Ben's Calling


I have written this pursuant to a directive from Our Lord.


Many wonderful and mystical things have occurred during my life, especially during the last 11 years. What follows is a brief discussion of only a very few.

I will begin with Chapter 27. In 1980, I was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident which left me with 14 pinched nerves, and a life of virtually incessant pain.

Chapter 43: During 1996, through the grace of God, I was healed miraculously of the pain from the accident, and have not received treatment since. Words can not adequately express how blessed I am.

In September of 1999, through a prominent public visionary Our Lady told the world that it was time to prepare information to use in evangelizing after God's Great Warning. I set out to prepare a reasonably comprehensive summary of eschatological public and private prophecy for my family. Something that was thorough, and yet could be read in a single sitting. I wanted to give it one last good attempt at getting their attention. I put my heart into it, and worked on it for several months.

During the course of my research, Isaiah 6 caught my eye in a very special and powerful way. Days later the Lord sent Isaiah 6 to me on two different and independent occasions. I know of a number of private visionaries, who I believe to be true. One conducts our weekly prayer meeting. I told her the story, and asked her what Isaiah 6 meant to her. I asked her to pray about it. She returned with a message for me from Our Heavenly Father.

In a fairly lengthy message, He explained that He was calling me, and would I come? He told me that if I was a man, now was the time to prove it. At the time I thought that it simply had to do with my writing to my family. (During the Fall of 2000, Jesus confirmed this calling in an unsolicited message received by a second visionary friend of mine).

I finished the writing, After The Warning, in April of 2000. On a whim, I emailed it to a gentleman who maintains an End Times web site, to see if there was any interest. I thought that maybe he might find it interesting, and choose to share it with some of the people who subscribe to his web site service.

That evening at our prayer meeting and through the above mentioned first visionary, Our Lord thanked me for publishing the writing, and stated in a deep stern staccato, "Now……watch……Me……act.". At the time, we felt sure His message had to do with the Great Warning foretold by so many visionaries.

The next morning, to my surprise, I found an email from the gentleman telling me that he had forwarded it to another web site, and that they had agreed to post it publicly. The time of the email from the gentleman was, as best as I could tell, exactly at the moment that my first visionary friend received the message from Our Lord. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed.

Since such time, Our Lord has sent various topics, scriptural and theological readings, and public and private prophecies to me to write about. Many were received during the 3 a.m. hour. With respect to another writing, in only a few days time, several bits of information on the same topic came to me from different sources, and I knew that He wanted me to write about that topic.

The best way that I can explain it is by relating it to the completion of a jigsaw puzzle. The Lord provides the pieces of the puzzle to me. I then pray for discernment, wisdom, understanding, guidance and protection and put the puzzle together. After I feel a sense of completion, I pray for a sign of His authorization to publish. He has responded by making the sun dance in the sky as I watch for several minutes, without retinal damage, etc. As of this writing, this process has been true with the following writings, Tribulation Update: August 2000; Thank You For Having Responded To My Call, and SKY SIGNS.

God's hand has been involved in the postings to era-of-peace, as well, but not in such dramatic fashion.

During the composing of one of the earlier writings, I froze as I then knew in advance that it was going to be published on the Internet. Once again, I had previously written for the benefit of my family. He told me, "Write like you are writing to your family.". I paused, and He repeated: "Write like you are writing to your family.". On one occasion, one of the topics resounded in my mind for days, like a newly released popular song. Once I put the information on paper, the sound stopped.

On another occasion, when I could not figure out how He wanted the information to come together, I became frustrated. Then He told me, "Go pray the Rosary.". Again I paused, and He repeated: "Go pray the Rosary.". I did, and subsequently experienced great peace. The information seemed to come together easily thereafter.

When I prepared the transmittal email to a number of people transmitting Tribulation Update. Without any forethought, I typed the words: "Her statues are crying for OUR help.". I then wept.

Certain contemporary prophets have received messages from Jesus and Our Lady advising us to disconnect our computers, and televisions, and to discard our cellular telephones, etc. immediately after God's Great Warning. Puzzled about this and our role on the Internet, I asked the first visionary friend of mine to pray for a message of guidance in that respect. In response, she received a message from Our Lady, advising Ron, Chester and I to remain on our computers [i.e. the Internet], and to remain close to the shadow of her Son. We would know when to discontinue. [paraphrased].

I do not know why Our Lord chooses to operate through me in this manner. I can only state unequivocally, that I am not only most unworthy of such an honor, but am a most unlikely candidate. I am NOBODY. I am just an ordinary guy. I give all honor and glory to Our Heavenly Father; His Son, Our Savior; and their Holy Spirit.

I have been reluctant to publish this information. Recently, He made me aware that He wanted it published. I have obeyed. "Obedience is better than sacrifice" (cf. I Sam 15:22)

DISCERN EVERYONE, AND EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME.                                                                          

God bless you and your families,

Ben J. Verdina, April 5, 2001


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