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A reflection from Lena Shipley

A reflection on the deaths of two super women.

A reflection on the irony of the deaths of two 'icons' who died within one week. (Princess Diana and Mother Teresa) It almost forces us to make this comparison:

Two lights went out in the world this week.

Princess Diana - one of the most beautiful and glamorous woman in the world. Mother Teresa - an inner beauty that lit up the whole world.

BOTH HUMANITARIANS - Princess Diana - an active and kind philanthropist catering to the needs of the sick and oppressed for their sakes and the sake of their cause.  Mother Teresa - the apostle of the poorest of the poor, seeing the Face of Christ in each and every one - catering to their every need for the love of God.

Diana possessing an abundance of the world's treasures - money, cloths, jewels Mother Teresa - forsaking the world and it's illusionary treasures; but possessing an abundance of grace and virtue.

Diana - sought it from those she touched and those who admired her.  Mother Teresa - gave it to the poorest of the poor.

Princess Diana - whose reign has come to an abrupt end!  Mother Teresa - whose reign has only just begun!

These two women - friends - sharing similarities; yet so different. Their lives and their deaths cause us to take notice of the contrast and relate it to the choice always before us - To live in the world as though it were a royal court.....or..... To live in the world, yet, not to be of it!!

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