring to perfection in each of us the Love of God.

Come Holy Spirit! Come by means of the powerful intercession of the
Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well beloved spouse.

I have been trying to think of away to clearly express what I am encouraging
everyone to do. The best thing I have come up with is to share with you what
I am doing. I am not advocating or encouraging extreme measures. I don't
have a bomb shelter or any other type shelter for that matter. I don't have
a biological or radioactive protective suit. I don't have 3, 4, or 100 year
supply of food and supplies. NOR due I believe our Lord or Lady have or will
advocate such for everybody. We do have in our home those religious supplies
listed below that allow us to participate in a life of faith advocated by
the Church and encouraged by our Lady and temporal supplies that enable us
to exist self sufficient for about 2 weeks.

I am encouraging everyone to keep a supply of food, medicine, etc. that
would allow a family to be self sufficient for a period of 2 weeks
regardless of the season (hot or cold). If you are in a position to set
aside an additional amount to share with friends, family, neighbors or
anyone in need - great.

The most important thing in these times or at any time in the history of
humanity for that matter is to be spiritually prepared. We are called to
live each moment as it might be our last. Simply because it could. This is
true now and always. Simple fact of life is that we are all going to die at
some point. It should be remembered that we pass from death to life, not the
other way around. The best is yet to come!!!

There are people in Rome who gather each morning at the Vatican at what is
called the Bronze Door. If you have ever been blessed to go to Rome to Saint
Peter's Basilica, the Bronze door is to the right of Saint Peter's Basilica.
You will typically see a small crowd gathered at the door most of the time
taking pictures of the Swiss Guard. Anyhow, a select few gather at the door
each morning between 6:30 -6:45. They have been invited to attend Mass with
the Holy Father in his private chapel. The people are excited, anxious,
dressed in there best, pious, etc. My wife and I were blessed several years
ago to pass through the Bronze Door. That blessed event has influenced us in
many ways, but in particular with my view of death. Each of us should be
just as excited and prepared to pass through the "Golden Door" that leads to
life eternal whenever we are called. We should be prepared as best we can at
all times to participate in the Eternal Sacrifice and Banquet with Christ

So, through prayer and reception of the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church,
make your spiritual preparations FIRST, then by the light and grace of God,
you will know and understand what preparations to undertake - if any.

God bless you, one and all.

Darrell Bennett

Miracle of the Rosary Mission

We will be posting additional information on our web site regarding
emergency preparedness under Mission of Mercy.

The following are suggested items for every household to keep. This is not
an all inclusive list of items. Needs will vary based upon individual needs
and practices, and situations, and should be adjusted accordingly. In other
words, this is not so much an itemized list of what to get as it is an aid
to help you not to forget something important. It is a memory tickler.

Spiritual Preparations


Image of Sacred Heart of Jesus

Image of Immaculate Heart of Mary

Image of Divine Mercy


Catechism of Catholic Church

Roman Missal

Sunday Missal

Weekday Missal

Liturgy of the Hours



Blessed Candles

Holy Water

Blessed Salt

Book of common/everyday prayers

Book of novenas


Supplies for 2 weeks

The following information is not an all inclusive list, but can be helpful
in reminding you of items you need.

THE EMERGENCY KIT - this kit must include the special needs of your entire
family. Putting together a disaster kit is relatively simple. Your kit need
to contain items in each of the following categories:

WATER: The most essential and life sustaining item you need in your families
kit. Stocking water reserves and learning how to purify contaminated water
should be among your top priorities in preparing for an emergency.

FORMULA FOR CONSUMPTION: 1 gallon for each person in your household per day
for 21 days. In hot environments you can double that amount. For children,
nursing mothers and the elderly more water will be required.

STORAGE: Always store your water in a cool, dark place. Also store water in
your freezer in bags. Remember a full freezer runs more efficiently year
round and will keep your frozen foods from spoilage for at least 72 hours.

SHELF LIFE: 6 months.

WATER RESOURCES: Purchase spring water from area vendors or start storing in
plastic containers NOW. When storing water in plastic containers, always
treat with 8 drops of liquid chlorine bleach per gallon. Bleach MUST contain
5.25 % sodium hypochlorite and no soap.


Purification Tables: inexpensive and available at local sporting goods or
drug stores.

Boiling: is the safest method. Bring to a rolling boil for 10 minutes. Put
oxygen back into the water by pouring it back and forth between containers.

Chlorination: uses liquid chlorine bleach to kill microorganisms. Use 8
drops per gallon of water and let stand for 30 minutes.


Water beds: contain 400 gallons of water. If you designate your water bed as
an emergency water source, put fresh water and add 2 ounces of bleach per
120 gallons.

Hot Water Tank: flush out before hurricane season removing all sentiment. To
use this source open the drain at the bottom of the tank making sure that
the tank' s gas or electricity source is OFF, turn off the water intake
valve and turn on a hot water faucet to start the flow.

FOOD: Food provisions and liquids for people during a period of emergency or
catastrophe rank in the top priority with medical care. It is important to
select foods which are familiar to your family and which will last for
months without refrigeration. Realize that without refrigeration, food
poisoning poses a real danger in the summer heat and humidity along the
Hurricane Belt. Whenever possible, choose foods in waterproof containers or
put into water-proof containers for that reason.



-fruits; canned, dried & fruit rollup

-vegetables: canned, such as baked beans

-salads: canned, such as three beans, pickled beets

-meats and fish: canned or dried, such as salmon, tuna, chicken, turkey,
roast beef, chili

-milk: long shelf life boxed milk, powdered, evaporated

-juices, canned and bottled

-gatorade, 10-K, etc. Heavy work in hot conditions requires liquids to
replenish fluids and salts.

-cheeses in small jars that do not require refrigeration

-peanut butter

-nuts and seeds

-crackers snacks,

-sweets, such as granola bars, cookies

-soups: canned or dried that do not require additional water

-pasta and rice


-washcloth and small towel

-sewing kit

-soap, toothbrushes, tooth paste, deodorant

-hair care items



-paper towels, toilet paper

-liquid detergent


-garbage can or bucket with tight fitting lid (emergency toilet)

-plastic garbage bags (for lining toilet)

BABY SUPPLIES (if needed)


-diapers, baby wipes & plastic sacks for diaper disposal

-milk, formula, food

-sterilized disposable baby bottles

-sheets, blankets, rubber pads

-portable crib

-small toys

-children's medication


-favorite stuffed animal, doll or toy

-crayons, coloring book, blank paper


-Gameboys with extra batteries



-cassette player, tapes, earphones with extra batteries


-cards, books, needlework, magazines stationary, postcards, stamps

-$10 in quarters for telephone calls

-shaving kit


-contact lens solution

-insect repellant, insecticide

-extra glasses, hearing-aid batteries

-supply of cash on hand


-one complete change of clothing per person, appropriate for season and
weather conditions -sturdy work boots

-rain gear

-sleeping bags, pillows


-battery-operated radio

-waterproof flashlights for each family member

-extra batteries

-lantern and fuel

-fluorescent distress flag

-waterproof matches

-NOAA weather radio cellular phone

-fire extinguisher

-work gloves

-shovel, hand saw, axe, work knife

-tarps, hammer, duct tape, nails


*Note: Do not attempt to cook indoors on outdoor equipment. Be sure that
there are no possible gas leaks indoors.

-barbecue grill

-charcoal and lighter fluid

-gas grill

-extra liquid propane gas tank

-sterno Stove

-outdoor cooking pots & pans

-non-electric can opener, punch bottle opener

-disposable eating utensils, disposable plates, towels, cups

-portable ice chests


-chain saw, extra gas & oil

-generator, extra fuel & oil

-wet/dry vacuum cleaner


-camera & extra film to photograph your damaged home before clean-up begins.

This will help you for insurance claims

-mops, brooms, brushes, sponges buckets, hose

-towels, old blankets, rags

-plastic yard bags

-rubber gloves

-disinfectants, pine-oil, bleach, quarternary, phenolic

-lubricating oil

-hair dryer

-washing detergents, trisodium phosphate


Secure all these items in a waterproof containers or ziplock bags and store
safely. Make copies in the event they are lost.

-social security cards birth certificates

-marriage and death records

-driver's license

-cash and credit cards


-insurance policies

-deeds and mortgages

-stock and bonds

-savings & checking account books

-inventory of household goods (by photo or videotape)

-small valuables: cameras, watches, jewelry

-computer backups


Keep contents in a waterproof metal or plastic container. Keep medicines
tightly capped. Check periodically and replace any medication which has

-first aid handbook

-band aids

-gauze rolls, large non-stick pads for larger cuts

-first aid tape

-scissors, tweezers, knife, thermometer

-cotton swabs

-triangular bandages for arm sling


-ice bag, hot water bottle

-snake bite kit

-baking soda

-antibacterial soap


-hydrogen peroxide

-antibiotic ointment

-calamine lotion


-sun block

-lip balm

-antifungal cream

-ergophine or "drawing salve" which brings splinters to surface

-eye drops

-ear drops

-nose drops

-rubbing alcohol

-prescription medicines


-aspirin or acetominophine


-cough medicine

-sore throat lozenges or spray


-anti-diarrhea medicine

-allergy medicine

-ipecac syrup


Please review the needs of individual members of your family. Some members
may have special and particular needs i.e., babies, those with disabilities,
etc. Something often overlooked on a practical basis is entertainment,
especially if children are envolved. So take a look at games, etc., of
interest to individuals and the whole family.

Lighter Side:

Stress Prevention and Treatment - One of the primary pieces of equipment we
acquire for each family member is a shovel. We have adopted the methodology
of the U.S armed forces with regard to stress prevention and treatment. It
has proven affective during peace time and during armed conflict.

Prevention and Treatment of Stress and/or High Anxiety: The affected party
should be given a shovel. The quality and type of shovel doesn't matter.
Have the affected party locate a parcel of land sufficient to dig a hole
large enough to hold the person. (The army referred to them as fox holes.)
After digging the hole to adequate size and shape, proceed to fill the hole
with the soil initial removed in the process of digging. REPEAT this process
until the symptoms have passed. REPEAT as needed. It works as effectively
with individuals and groups of any size.


God bless,

Darrell Bennett

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