A Call To Holiness


1992 Messages to Lena Shipley


01-01-92 Wednesday Cenacle I invite you to renew your commitment to prayer and fast as we enter a new year 



 I invite you to renew your commitment to prayer and fast as we enter a new year. 

 My dear ones, time is running short for poor sinners to convert.  Every day, we come closer to the approaching day of God's Divine Justice. 

 My chosen, you. especially, must understand the signs of the great apostasy, signs which mark this age in which you are living.  When you see a cloud coming up you know the rains will soon be upon you.  You can look at the signs in the earth and in the sky and thus you predict the weather.  Likewise, I, your Mother am calling you to observe and understand the signs of a far greater impending danger. 

 Prepare!  Not only for yourselves but the many who will attempt to enter the narrow gate too late! 

 0, how concerned your Mother is for those who have allowed Satan to lull them to sleep, for those who have allowed our adversary to distract them with material goods, bitterness, and quarrels over little matters. 

 You, My Cenacle, must stay awake, armed for battle at all times with your Rosary in hand and hearts on fire with love for Jesus. 

This New Year will bring many changes upon the earth.  Only My chosen ones can alter the degree of God's wrath upon sinful mankind.  I am calling you to renewed devotion to all that I have asked of you.  Only those totally dedicated to prayer and fast can help Me diffuse Satan's ploys. 

 I have called you here and formed you for this purpose.  As we enter this New Year, let us pray together - A Mother and Her children - ceaselessly! 

Mary appeared as a white luminous silhouette.   She was standing over the whole world. Her arms were outstretched as if extended over the world.  Rays of light were flowing from her hands.  The rays were encompassing everything.  However, the light did not penetrate  many parts of the world.  Several spots were lit up.  These parts of the world have  heard Her requests and are responding.  Some parts were brighter than others.  In these areas many souls are cooperating with Her Plan to save the world for Her Son.  The areas still in the dark are the many places yet to receive Her Message of Peace or those who have rejected the Gospel and Her many appearances.  Her request to us was to help Her light up the earth with our prayers and fast. 

01-05-92 Family Rosary   You, in your mortal state, cannot fathom the magnitude of God's Love for you 

 My Dear Families,    I know the Heart of My Son for you! I wish for you to know It.  My children, you, in your mortal state cannot fathom the magnitude of His Love for you.  I have come to help you move toward the fire of His Love. I have come to help you believe the unbelievable! 

 His great Love demands a response.  Let Me lead you toward the God whom you cannot fathom.  I come here to continually invite you to prayer as a family.  My children, your prayers joined together as family, as families united are powerful - as a weapon against Satan's attacks on your own family unity.  Your Rosaries are a source of grace for families everywhere who do not know of the many graces provided within the Sacrament of Marriage.  These graces are squandered by many families especially among the affluent in this country. 

 I ask you, especially, My chosen families to be mindful always of the grace God bestows upon your families.  Do not be forgetful - even of the smallest inspiration to show love, forgiveness among your family members. 

 0, how it displeases God to ignore His graces to you. Sieze them while they are given. Those who reject His Grace will be left to their own devices. Their way back to God  long and difficult and strewn with traps of every sort.  Do not reject the gifts of Him who loves you so! 

 My families, I am with you for your greater spiritual benefit in these days of preparation.  Be mindful and responsive to My instruction, My Motherly Love and My many requests for prayer. 

 Jesus will come again.  I desire that all be ready and waiting for His return.  For this reason, My families, I have come to you. 

 Thank you for responding to My invitations. 

01-08-92 Wednesday Cenacle I continually invite you to a life lived in God's grace 


My Chosen Cenacle,  I continually invite you to a life lived in God's grace.  I am here to help you remain steadfast on your journey to your homeland. 

 Pray so that the solemn and wondrous truths of your faith become the center of your immortal being. My children, pray to keep yourselves open to the Spirit of God which dwells within each of you. Pray for Divine Wisdom which surpasses human understanding.  My children, you cannot fathom the Indwelling Spirit.  Allow your human understanding to give way to Wisdom, the first fruit of God's Bounty. 

 I rely on you, My Cenacle, to be channels of God’s grace, which you all carry within. 

 The devil, your adversary, would have you  preoccupied with the material world.  I am with you to help you become more aware of the reality of the God-life within you.  Here lies your Truth, your Sustenance, your Immortal Life. Everything else is transitory, illusory and deceptive. My children, you must pray a great deal to stay attuned to the action of Divine grace in your soul.  Strive to be channels of grace to those whose reality is the material world.  My children, I am with you always. 


Our Lady's presence was very strong to me around the third Glorious Mystery.  She said we could change the world if we really and truly believed from the depth of our being that She and Jesus were really with us. If we have the depth of faith necessary to fathom Christ's real presence in the Eucharist, we would be changed people.  When we pray, during the Mass each day, for God to deliver us from anxiety, we are not praying to a dead God.  He hears our prayer.  If we truly believed from the depth of our hearts, we would be people of peace. 

She showed me a vision of a maize.  Many people were in it, scrambling about banging into its' walls.  Their faces were filled with tension.  The color of the scene was gray. In contrast, She showed me a garden, beautifully colorful. Flowers and fresh air, blue skies were a part of that scenario.   As we prayed, we were in that garden.  When we allow God to lead us, we are in that garden.  When we exclude God from our days, we end up in the maize.  She wishes to lead us always into  the garden of prayer and peace. 

01-12-92 Family Rosary I come here to help you avoid the danger of falling into complacency regarding the things of God 

My Chosen Families, 

 Your Rosaries are a great source of grace for your families.  You receive supernatural strength to carry you along  on your journey. 

 I come here bringing you words of warning as well as words of hope to help you avoid the danger of falling into complacency regarding the things of God.  Be aware of this masterful trick of your adversary, especially in times of so-called peace and security.  Indeed, there is no true peace or security in the world. 

 Teach My little ones of: the necessity and infinite value of prayer.  Continually remind your children, as I often remind you, of the importance of prayer so that it becomes an automatic part of their young lives.  The little children, too, must be shielded with their Rosaries in this day of spiritual warfare. 

 My Chosen Families, Contemplate, this week with Me, the Holy Face of My Son.  Even men of good will add to Its' tortures with insults and neglects. Build for yourselves a veil of prayer with which to comfort My Son.  He still bears the marks of His Passion in His members. 

 You, My Families,. comfort Him with your veil of prayer. 

 I come here tonight to encourage you by bringing you assurance of His abiding Presence and Love.  You all are His modern day Veronica's.  Your veils will come back to comfort you on the day of Judgment.  Thank you.  Go in the Peace of Jesus 


Mary said She is appearing all over the world today and also talking to little souls.  Still, too few are hearing Her with their hearts.  She said that we have heard Her and She thanks us.  She also said She is giving a special blessing to all of the lonely among us. She said that it is more meritorious than we realize to offer our loneliness to Her Sons' loneliness in the Garden. 

01-15-92 Wednesday Cenacle I invite you to be my people of vision 

My Cenacle,  I invite you to be My people of vision in the midst of the gray and cold days of winter which are upon you. I invite you to enter more deeply into the Mystery of His Love.  Let His warmth penetrate the cold.  Let His truth Light the darkness. 

I wish to help you internalize your vision of God.  In doing so, you will see His Impression on all things both within and outside of yourselves. 

God, the Master Builder has laid a sound foundation for you through Baptism.  You, My children, must build upon this foundation with the precious gems of your faith, your good works, your prayers - enfolded in Love. 

The day will come when your handiwork will be disclosed.  My Beloved, fire will test your work.  For this reason, I am with you.  I desire that not one of you suffer loss. 

Recommend all of your tools and materials for building to Me.  Let all pass through My Hands to God. 

Together we shall build your interior castle where My Son shall dwell until you see Him Face to Face. 

Be ever mindful then that you are temples wherein your King resides. 

I am here to help unfold this Mystery for you. 


I saw three inner visions on this night. 

The first - the whole cenacle were praying around the Manger of Jesus.  As we prayed each Hail Mary, white rose petals fell softly on the Baby as He slept forming a warm blanket. 

Mary appeared as a white silhouette holding the Child Jesus.' He raised His Hand in Blessing over us all and gave to each of us one single white rose with one thorn on it. 

Third.  I saw a high mountain.  Black, bubbly lava was sliding down this mountain.  Our Lady commissioned several angels to hold it back at the base of the mountain.  Some of the black seeped out running over some of the land. 

01-19-92 Family Rosary I invite you to rise to the height to which you've been called as children of Light 

Message to be placed here soon 

01-22-92 Wednesday Cenacle In this hour, I desire that you reflect and write about My Mercy 

Wed. Jan 22, 1992 WEDNESDAY CENACLE 

"In this hour, I desire that you reflect and write about My  Mercy. 

       SACRAMENT AT 3:00 - 4:00 P.M. 

“For the grevious sinner, I am unfathomable Mercy, For the dry, parched and worn out soul, I am an oasis of  refreshment. For the lost, I am their Way.  For the ignorant, I am Truth. For those wandering in the darkness, I am Light. For all generations, My Mercy affords all peoples forgiveness, refreshment, to be quenched in all their thirsts for their souls. 

Never before has My Mercy been so necessary.  The world cries out for My Mercy yet it knows not for what it groans.  The world  sinks deeper into its' misery.  All the while, My Mercy multiplies,  desiring to cover the whole world with Its' richness. 

See My Bloody Wounds still oozing life giving water and blood for My people whom I love - still. 

The final trumpet will sound and My Mercy will have burned  Itself out.  My People, lay down your sinfulness.  Lay down your guilt. My Mercy belongs to you.  Won't you please claim it! 

I watch you lament in sadness.  I see your poor shoulders sag  under your burdens.  I feel your depression, your loneliness.  I say to you:  Why, My Child?  This shouldn’t be!  Don't you see!  Look at the Cross.  It is I - your Saviour.  I have borne all of that  for you.  Bring Me your burdens, your shame, your hopelessness.  Do you think I have died upon that Cross forever? 

I live again!  - in your souls renewed in Grace.  I live in your sanctuaries of prayer, in the Sacred Host.  Can you fathom this Mercy of Mine?  Do you know Its’ depth? 

Why do not more of you come to the water?  My people, hear the cry of My loneliness!  Whoever, wherever you are - My Reservoir of Mercy is yours.  Seek It while IL may be found.  My Love for you knows no bounds. 

Vision:  A luminous rain is falling all over the earth.  The  whole area is wet with this mysterious rain.  The dry, parched soil sopps it up quickly.  The stony and rocky ground did not absorb any so it flowed off to other areas that were lower and more absorbent.  The heart that is lofty and hard cannot absorb the Mercy of God.  The fertile soil will receive the rain." The  humble heart will receive My Mercy in torrents." 

01-26-92 FAMILY ROSARY Work and pray with anxious concern for your salvation and the salvation of the whole world 

My Beloved Families, 

I invite you to work and pray with anxious concern for your salvation and the salvation of the whole world. Error and vice are spreading with a ferocity unparalleled in the history of the Church. 

You, My chosen families, help to offset this rampant evil by your Rosaries. Your rosaries act as units of energy which are stored within My Immaculate Heart. This Divine Energy will explode and will blast into oblivion the devil, his cohorts and their venomous schemes when the appointed time has arrived. 

Although you live in this world, My families, you are not of the world. You belong to God. It is His Holy Spirit who instills in you any measure of desire for goodness, prayer and achievement in the ways of virtue. Recognizing your son ship, I desire that you act accordingly, in everything you do. Avoid grumbling and arguing, proving yourselves to be true and innocent children of God, in the midst of a depraved generation. 

While you are still in the world, troubles will befall you but they will not overcome you. I desire you to continually consecrate yourselves to Me releasing all of your troubles as they occur, proceeding then to go on living in the Light of the Holy Spirit, Whose infinitude Love is upon you. 

01-29-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE I wish to be for you a signpost leading you to Jesus 

My Chosen Cenacle, 

I wish to affirm My presence among you in these days of God's favor upon the world. I wish to be for you a signpost leading you to Jesus. 

My dear ones, do not turn away from the Cross of My Son. Walk along your narrow road to Calvary, uniting your cross to His. So many of My children fear their road to Calvary. So many shriek with intimidation from this road which leads to Life. Do not fear! Rather, trust! Your road to Calvary leads to freedom - freedom from the shackles that bind your human nature. Freedom from selfishness which is the ultimate victory of selfless love. 

The road is narrow and jagged with obstacles that are contrary to your human nature. The journey is an uphill climb. Therefore, My children, focus on the summit - the victory, Life Eternal, Union with the Trinity. God has sent Me to you to pave your way with Peace. But you must accept this peace. 

My children, you must avoid the wider, well traveled road. Its' appearance is deceptive. The journey is downhill. It attracts with every means for self-gratification. This road leads to emptiness under the guise of excess. Its' end is the infernal pit. Its' end is death, rather than Life. 

Your Mother cries because so many of Her children travel the wider path. 

My Cenacle, your rosaries help your Mother to set up detours on the road to perdition. Your prayer and your faith give you strength and courage to continue your own journey toward Life. Do not be afraid, but trust! 

Do not be deceived, rather, see through the eyes of your soul. I am near. 


Vision: I saw two roads. Mary beckoned me to come closer to where She was standing. She said, "I want you to see this journey the way I can see it to the best of your understanding. 

I saw that one road went upward. It looked just like the path up to Mt. Krizavac. The path was narrow and very jagged with rocks. We were on that path climbing upward, helping one another by pulling each other up. It was very exhausting and difficult, but we were peaceful and happy, helping one another and praying on the way up. Mary allowed me see also that we were being helped also by our angels and even the saints. This path represented our journey up Calvary in real life. She said we didn't realize that the spirit world was all around us. On our individual journeys, the angels and saints literally help us along our path. They gently were picking us up as we fell. They were inspiring us to go on. In the vision, they were hovering over us as we went. On the other road, many were traveling. It was a downhill pathway - wider and smoother in appearance. Our Lady gave me the knowledge of the types of people who travel this road. They are shallow - not even realizing that the world of the spirit even exists, or not caring one way or the other. There are sinners of every sort - addicts, abortionists, child abusers, occultists. (every sort of sinner as well those whose hearts are hardened) In the vision, they are suffering, too. But they try to cover their suffering up by pretending to hide their emptiness and misery. Some were stumbling and falling. Our Lady showed me the realm of the spirit world that surrounded them on their way. There were traps that they fell into. When they fell, there was a battle between their angel and the demons. Their angels were gently trying to help them up - inspiring them with gentle whisperings. The demons were forcefully trying to entice them with even greater sins, promising help to go on. Some would sink even deeper into sin. Only a few would be detoured by the inspiration of the angels. Our Lady gave me the knowledge that it is harder for these souls to receive the graces because of the hardness of their hearts and the ferocity of the attacks of the demons who were lurking around them. Their guardian angels will follow these souls, and fight for them all along the way to perdition even to the threshold of hell! She showed me that there were detour signs on this road and some followed them. These were possible due to prayer and fast of the faithful. (The faces of the demons were filled with hate. The form they had was part human and part beast. The form of them was not as frightful as the hate in their faces) (The angels were represented as small, thin, white bodies with golden hair and whitish, translucent faces also they had wings.) There was tremendous jubilation among heaven when one of these souls followed the detour sign off the road to hell. 

02-02-92 FAMILY ROSARY I am with you to remind you of your sublime mission in God's Plan of Salvation 


I am with you to remind you of your sublime mission in God's Plan of Salvation. His Plan and His Will for you is found within your role in your family. To each of you, God has given an identity, a part to be played out by only you. God's Plan cannot be realized without your total response, your total commitment to that identity that you play within your family. 

My children, the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of your family must be your main focus - the heart of all the goals you set down for yourselves. Put God in the center of your hearts and your homes. 

So many of My children are living out of cync with this Divine Order. So many parents put themselves before their children, chasing after vain pursuits which lead to emptiness and slavery. So many of My little ones are deprived of the selfless love and attention that they need from their parents. O, how My Motherly Heart breaks to see these little ones neglected; even worse, emotionally and physically abused. Their spirits are left to wither and dry up, becoming prey to the enemy who is quick to fill them up with evil. I assure you, parents will be made to account for the manner in which they choose to bring up their children before the Throne of the Just Judge. 

My chosen, God is giving you great graces to know His Will and to be obedient to that Divine Will. He has given you His greatest gift - children. Children are His seedlings from the garden of His Heart. He has given you the means with which to nurture His seedlings to fruition. 

Parents, instill in your children the reality of the Spirit Life they possess. Teach them of this sublime Truth. Tell them that they have Divine Life as well as human, Divine Father, as well as human. Teach them. Love them - while they are still pliable. 

My children, your task is indeed great! You may never achieve fame or wealth while on this earth. You will build up for yourselves treasures in Heaven if you raise up your children in the ways of the Lord with a selfless love, allowing your light to guide them along the path to holiness. 

I am with you in this task. I desire to fashion your families into modern 'Holy Families' modeled after the Family of Nazareth. We had little of the worlds' wealth, we had no credentials that set us above the rest. We lived in obscurity and simplicity. Our home was filled with peace and harmony; not because life was simpler then but because of our love and our single-heartedness. 

My Chosen Families, I am speaking seriously through My messengers around the world because the situation is critical! 

Heed the pleas of your Mother who loves you! Continue to pray together and walk in love and unity. 


02-05-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Pray diligently to uncover and use the gifts that God has given 


I am arranging within your group, which I have formed and I Myself lead, a beautiful and fragrant bouquet befitting a King. 

The movement of grace within you which I am dispensing is producing a mysterious and hidden wisdom. My children, the wisdom of God is unlike the wisdom of this world. The worlds' wisdom is folly to God! 

My chosen cenacles are the products of My tutor ship. I am fashioning you into the very image of My Son. I wish to implant His virtues within your hearts to a greater degree. The Spirit you have received is God's very own Spirit. Consequently, you are My children, just as certainly as Jesus is My Son. 

The Holy Spirit will help you to recognize the gifts He has given you. Pray, My children. Pray diligently to uncover and use these gifts. The world needs you, the children of My predilection. It needs to be enlightened through your gifts and your faith. 

My Beloved, I invite you to a greater awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit, a greater awareness of the gifts that you possess because of sanctifying and actual grace. I invite you to identify with My Son, Jesus, your Brother, your Lover, your God. 


VISION: I saw a beautiful and ornate gold altar. On it was a huge and beautiful flowered plant. Its' colors were more vivid that any I had ever seen before. Its' flowers were many varieties and shapes and sizes. Hovering over this altar with the plant was Mary represented as a white silhouette, Her Hands were outstretched toward the plant. There was a rain-like rays shining on the plant. We were that plant, Mary was feeding the plant with Her graces. 

02-09-92 FAMILY ROSARY An invitation to become part of God's network of believers 


God is inviting you, through Me, to become part of His network of believers who will cooperate with His final Plan of Salvation in this decisive age. God is calling you to willingly offer penance's, prayers for sinners. Your prayers and sacrifices, offered in a spirit of resignation to God's Will. Your sufferings borne with patient endurance facilitate graces to flow to poor sinners. 

My children, the icy hearts of My children must begin to melt and open to My Son while His Mercy continues to flow, covering all the earth. 

My Beloved Families, I gather your Rosaries with the tenderest affection, offering them for families all over the earth who struggle along life's path without the benefit of grace. My wayward families drink of the bitterest of cups because they omit prayer. They are blind to the signs of the times in which they are living. These families are suffering. They are scattered and bleeding to death from their brokenness. 

You, My chosen ones, open channels of grace for these, your broken brothers and sisters, with your Rosaries. 

Continue to endure the hardships and sacrifices of your days for love of God and for My broken families who do not know the Supreme God. I am with you - blessing you, especially these little ones, with a fervent love for your faith. 

02-12-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE The enemy attacks My Priests in a vicious attempt to discredit My Son's Church 


I am gathering all of your Rosaries tonight for the benefit of My Beloved Priests. Your prayers intercede for and provide light to My precious sons. 

The enemy unscrupulously attacks My Priests in a vicious attempt to discredit My Sons' Church. He attempts to scandalize the Bridegroom by seducing His Bride! 

In this age when darkness and light confront, when truth and lies stand side by side, when grace and evil meet in a kiss of betrayal, My chosen sons must stand together. They must robe themselves in humility and Holy obedience lest they crumble under the great lie of modernism. The hour of the great battle within the Church is rapidly approaching; indeed, is upon you. 

Modernization has ensnared some of My beloved priests. The sheepfold are scattering. I desire that My sons form Cenacles of Prayer among themselves. Within these trysting places of prayer, I shall come to their hearts. I will arm them in Truth and Light. 

Some of My chosen sons are being lured into complacency. They turn their backs on discipline and penance. They inflate their egos by turning toward the flock whom they lead for encouragement, solace and popularity. This cannot continue! 

My chosen people - God Himself, through the Power of the Holy Spirit is leading His people through the Great Tribulation to righteousness, to Truth, to Victory. 

Do not be deceived by the pseudo-Jesus that is being introduced within the Church. He is being characterized as a modern activist', as compromising or watering down Divine Truth. He is portrayed as preaching a 'popular' gospel. 

My children, look to your Holy priests whom I Myself have marked, look to the Holy Father who is the Pope of My predilection - for the Jesus of the Gospel - the Jesus who lives today. You will recognize Him by His simplicity of Heart. He still speaks with authority regardless of popular opinion. He is humble and gentle of heart. He still embraces the poor and the lowly. He is the Lamb who still offers Himself again and again on the Altar of Sacrifice. You will recognize Him still by His Holy Obedience to the Will of the Father. 

My Cenacle, Pray, pray, pray - that the great lie of modernization does not choke the Truth from the Church. Your prayers open channels of grace to My Beloved Priests. They are all destined to shine brightly, reflecting the very Light of Jesus who is the same - yesterday, today and tomorrow. 


VISION: I saw a great area - a battlefield. Many appeared slain. Mary was hovering over those on the front line of battle. Those people were taking severe blows from enemy. Some were falling, some remained standing throughout the battlefield. Those standing were crowded around Mary with their Rosaries. They were not only close to Her, they had their eyes on Her. The scene looked as though Mary's army had lost the battle with so many casualties lying all over. In the distance, on the horizon, I saw a gold light rising, much like a sunrise. The gold light lit up the entire horizon. A luminous white Cross rose from this light. When it had risen, the apparent dead people on the field got up. There was great celebration. The Victory was won when all seemed hopeless and lost. (Those on the front line of battle were Priests and Consecrated Souls.) 

02-16-92 FAMILY ROSARY Entrust to me your physical and spiritual needs 

My Beloved Families, 

Tonight, I invite you to be families of hope, rather than children with downcast spirits. Look to Me, your attentive and loving Mother. Entrust to Me your needs of both your physical and spiritual natures. I, in turn, will carry them all to My Son. Can My Son refuse Me anything? Why, then, should you lack trust - if your Mother is at work on your behalf? Therefore, do not be disheartened with your trials. They shall be your glory! 

My families, because of the Sacrifice of Jesus, you can draw near to the Omnipotent, Unfathomable God - with confidence. 

God's unsearchable power is at work in the world, in your families, in your soul - through Me, by the workings of the Holy Spirit. 

You, My children, were in the mind and heart of God before time began. Your families had their origin in the heart of God; destined to bring His Light to this very age. 

My children, you must know that of yourselves, you can do nothing, be nothing, have nothing that endures. But because of the graces God grants you through Me, your families can be immeasurably more than you can imagine. 

Because of God's personal love for you, you can be My children of Hope - despite the serious situation in the world today. My children, live in the realm of trust, hope and love. In this way, your faith is secured and cannot be snatched away from you. 


02-19-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE God seeks from you the abandonment of your will 

My dear children, 

I am with you because God's Plan for you cannot be accomplished so expediently without the aid of your Mother. My children, the masterful Hand of God is forming your hearts into the Perfect image of His own Sacred Heart. Your hearts are meant to give and receive the Love that only comes from God. 

God seeks from you the abandonment of your will, so that you may be filled with His Will, which is the higher, perfect and Holy way to your Father. 

My precious children, I have come to you and I so wish to aid you in a process of dying that must take place within your hearts before total conversion, healing and Resurrection are possible. Allow Me, your gentle Mother, to lead you into the way of abandonment, detachment from the things of the world. The things of this world enslave hearts - building up barriers to grace. 

The death of which I speak is not a thing to be dreaded. The death of which I speak is not an end to life. Rather it is a setting down of self will. It is a labor precluding new life - a new birth, a beginning of a life of freedom for the children of God. It is a glorious freedom of heart that your Mother wishes for all Her children. The death to attachments, that bind and enslave, is a 'great thaw', a springtime of the heart, an awakening to the great treasures and wonder of God, for which all God's children were created to enjoy. 

O, that your hearts be created anew! - Fashioned after the Heart of Hearts - the Sacred Heart of My Son. 

If you could but see from the eyes of your Mother! My Beloved, I invite you tonight to look through the eyes of your Mother. Taste and see the freedom, the healing - the joy of your salvation that awaits you beyond this death to self. 

My children the Kingdom of God is within you. The death must be whole-hearted and complete before its' fullness enfolds you. 

I am with you to help you turn this Key of conversion on the door of your heart. I cry with you. I rejoice with you. I gently nudge you along as the key turns and unlocks the door to freedom and new life. 

God is thus creating within you the perfect heart, like unto His own. Be patient and trust and pray. I shall pray with you. 

VISION: I saw an open field - a playground. It was open. There were no trees, no shelters; except for one garage-type or shed structure. We (the members of this cenacle) were in this scene with Mary. We were playing as children would play on a playground. It was as though there were no age barriers. We were all Mary's children - from the youngest to the oldest. We were enjoying Mary's company. She was the Model of a typical Mother. (playing along with us, storytelling) A sudden, violent storm came upon us rather quickly. We panicked and were scurrying about, screaming and crying, grabbing on to one another. In our fear and confusion, we ran to the one shelter in the scene. We couldn't get in as the door was locked with a padlock. We seemed to forget that Mary was with us. She was behind us trying to find her way through our confusion to reach the lock. She held up the key to the padlock, trying to communicate to us that she had the key that would allow us entrance into the shelter. When we finally realized that She was with us still and held up the key for us to see, we hovered around Her as she unalarmingly and swiftly opened the door to safety. 

02-23-92 FAMILY ROSARY I call you My Blessed Children because you have believed without seeing 

My dear families, 

Precious are you in My sight and in the Heart of God because you have responded willingly to My call to cooperate with God's final stage in His plan of Salvation for the world. Your Rosaries, offered as family, are most pleasing to Me and merit many graces for the unconverted. 

Numerous would be the believers if their eyes could behold the grandeur of God. Many would be the followers, if the Path was not that of the Cross; but one paved with sensationalism and comfort. 

My children, what need would there be for faith if your eyes could behold the wonders of Heaven? 

What need would there be for obedience to the Will of God, if you dance to the beat of your own music? 

What need would there be for trust in the Almighty Creator if you could conform Him to the boxes you have created? 

If you could but see through the eyes of your Mother, you would know why I constantly weep because of the obstinence of My children! So many of My children lack the humility needed to foster true faith. In their pride, they refuse to believe that which they cannot see and understand with their limited vision and human understanding. Many of My children, because of their excesses, have succumbed to sloth whose eventual end is Godlessness. 

My chosen families, I call you My Blessed Children because you have believed without seeing, you have obeyed without hearing and you follow despite all of your questions. 

It will be your humility and obedience, your Rosaries, especially those offered as family, your sacrifices that will afford many graces to flow to your floundering brothers and sisters. 

Persevere, My Blessed Children. Remain steadfast in prayer and sacrifice especially family Rosary. Be assured of My presence among you in these days when war, crime and Godlessness hold fast to the earth. 

You shall see the Glory of God, the Glory of your Mother, who reigns as Queen of Heaven and earth. You will know the joy of your salvation. 

02-26-92 Wednesday Cenacle I invite you to enter more deeply the Mystery of my Son's Eucharistic Presence within His Church 

My chosen cenacle, I wish to invite you to enter more deeply into the Mystery of My Sons' Eucharistic Presence within His Church.  Within this Mystery is to be found the joy of your salvation - the Resurrected Presence of Jesus among you, within you. 

I want you to discover His True Presence in the Blessed Sacrament through the eyes of your Mother.  I want you to experience His loneliness as He waits for you in the Tabernacle. 

His people, the very people for whom He died, abandon Him, and reject His grace, day after day.  Feel His rejection, My Beloved.  Share this burden with your Mother who wishes to be one with your life experiences. 

The world is in desperate need of Divine Love - a Love that can only be given through Gods' power, who is Love's Source. 

God has entrusted a treasure to you, His children - hidden within all the Tabernacles of the world.  The fire of Divine Love burns within Its' walls in an all consuming  fire. This Fire, My Children, must be released in the world. 

I invite you, My Chosen Cenacle, to come to your imprisoned Jesus.  Draw from the Power Source of His Love so that you can light Its' Fire in your circle of living. 

You cannot know the enormous Power of God that is transferred to those Blessed Souls who come before the Monstrance in Adoration.  O, that you could see Jesus in Its' center from which eminates a multitude of treasures radiating out to you! 

My Beloved, I invite you to be Apostles of Eucharistic Adoration.  Before you respond to My request, you, yourselves, must be fortified by prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. The devil is vehemently against this Apostolate, because He knows of Its' great power to save My children.  He will attack viciously, My apostles of the Eucharist - who I Myself am gathering and leading - for the Glory of Jesus.  You must be very strong.  You must devote yourselves to prayer and fast beforehand.  Take My request and My warning very seriously. 

My chosen, Divine Love is needed to accomplish all that God has ordained for you and for the Salvation of the whole world. 

Come to Its’ Power Source.  Be drawn, as to a Magnet. Be filled with Jesus - who is Love Itself! 

I await your response. 

03-01-92 Family Rosary I wish to prepare your hearts to receive all the graces God is offering you during Lent 

My Beloved Families, 

 I wish to prepare your hearts to receive all the graces God is offering you as you embark on the Holy Season of Lent. 

My families, because suffering is embedded into every life, I do not come to suggest additional weights for you to carry along your journey to Calvary.  My Mission as your Loving Mother is to help you to accept your cross with docility, resignation and even joy.  My purpose for being with you, especially now, in this Lenten Season, is to help you rid yourselves of those non-meritorious weights, those self imposed crosses that each of you needlessly carry. 

Your families are fruitful gardens in the Kingdom of God. Within the perimeters of your gardens grow rich, life producing fruit as well as weeds that threaten to grow up and choke the harvest. 

I invite you to pray and reflect, intensely, in these upcoming weeks.  Through the action of the Holy Spirit, I will help you, through prayer to see and to prune.  I will assist you in ridding yourselves of the weeds that choke and stunt new growth.. 

The Lenten Season is a growing and grace filled opportunity for My children.  Let it be a time for you to identify the seeds of sin within the gardens of your hearts and homes. Pray and reflect, My children, so you will come to an abhorrence of sin. 

This Lent, I invite you to give up your struggles with the weeds of sin.  Give up those seeds of harshness with one another.  Give up all bitterness and resentments.  Give up all that divides your relationships. 

Give to one another - kindness, gentleness, attentiveness and Love. 

My families, God does not want you to put on sack cloth and ashes when the weeds of sin threaten to rise up and crush your harvest.  Rather be good to yourselves and each other avoiding all that is divisive. 

Pray to come to a knowledge and hatred of sin.  In this way arriving at the purpose of this Holy Season which is true repentance for your sins and that of the whole world.  Only then will true conversion be possible. 


03-04-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE An invitation to enter fully into the Mystery of Lent 

My Dear Cenacle, 

I invite you to enter fully into the Mystery of Lent. Look upon this time as yet another of God's incomprehensible gifts to you - another opportunity to grow in God's amazing Grace. 

My Children, God has brought you so far in such a short time. It is God's grace working in your soul that has drawn you to Me. It is Grace that has brought you to His Holy Ground of Prayer. I desire to be your guide through this Lent, as you grow toward God; as you discover the deeper meaning of Lent in your own unique life experience, especially in the realm of your relationships. 

Again, I ask you to renew your commitment to prayer and fast. Most especially, My children, I wish to lead you into a greater awareness of the misery in the world, the misery of your own spiritual poverty - which are manifestations of the on-going Passion of Jesus in His Body, the Church. 

During these next 40 days, I invite you to reflect on and bring into harmony, all of your relationships - your relationship to God's Creation, your relationship with yourself, your family, friends and your brothers and sisters in Christ. 

O, My Children, your hearts must be in right relationship with all God has given you before true conversion and peace will embrace you. 

In the Light of His Sorrowful Passion, reflect on the wonder of Gods' creation. Ponder man's abusiveness and ingratitude for the natural beauty and bounty of the world in which God endowed man as caretaker. 

In the Light of His Sorrowful Passion, reflect on your attitudes to your own God-given gifts, talents. 

In the Light of His sorrowful Passion, reflect on your relationships within family, social circles, and with all of your brothers and sisters in Christ. 

My Children, strive, with loving attention, to rebuild all the brokenness among you. 

During Lent, I wish to help you bring all your relationships into harmony so that Easter will bring for you right relationship with your God, true conversion and peace. 

Vision: I saw the abused, distorted Sacred Face of Jesus. On His Head was a crown of thorns. Mary took a thorn from His Crown and offered each of us in the Cenacle one thorn. 

03-15-92 FAMILY ROSARY An invitation to feast on the graces of Lent 

My Beloved Families - 

I invite you to feast on the graces being offered to you in this most Blessed Lenten Season. 

I wish to lead you to the perfect Love of God attainable through contemplation of the Passion of Jesus. 

In the Light of His Passion, reflect on the Immensity of His Love. My children, What kind of Love would extend itself so far ? - to the point of death - for you. What kind of Love would epitomize, even sin, so that you might be purified? Jesus' Love for you transcends the earth and reaches beyond your understanding. The Legacy of this Uncreated Love is the Cross of your Salvation. I wish to give you, My chosen families, a greater understanding of this Love that remains Mystery to you. 

Gather your families together praying thus: 





My Beloved families, I invite you to contemplate Jesus' LOVE FOR YOU, together as family, before Crucifixes in your homes this week. 

Thank you for responding to My invitation. I love you. I am with you - leading and guiding - to PERFECT LOVE, COMPLETE FORGIVENESS, INEXHAUSTIBLE MERCY. I am leading you to Jesus. 

Go in the Peace of God! 

03-18-92 Wednesday Cenacle My Flock - I am your Good Shepherd, who knows you 

Vision: Our Lady revealed to us why She sheds so many tears. 

I saw Her crying bitterly beneath a huge Cross ( most of which I could not see in the picture)  She was crying water and blood which was forming a pool around Her Feet.  She said, "I shed many tears around the world today as a reminder to the world that it must be submerged in a purifying bath in order to emerge sanctified and united under the one rightful Headship of My Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.  In many cases this bath will be one in blood.  Pray, My Cenacle, that this bath of - purification be mitigated.” 


My Flock - I am your Good Shepherd, who knows you. Indeed this night, I smile upon you and call each of you by name. 

I have called you, through my Mother, to a lofty state of prayer, to an ominous mission. I desire you to know me, through My Mother. I desire the world to know Me, through you. I desire all to know me, through My Passion - and to become one with Me, the Life-Force of all that exisits. 

I know all of your miseries. I am one with you. I have borne all of your sorrow before you were conceived in the womb of your mother. Indeed, I have borne the misery of the whole world. I became misery itself so that you could walk away from them all - unscathed. 

Look at the Cross, My Chosen Flock. See My Misery. Look again, My Beloved, see yourselves, too, upon My Cross, in My Passion. 

Look at the Cross with the eyes of your heart. I have loved you with a Limitless Love - a Love you have yet to understand. 

Today, your world is upon the Cross - with Me. It groans out in its’ agony and Loneliness; yet, does not recognize Me - does not turn to Me its’ Creator and Sustainer to save it! 

You, My Beloved, hear My Voice through the Favor of My Mother - your Mother. Thus, I call you brothers and sisters. You must become My Image in the world today. You have been called forth from darkness into the Light of Truth and Grace so that the world will finally recognize Me - through you. 

Look My Flock, at the Cross. See the world hanging upon it! It is the Third Hour. 

The world must recognize Me in and through its’ Cross before the hour is vanished - before it dies in its’ sin. 

I give you your Mother of Sorrows as a constant companion. She has remained at the Foot of the Cross since She became the Mother of all mankind. Take pity on Her and console Her with your Rosaries! She suffers the agonies of the Passion in ways you have yet to understand. 

Children, Behold your Mother! I am blessing each of you, in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity. 

03-18-92 Wednesday Our Lady revealed to us why she sheds so many tears 

Message to be placed here soon. 

03-22-92 Family Rosary I come to you heavily laden with concern for the whole world 

My Beloved Families - 

I come to you heavily laden with concern for the whole world.  They are all My children - whom I love. 

Many do not prepare for the solemnity of the Paschal Season, the New Passover.  Too few remember the climactic event whereby My Divine Son, through His Passion and Resurrection, opened the gates of Heaven, making all things new.  He cleansed the earth and made Possible for you to enjoy an Eternal Easter. 

My Heart is heavy because of those who have forgotten the means by which their Redemption was earned.  0, what a price was paid for your soul! 

You, My families, relieve My agony with your Rosaries and the sacrifices you make to come together in prayer.  I rely on you to fill up what is wanting in His Passion - for families all over the world who have forgotten the Cross, the sign of their salvation - the Key to Heaven. 

My Beloved Families - remember His Cross!  Reflect on His Passion with sorrow for your sins and those of the whole world.  I call you, also, to recognize the Image of His Cross within the lives of your family members.  If you fail to see the Cross in the lives of your loved ones whom you can see, how can you recognize the Cross of Jesus whom you cannot see? 

This week, I invite you to be Simon's for your family. Recognize their pain, see Jesus in it, who is often hidden from sight.  Help them to carry their crosses. 

What you do for even the least among men, you do for Jesus. You relieve the pain in a Mothers' heavy Heart! 

Peace - through the Cross of Jesus. 

03-25-92 Wednesday Cenacle I wish to lead you to a deeper appreciation and understanding of what it means to say yes to God 

My Beloved Cenacle, On this day, the Church recognized, with solemnity, the sublimity of My 'YES' to God and its' relevance to all of mankind. 

I wish to lead you all into a deeper appreciation and understanding of what it means to say YES to God.  God desires that each of you respond, resoundingly, YES to His call in your lives. 

My dear children, your YES to God must come, not only from your senses, but from your soul.  It means to rise above your emotions and even your human understanding to embrace God's will and to relinquish your own.  Your YES to God may take you into the realm of the unknown, the incomprehensible dimension of the Spirit that lets God be God. 

Your YES demands the humility to know that you are not the Master of your own destiny. 

Your YES demands the charity that leads you beyond your own pleasure seeking pursuits; a charity that leads you to serve the Jesus in others. 

Your YES demands your total, uncompromising obedience to the commandments handed down to you in Sacred Scripture, to the truths of your faith, to the Living Spirit within you that draws you to God. 

God desires that My 'FIAT' be the shining example that leads you to yours.  My 'FIAT' was the means by which God came into the world and dwelt among His people.  Your FIAT will be the means in which His Light shines, again, in the world already dark with sin.  Your FIAT will be the means that will expedite His coming again to dwell among His people. 

My children, there is only one response worthy of the Almighty.  There can be only one way to say YES to the Omnipotent God.  Your FIAT must be total, irrevocable, and continual. 

My YES brought Jesus to men, your yes will bring all men back to Him - a Journey that began with the Announcement of the Angel, Gabriel. 

Peace to all. Thank you for your FIAT. 

04-01-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE The hour has arrived for the appearance of the "WOMAN CLOTHED WITH THE SUN" 

My Beloved Cenacle, 

I, ceaselessly, come to remind you that I am present in a unique way in the midst of My chosen cenacles where I have chosen to make My dwelling place in this age of My greatest prodigies. 

Because of the Divine Will of the Father, and through the action of the Holy Spirit, I am performing hidden miracles within and among you. I am working in the silence of your hearts, in these pre-dawn hours ushering in the Eternal Easter morning. You, My children, will be the first-fruits of My hidden labor. 

My children, when My prodigies become more and more evident in and through you, great will be the consternation among My blinded children. Insults will be cast against you. As My Light, through you, grows brighter, you will be labeled and admonished for your 'irreverence' toward My Son. You will be ignored and scoffed at. You must see all of this as the blasphemous attacks against Me, masterminded by My adversary. Do not be disheartened. Rather, rejoice in this hour because I, Myself, will come to you in your greatest need. 

My dear ones, how your Mother needs Her cenacles of prayer! I will bear you up in the hour of trial. Many are the numbers who still do not understand that the hour has arrived for the appearance of the "WOMAN CLOTHED WITH THE SUN' and the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of Salvation for the world. Many cannot read the signs of the times in which you are living. Many are asleep or have been lulled into complacency preventing them from realizing the hour of salvation or damnation is rapidly descending upon the world. 

The time is upon you when truth and error shall collide. The time is upon you when Mercy and Justice shall meet. Your Mother needs Her Cenacles of Prayer. They must increase. I am forming a spiritual chain around the world, a continual circle of prayer for the salvation of souls. I am uniting My Cenacles. I am forming a bond among you, so that you, united together with your Mother, can stand firm against the attacks of My adversary. 

My children, let there be no divisions - prejudices, envy among you. You are all My chosen, whom I love equally. Charity must be the ingredient that binds you together. 

The Cross must be ever before you. See everything in the Light of the Cross. In this Holy Season of the Cross, let Its' light be the Lamp for your feet. Let Its' love and Its' conviction enfold you and sustain you. 

I assure you, My Beloved, this age shall not pass away until the Mystery of the Cross illuminates the world - ushering in the Reign of its' rightful King - Jesus, King of All Nations. 

04-05-92 Family Rosary I beg you to remember the Passion of My Son 

Message to be placed here soon. 

04-08-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Come to My Cenacles to be fortified by Me for the battles being waged all around you 

My Daughter, Tell My Beloved Cenacle that I am happy that their faith has allowed them to believe all that I am saying through My 'little' prophets. Tell them all that their Mother loves them and appreciates their prayer efforts. 

It is out of the Love of your Heavenly Father that I have been so long among you. The Holy Spirit has prepared many hearts to receive My words. Through My numerous apparitions and through the bearers of My words, which, My dear children, are God's words, I wish to open salvation to the whole world. 

Here, in My Cenacles, I provide a safe refuge for you, My Beloved. It is here you must come to be nurtured and protected by Me. It is here you must come to be fortified by Me for the battle being waged all around you. 

Today, My little soldiers, together with Me, are engaged in battle for the sakes of their families, for the sake of souls entrusted to them and for the sake of the whole, darkened world. 

With prayer and sacrifice, My chosen army goes forth to battle against division, error, hatred, confusion, doubts. Yes, sin in all its' many facades, is being confronted - head on, with humility, obedience and the golden chain of My predilection. 

By means of the consecration to My Immaculate Heart, My little ones have joined their suffering; indeed, their very lives, to My Son on His Cross. 

You are My Beloved who have heard My cries in the night. Let love for Jesus crucified be born in and through your crosses. Your lives, lived in faith, in hope and in love will be exalted, lifted up to become crosses of light that will illuminate the paths of many to salvation and Eternal Life. 

Endure, My children. Your Mother is with you. The day will soon be upon you when you will see, no longer as through a veil. You shall see Truth face to face. 


During the Rosary, Our Lady said, "My children, if you could but grasp the impact of the Crucifixion of Jesus, you would be forever changed - forever. Your hearts would become hearts of flesh and you would live for love alone. If you could but grasp the reality of the Omnipotence, the Supremacy of the Almighty God, your cup of humility would be running over in your soul. You would consider yourself as the dirt of the ground - even lower than the dirt from which you came. If you could but grasp the love in the Heart of your Mother for all of you and the fullness of grace that has been bestowed upon Her, you would be exalted above your human natures. The full impact of the favor bestowed upon you with My visitations to you, would lift you up and fill you with joy." 

Our Lady showed me a very thick golden door. It represented the door of death. She said, "I pray that you grasp these truths before you pass through deaths' door. I desire that all of you come before Jesus with Hearts full of Jesus." She made me to understand that it is not as important to face death with a life lived in doing good and avoiding evil. It is more important to face death with a heart full of love. When that door opens, the other side seemed to me in the vision to be an immense white, fire-like light. When the soul who, at death, confronts this immense light, it will shrink away from It, not be able to tolerate Its' Fire unless that heart is like unto It. In which case, that soul will melt into it. Otherwise, there will be a period of purgation. 

04-12-92 PALM SUNDAY My Mother suffered in Her Soul and in Her Body the Passion in the same degree that I suffered 

Before Blessed Sacrament: 

Enter into the Passion this week. Walk these steps with My Mother and I. Write about these steps, My daughter. Write about them for My people who are still so ignorant in the role of My Mother's agony. 

My Mother suffered in Her Soul and in Her Body the Passion in the same degree that I suffered. She was the first stigmatist, bearing, temporarily and privately, My Sacred Wounds. She was mystically present with Me in the Garden, although the consolation of Her presence was withheld from Me, increasing the agony in Her own Heart. She beheld, with Me, the knowledge of the sins of the whole world. With bleeding, broken heart, She wept, mystically, spiritually and physically, the tears of blood that are now falling from Her Images. Those tears fell long ago in the Garden and were stored - meant to fall - throughout the ages as a message to the world. 

She was cast - mystically, into a cold, dark cell, where She endured, for the duration of the night - all the coldness, abuses, humiliation and mockery of every sort - that I endured. She endured this, in Her Immaculate Heart, alone. Knowledge of where I was taken was withheld from Her. Even so, She suffered all that I suffered physically - hidden, alone in the recesses of Her Heart. This suffering alone, would have been enough in intensity, to save the world; but it was not to be. Love was to be stretched to Its' limit. 

The Heavenly Host sustained My Mother that first night; otherwise, She would have died in Her agony of the Heart. 

She walked every inch - She walked the length and breadth of Calvary with Me, suffering every pain, every insult, every fall - just as I did; only Her pain, the full measure of It, remained hidden. 

When the nails pierced My Flesh; pain, both physically and mystically, pierced Her Heart. She collapsed; but, no, She was not to remain on the ground. Her suffering was by no means finished. It, too, must run full measure, with Mine. She was helped to Her feet. Though weakened beyond comprehension, She approached the Foot of the Cross. 

As I surrendered My Spirit to the Father and died with the words, It Is Finished; She surrendered Her role as Mother of the Man-God. It was Finished. What remained now was the Annunciation of Her Motherhood of all Mankind. 

She remains beneath the Cross of Mankind. She suffers still - every pain - with you, Her children. She is your Mother of Sorrows. This must be made known. Behold - Your Mother! She has suffered with Me and She suffers still. She is your Co-Redemptrix. Listen to Her. 

04-15-92 Wednesday Cenacle Join Me in prayer and remembrance of the Pasch of your Redemption 

Message to be placed here soon. 

04-22-92 Wednesday Cenacle I wish to bring you the reality of My Son's Resurrected Presence 

Message to be placed here soon. 

04-29-92 Wednesday Cenacle God invites each one to partake of His Love through the Eucharist 

Message to be placed here soon. 

05-03-92 Family Rosary How difficult it is for families to mirror God's Love and unity in their world 

Message to be placed here soon. 

05-06-92 Wednesday Cenacle A Mother's love for her children is one of God's great wonders 

Message to be placed here soon. 

05-10-92 Mothers Day Message Today, I enjoin My Heart with the hearts of all Mothers 

Message to be placed here soon. 

05-13-92 Wednesday Cenacle You do not realize the extent to which you still struggle against the Will of God 

Message to be placed here soon. 

05-16-92 Rosary Mound Persevere with your Mother - in this hour which weighs so heavily upon this earth 

Message to be placed here soon. 

05-20-92 Rosary Mound Happiness is to be found in the possession of God within your soul 

Message to be placed here soon. 

05-24-92 Family Rosary I call you to live the higher love to which you have been called by frequent consecration to Me 

Message to be placed here soon. 

05-27-92 Rosary Mound Many are being swallowed up in the destruction as they move aimlessly along life's path 

Message to be placed here soon. 

06-03-92 Rosary Mound Do not always look for God beyond yourselves, He is hidden in your heart! 

Message to be placed here soon. 

06-07-92 Family Rosary This day the Church remembers It's Birthday, the day of It's Baptism in fire, in the power of the Most High God 

Message to be placed here soon. 

06-10-92 Wednesday Cenacle Do not be blocked on your way to holiness which has been designed for you by your Creator 

Message to be placed here soon. 

06-14-92 Family Rosary Do not grow lax in your efforts at prayer 

Message to be placed here soon. 

06-24-92 Rosary Mound God has lovingly called you out of darkness into the Light of His Truth 

Message to be placed here soon. 

06-28-92 Family Rosary You are playing an integral role in God's Plan of Salvation 

Message to be placed here soon. 

07-01-92 Rosary Mound The Kingdom of God, the treasury of Its' bounty is your inheritance, your everlasting domain 

07-05-92 Family Rosary In these days, much trust in God and in your Mother is crucial 

Message to be placed here soon. 

07-08-92 Rosary Mound I have come among you bearing words of Eternal Life 

Message to be placed here soon. 

07-15-92 Rosary Mound The enemy detest you because you belong to Me 

Message to be placed here soon. 

07-22-92 Rosary Mound Pray, Pray, Pray - for America 

Message to be placed here soon. 

07-29-92 Rosary Mound You are my consolation in these bitter hours before the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart 

Message to be placed here soon. 

08-05-92 Rosary Mound Satan attempts to make fools of My children as he tried to make a fool of Jesus 

Message to be placed here soon. 

08-12-92 Rosary Mound I am the Mother of the Saints and Angels and all creatures for every season of the harvest 

Message to be placed here soon. 

08-19-92 Rosary Mound I am fashioning you for My Son within the confines of My Immaculate Heart 

Message to be placed here soon. 

08-26-92 Rosary Mound Prayers fill the Holy Temple of God - effectively appeasing His just anger 

Message to be placed here soon. 

09-02-92 Rosary Mound I've come into the world in this latter era to plead for conversions 

Message to be placed here soon. 

09-09-92 Rosary Mound Our God is carefully and masterfully raising up a mighty army among you 

Message to be placed here soon. 

09-13-92 Family Rosary Mental image of Our Lady 

Message to be placed here soon. 

09-16-92 Rosary Mound Only through God's Wisdom can you see all things in relation to their salvation 

Message to be placed here soon. 

09-20-92 Family Rosary The innocence of your little ones is most pleasing to God 

Message to be placed here soon. 

09-23-92 Rosary Mound I wish to lead you individually on the path of complete conversion 

Message to be placed here soon. 

09-27-92 Family Rosary God pleads for the prayers of the little ones and the faithful in the state of grace 

Message to be placed here soon. 

09-30-92 Wednesday Cenacle Prayer, only prayer produces results 

Message to be placed here soon. 

10-04-92 Family Rosary I call upon you to ceaselessly and fearlessly defend Life, from the very moment of conception 

Message to be placed here soon. 

10-07-92 Wednesday Cenacle My joy overflows whenever My little ones totally consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart 

Message to be placed here soon. 

10-11-92 FAMILY ROSARY Your families are gifts from God - known to Him from the beginning of time. 

My families, 

Do you not realize that your families are gifts from God - known to Him from the beginning of time? Each family member is meant to help the other work out their salvation. Each family member is integral to the working out of the others' salvation. 

Begin, My families, to see through the eyes of God so that you will realize the vital role each and every person plays in God's plan for you. You will begin to see the importance of every person, every detail - as you inter-relate with one another. 

My beloved, trials and tribulations are integrated in every life. Begin to see them through God's eyes so that they will become for you the means to greater victory over your miserable human condition. Seeing with God's vision will better equip you to tolerate one anothers' shortcomings. Seeing with God's eyes will help you as you struggle along the path to unconditional love - the love of God for all mankind. 

Your families are bound together in joy and sorrow. God's plan is unfolding in your homes! It is only through prayer that you are enabled to become My families of vision - God's vision. 

Pray, especially the Rosary, as you work through your salvation, as you work through the web of joy and sorrow - as family. My messages to you are a testimony of My motherly love for each of you and of My commitment to see you, as family, through this life to everlasting glory with the Holy Trinity. 

Praised be the Name of Jesus! 

10-14-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Begin to understand the heart of your Mother 

My Beloved Cenacle, 

Begin to understand the heart of your Mother! What mother among you would not feel helpless and brokenhearted if your child's' possessions were being robbed of him? What mother would not be outraged at the loss of so much having been paid for at a great price! Would you not fight to retrieve what had been taken from your innocent, precious child? Begin to understand, My army! 

I wish to win back for My Son all the souls who have been snatched from Him by the seducer. I have formed My precious cenacles for the purpose of aligning themselves with Me in this battle. 

So called devout souls wound Me the most. They are even ensnared by the nets of deception, the nets of half-truths, the nets of tepidity - set to trip them up by the father of lies! 

My Beloved, this would not be possible if pious souls would unlock the door leading to intimacy with Jesus. These souls go so far in their work for the Kingdom. They become belabored with tasks - never really knowing the King. 

My children, don't you know that what was once lost in the Garden of Eden can be restored in the recesses of your heart! Your souls are the garden; your virtue, won by grace, is the flower. It is here that you may walk in intimacy with your Lord, your best friend. All that grows in this enclosed garden must be offered for the exclusive rights of the King! Must be offered for His glory. My Beloved, this is how His Kingdom comes on earth - through the fruits of His Harvest - planted in hearts! Within the clasp of His friendship, you will not be deceived. 

It is My great privilege to lead you into this enclosed garden. It is My wish to lead you to abundant life in intimacy with My son, who is the lover of your soul. Those who do not yet walk in this intimacy, walk in darkness - still alienated - alone with their many sins. 

The fires of hell rise up and ignite the earth! Even the good are being singed. These fires seek to devour all faith in Jesus alive on the earth. Consequently, My Son has become a beggar! He begs for hearts. The most He receives are the crumbs of empty words, the crumbs falling from hearts already filled up with worldly pleasures! My Son - A beggar!! It is the souls of men who should be begging - for the Mercy of God! Jesus - a beggar for souls that He has already purchased with His Blood! Souls that have been snatched from Him. Souls that we must win back! 

My Consecrated ones, I, your Mother, too, am begging. I am begging My cenacles to rise up to this piteous state of men! Raise high, the sacrifices of your lives. Raise them, in union with the Cross of Jesus and with them, draw all men unto Him!! 

10-18-92 FAMILY ROSARY Your families have been chosen by God to be beacons in a world grown cold 

My Beloved Families, Your families have been chosen by God to be beacons in a world grown cold and steadily growing darker by the hour. As spiritual darkness consumes My children, you, My chosen families must grow brighter! 

Hearts have become cold, even frozen, due to the atmosphere created by self-love. My children do not know the meaning of love! It is the most misunderstood word in the language of men. You need only to look at My Son on the Cross to interpret the meaning of Love. The complete self-emptying example of the Cross is in sharp contrast to the self- seeking, the filling up with vanities that pervades mankind. O, foolish hearts, that shun sacrifice and prayer! How foolish man has become as he lives his days without God! The God who sustains him, he does not yet know! 

You, My families, must be the light for your brothers and sisters who cling to the darkness. Continue to serve one another in a self-less giving of yourselves. My families, you cannot comprehend this type of love without knowing God. You cannot know God without continual prayer. That is why I come to speak to you - to appeal to you to love one another and to pray, pray, pray! 

Stay ever close to Me, your devoted Mother. Consecrate yourselves and your actions, your families to me daily. It is My light that will lead you, keeping you safe and warm. It will be your light that illuminates the darkness in the homes of those who have forgotten their Father, have forgotten how to love one another as Jesus loves them. 

I am with you, My families. 

10-21-92 Wednesday Cenacle God has entrusted the keys to the mysteries of His kingdom to a small faithful few 

My Chosen Cenacle, 

Through the ages, it has always been to a small, faithful few that God has entrusted the keys to the mysteries of His kingdom. These keys are the precious gems of truths I have imparted to you. The heavenly wisdom that I, your Mother, have been commissioned to implant in the hearts of My chosen cenacles, will bear abundant fruit on the Great and terrible Day of the Lord. It is for the salvation of sinners that we labor, My Beloved. You will be counted among the fortunate on that Day when every knee shall bow to the King of Kings! - if you remain farsighted and faithful to the treasures that I have entrusted to you. Your country is on the threshold of a reign of deceit and lawlessness - God lawlessness! Its' leaders have become blind fools who have long forgotten the principles upon which their once God-fearing nation was founded. The sounds of freedom that once rang out reverberating around the world has been replaced with the sounds of the chains of slavery - a slavery far worse than that imposed by systems of government. The slavery of the heart - that of humanism and materialism - has replaced the freedom that comes with faith and trust in an Omnipotent God who transcends all creation. My chosen cenacles, it is you, His little ones, that God has enlightened with Truth. As the darkness in your country increases, so, too, must your light! The Light of Divine Truths - that is, the poverty of all mankind, the great inheritance that belongs to the children of God, the unfathomable Love of the Saviour - these truths must overshadow the lies that have produced the present climate of pride, false security and Godlessness. Pray, My little ones, pray that the hearts of those elected to lead the coming reign of chaos be opened to the Light, in this decisive and divisive hour. As servants of the messages that I entrust to you, remain ever steadfast, keeping busy in the labor for souls that I have placed in your care. Much will be expected of you, My enlightened ones! The light and peace that is given to you must permeate the land and will preceed Jesus' triumphant coming. I am with you. 

10-25-92 FAMILY ROSARY Your earthly journey, My families, pass through the very footsteps of the journey of Christ 

Your earthly journey, My families, pass through the very footsteps of the journey of Christ. He blazed the trail for you to follow. He bequeathed to you all that you need to see you through to your Eternal Home. He left you His Church to guide your steps - to carry you, as a ship, to the shores of Eternity. He did not leave you orphans! He left you His Mother to be your Mother. 

How many of My children live as though they were orphaned! Too many of My children do not know Me. Many more reject and defy My role as Mother, as Queen of Heaven and earth. 

O My faithful ones, if they only knew the tears I shed for them! If they were only aware of the wrath they invoke - the justice of God they call down upon themselves! My poor orphaned children! 

My families, I desire that you make me known in your circles. My motherhood extends to all. I wait with open arms for my lost ones. Bring them to Me by your witness, through your love of Me and through your families' Rosaries. My children need their Mother today! 

I love you. I am calling My children into the shelter of My Immaculate Heart in this hour of God's Mercy. 

To the families who invite Me into their homes, I will come, take up My residence within theirs. My special Maternal protection will embrace them. I will bestow upon their homes, the virtues of the Holy Family. The special protection and presence of the Holy Family will be the Light that will guide them to the Eternal Residence. 

Please help Me, My families, I need you. 

10-28-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Free your hearts of the things of this earth 

BEFORE THE BLESSED SACRAMENT: "Yes, I am here. Wherever Jesus is present in these PRISONS OF LOVE, there, too, am I adoring Him always with you. Tell My Beloved Cenacle: 

Faith upon the earth is weak! Much of mankind lies prostrate before false gods. Your country and much of the world has become a flesh pot of idolatry. Their altars of pleasure, money, power, pride and the abomination of lust are points of worship of the masses of souls who have lost their vision. Even believers are weak of faith today! So-called religious souls cannot give up control. When trials arise, they run frantically to and fro, filling up with worry and anxiety - much like the pagans do who have no God! 

My faithful, Jesus demands control of your lives if He is to use you to help bring about the final triumph. Free your hearts of the things of this earth, including worry. You are carved within the palm of the Fathers' Hand. Your image is impressed upon Our two Hearts. Be at peace, then. Believe in the Greater Power! 

As apostles of these last days, you are called upon to be My witnesses. Attest to My loving and all encompassing Maternity. I am the Mother of all humankind. Make Me known and loved as such! 

Witness to the Truth. Make known the truth of the gospels, the truth that this age shall witness its' fulfillment. My little ones, unmask the deceptions propagated by science and the intellect, by vanity and pride. By your littleness, you shall bear witness to these deceptions. 

Witness to the supremacy of Jesus by counting yourselves as nothing beyond insignificant vessels. Remember your poverty, My Beloved. 

My faithful, I have entrusted to you a great task that will pave the way for the Triumph of My Heart. Will your faith sustain you? Will your faith bear you up under trials and tests and even persecutions? My dear ones, many great men and women who have gone before you were tested even unto death! Can it be any less you? 

Come! Gather around your Mother. I will send graces sufficient for your faith to endure the tests that will come in these sorrowful hours. So that like the saints who have preceded you, your faith, too, will glorify the Almighty, Omnipotent God. 

Without this elevated grace, My Chosen ones, Jesus would not find any faith on the face of the earth upon His glorious return! 

11-01-92 Family Rosary Offer prayers of supplications for souls, especially families, who do not know God with their hearts 

My Beloved Families, Praised Be Jesus! - for the realm of His saints who share with Him His Glory in Heaven! Continue, with a renewed fervor and a determined will, to offer prayers of supplications for souls especially families who do not know God with their hearts. Satan has infiltrated families the whole world over. He ravishes households and leaves them broken and bloody and leaves them on the brinkof spiritual death. The wickedness of Satan has caused parents to crush the spirits of their children. My faithful families, nothing provokes the anger of God so much as the abuse of the little innocents. O, what punishment await these evil doers! You, My devoted families, are the last hope for a fallen generation! Continue to spread the fragrance of heaven about the world, covering, especially lost families - with your Rosaries. The world is not listening, My faithful. Therefore, I now invite you to sacrifice, especially to fast. Fast, together with the Rosary, renders the enemy weak. These two together can negate the power of evil. My families, again I entrust to you these two most powerful weapons against the forces of hell which are in this hour, unleashed upon the world, especially, within families. Use them, My families! So much destruction to souls can be averted because of your faithfulness to My appeal. In this decisive hour, I remain with you. My Beloved, I know that your spirits are willing to heed my appeals. I also know that the flesh of man is weak. You are victims of subtle snares of the adversary. You are being exposed to grave dangers. That is why I continually speak to you. Listen to My messenger. She speaks not her own, but my words. On this great feast of the Holy Saints who have already been glorified in heaven, I, tonight, present them to you as guides and powerful intercessors. My families, live in the Spirit. Walk with the Holy ones who have gone before you. Take advantage of their powerful aid. This day, they await you to clasp their hand. I am with you. 

11-04-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Let no one believe that you will not have a share in the Cross of Jesus 

My Dear Cenacle, 

Let no one among you believe that you will not have a share in the Cross of Jesus! You must all hang on the Cross next to Him. The faithful who have gone before you have suffered and died with Him and now have a share in His Glory. So it must be with you. 

The world is on the Cross with Jesus today, many on His left; few, on His right. I grieve at the many complaints of My chosen ones - My fragile, weak ones cry and lament over their plights day and night! 

"I do not deserve this agony", they cry. Why Me? They request that their Mother qualify Her love for them by interceding for the removal of all their crosses. "Remove this cross from me - I do not deserve this..." on and on, My children cry out their protests. They fail to see Jesus - right next to them - emaciated and spent - every last drop of blood poured out - for them. Jesus, the Innocent Lamb! 

Rarely, My children, on His right, cry out in whispers for Me to come and carry their sacrifices of pain to God in union with their Savior in atonement for sin. Like the good thief, they see their sinfulness in the light of Jesus innocence and submit with trust. 

O, what glory, these holy ones merit for themselves and the world! Their sins may have been as scarlet, but in the offering of their repentant hearts through the sacrifice of their suffering, they become white as snow. 

My chosen ones, are you on the Cross to His left or to His right? My Beloved, carry your crosses with trust, with humble submission and with redemptive aspirations. For He alone who is worthy, took on your guilt. 

I solemnly assure you that the whole world will experience the full ferocity of the Crucifixion. Many will die, as the unrepentant sinner, to His left, never recognizing Him, unless My chosen army, mounted upon their crosses, begin to die to themselves little by little in humble submission, recognizing that Jesus, their Innocent One, went before them to Calvary. 

I am with you, guiding you, sharing your pain. I love you. 

11-08-92 FAMILY ROSARY Speak to My families about Faith 

My Dear Families, 

Your Rosaries are opening up for you the sweetness of the Kingdom. I am here to envelope your families in grace - that effervescent fragrance of God's Love for His children. 

My families, it is faith that opens up the channel to receive My grace. It is faith that enables you to acknowledge My plea to pray. My dear ones, Satan is attempting to remove all faith from the face of the earth, especially within families, the only foundation upon which a moralistic society may be built. He is rebuking the redemptive value of My Son's sacrifice by sowing seeds of despair in the face of the many trials and temptations that confront families today. He is dangling the tantalizing bait of false gods before your children, demoralizing them, seducing them, luring them away from their Father's Infinite Love. He is undermining the transcendent Love and Fire of the Holy Spirit. He is thrashing the gifts of the Holy Spirit against the magic of occultism, Satanism. Yes, My children - He is challenging the True Faith as never before. 

Your Mother sees that faith upon the earth is weak. Affluent families have little use for faith in God - relying, rather, upon their own resources. Consequently, children learn to rely upon a false security - a security that will be snatched from them in an instant! 

My families, I invite you to live your lives in the realm of the Spirit. Judge not the events of your lives by the standards of the world. Live as though all you possess is as nothing compared to the gem of the faith entrusted to you through Baptism. 

Teach your children to value the Faith by living constantly in the Fathers' Love - the Love that binds you together as family. 

I am enfolding your families in the Tridium of Faith, Hope and Love - Hope born from unwavering Faith - bound together with the Fathers' Love. 

Live and move and have your being in that unseen realm which is the only reality. A day is dawning when everything else shall pass away. Listen to Me, the Guardian of your Faith. Be prepared!! 

11-11-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Seven swords of sorrow have opened anew My wounded heart 

My Dear Cenacle, 

I have come to light the purifying and all consuming Fire of the Fathers' Love. Those who heed My now famous plea for conversion will be the sparks that ignite the blaze. 

My Heart and My Feet have now touched down upon the rocky soil of America. My children, seven swords of sorrow have opened anew My wounded heart because of the grievous sins committed on American soil against the Mercy of God. I am here to gather all My faithful, My chosen army, to join ranks with Me to fight the horrific spiritual war raging upon your soil. 

(1st sword) My Heart is pierced anew because America is slaughtering Her children - Her Hope - now lost - for tomorrow. The slaughter of the Innocents has awakened the just anger of God. I shed copious tears of blood in memory of God's little martyrs. 

(2nd sword) The sword of the many false gods has pierced Me through as I watch so many Americans bow down before them. 

(3rd sword) The third sword enters anew because of the irreverence's committed against the Body of My Son, Jesus. Many receive My Son most unworthily forcing Him to enter the stench-laden sewer of a sinful soul. 

(4th sword) The pain from the sword of pornography and sins of the flesh has caused Me to shed many tears, crying out to God to have mercy on a sinful generation. My children, sins of the flesh have reached an unprecedented degree in America - bred from the god of television, satanic music and pornographic literature. 

(5th sword) O, how the sword of complacency has caused My Motherly Heart to tremble! The affluent in America have digressed away from God because of their false sense of security. My Beloved, what would they possess if this night their lives were called from them? 

(6th sword) America stabs my Heart with the sword of amnesia. She has forgotten that she was born and raised in God's grace! She has trampled underfoot Gods' favors. The land of opportunity has spun its' wheel of fortune and lost! 

The land of freedom is now overcome with the footprints of Satan who is working feverishly to build the noose with which he hopes to strangle America! 

My children, you can hold back the seventh sword from entering My heart! Witness to My messages, gather My children into the fold of My mantle through consecration to My heart, through Rosary prayer groups and by living my messages fully. My Beloved, remain in the state of grace, come frequently to the waters of the Sacraments. 

My Beloved Sons, I urgently request that you release Jesus from His Prisons of Love! He wishes to light a fire of divine love that will spread around America. Release Him, My Sons! Let My children come to adore Him! 

My Cenacle, your newly elected president will usher in the darkest of eras in American history. Hope must not die within you! I am with you, Jesus is in the Tabernacles. We are your remedies! Please spare My heart the pains of the seventh sword - that of standing at the foot of the Cross of America as she writhes in the pain of her crucifixion. God has had enough! Help me to counteract the avalanche of perversion that sweeps America! 

I love you, My faithful Remnant. 

11-15-92 FAMILY ROSARY You are called upon to defend traditional family values 

My Families, 

Remain vigilant and ever resolved to gather here in prayer. Your Rosaries remain for your families new rays of hope. They are affording you greater graces for the greater trials threatening you from all sides. I love you, My families and remain with you in an efficacious manner to keep you focused on God as His Justice and His Mercy meet. 

You are being called upon to defend traditional family values as they were meant to be lived according to all that My Son has taught you through Sacred Scripture and your Mother on Earth, the Church. I invite you to courageously defend the sanctity of marriage, the sacredness of life and the dignity of every family member - by rising up with the Truth against laws and institutions that blatantly defy Christian family life. 

Provide for your children special protection and discipline borne from great love, lest they loose heart. Cultivate an atmosphere permeated with strong faith and love for Jesus where your children will more readily and freely choose to follow the path of life. 

O, how your sorrowful Mother weeps as She sees how Satan is ever more determined to snatch your children away from you with deceptions of every sort! That is why I tell you to pray the Rosary and build around yourselves an impenetrable chain whereby Satan will not be able to snatch your children! 

In this age, I will manifest Myself more and more as a devoted Mother resolved to protect Her children in this perilous hour. The time is upon you to set aside your unbelief and believe! 

Trust, Trust, trust. Call upon Me more often, My families, lest you waver. 

11-18-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Your conversion is based on your willingness to accept God's unfathomable Personal Love for you 

My Cenacle, 

Tonight your Mother wishes to speak to you about Love - The Heart of Jesus, the essence of God. Your conversion is based on your willingness to accept God's unfathomable Personal Love for you. Your conversion is relative to your openness in allowing His Love to penetrate your very being and changing your poor hearts of stone to hearts of love. It is not enough, My dear children, to hear about the Infinite Love. It is not enough to register facts of God's Boundless Love in the recesses of your intellect. I invite you to taste His Love and then to embrace It. I wish to draw you to the fountain of God's Love - the Eucharist - where you are fed with Bread from Heaven. I draw you to the Blessed Sacrament to bask in the immense Light of the Son where you are forever changed just like the rays of the earth's sun changes all living things. Allow God's Love to build around you an impenetrable sheild that will effectively block out the enemies vices. Jesus wishes to awaken the souls of all His children. He wishes to call them forth from the dead with a Eucharistic Miracle. But first, He needs you, My faithful Cenacle, to come to the living waters where the Holy Spirit can stir into flame the spark of Love burning within you. He needs you to set into motion the action of igniting the whole world with His Love. He wishes His Love to explode upon the earth in the form of a spiritual earthquake. He needs your prayers and your Love for the Blessed Sacrament to set His Plan into motion. My children, what would you gain if you acquired every material good? For just a short time would they quell the rising waves of your hearts' longing! The waves of restlessness will rise again seeking to lay hold upon another shore - always returning to the sea of your heart carrying with it the debri of empty treasurechests now laid to waste. My Cenacles, you were created for the Supreme Love! My many cenacles are but little hearts encircling the Hearts of My Son and I. My children, the pursuit of perishable treasures will set you upon the worlds' treadmill hindering your advancement toward God, who is your true hearts' content. I am with you to help you sort out the trinkets from the gold, the fraudulent from the genuine. I am here to help you discover the Truth in a world filled with deceptions. God wishes His children to realize, through Me, the breadth, the height, the length of His Love and to allow that Love to begin to build His Kingdom on earth - beginning this moment - in the recesses of your hearts. I desire that My cenacles around the world prepare the way for the restoration of God's Kingdom of Love. You, My cenacles, are the hearts who are orbiting the Two Intertwined Hearts of My Son and I - much like to earth orbits the sun, held in place by gravity. Let the gravity of His Love hold your little hearts in orbit as Love comes full circle igniting as It goes, the Fire of Divine Love around this world. Prepare, My children, the Way of the Lord! 

11-22-92 FAMILY ROSARY Jesus' kingship remains unrecognized today 

My Dear Families, 

Tonight as you gather together in prayer, I bring you blessings from Jesus, The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords! 

As you respond to My call to pray together as family, you are acknowledging the unseen reality of the world beyond - that Heavenly Kingdom where Jesus reigns as King - yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Jesus' kingship remains unrecognized today! My families, you live amidst a kingdom of idols where Jesus continues to be mocked and dethroned, even by those who call upon Him as Lord. Jesus has told you that His Kingdom is not of this world. But for those of you whose lives are ruled by His Spirit, by His grace, by His everlasting love, a place is being prepared for you in His Glorious Kingdom. 

I have come among you to prepare the world once again to receive its' King! But I have found a world asleep! The inns of human hearts are again full. There is no room for the King. 

I call upon you, My families, to pray, pray, pray - for a great enlightening, for a healing of divisions, for the conversion of hard hearts and for the destruction of all false idols. I have come to prepare the way for the return of the King of Kings - in fire, with power, in majesty and awe! 

My children, I need you to be witnesses to My visitation and to the Light of Truth that I have engulfed you! I need your rosaries. They are the adornment of the Heavenly Court, bringing great delight to the Father. 

Be His faithful subjects! He is returning! Your King is coming back! 

I leave you with the blessings from your Jesus, your Everlasting King of Glory! 

11-25-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Planting gardens with seeds of prayer 

My Dear Cenacle, 

In this hour of planting, in this hour of prayer, I invite you to enter into your prayer chamber, the interior garden of your heart. See, My children, through the eyes of your Mother, the richness of beauty wrought by Prayer - Its' many seeds - Its' many facets. 

My children, you have planted lovely gardens with the many seeds of prayer that you have sown. Behold, the grandeur therein, where many magnificent and diverse flowers of virtue are growing. 

Throughout your lives, you have planted prayers of tears in sorrow and contrition. You have planted prayers of laughter and song with gladness. Prayers of petition, adoration and thanksgiving are also planted in your hearts. 

My Cenacle, join Me this day in joy and thanksgiving for the bounty of grace working in the hearts of My Faithful Army. Offer prayers of thanksgiving this day for the lavish gifts of the Holy Spirit that God bestows on those who love Him. Come with hearts filled with thanks for the reservoir of God's Mercy being poured out upon the world as it awakens to its' Creator. Thank Him for the gift of My presence among you and for the wealth of graces showered upon you and upon the world because of you. Be thankful for all of My Cenacles who are linked together in an unending circle of Love. Thank Almighty God for the gift of Light being infused into the hearts of My little ones who have heard and responded to My Call and My messages. 

For truly, I tell you, My children, you have a God who is good, Whose Truth, Justice and Infinite Love will preserve you and will triumph over Evil. 

Be at peace, My little ones, you will be gathered together at the Final Harvest with your perfect offerings from God's choosiest blessings. 

This is the day to plant prayers of thanksgiving because your Father is in control; and, as evil escalates, so too will His Blessings and the Light within you, My little ones, grow brighter. 

Rejoice, a better day is dawning! 

11-29-92 FAMILY ROSARY An invitation to journey to Bethlehem 

My Chosen Families, 

At the onset of this Holy Season, your Mother invites you to journey with Me to Bethlehem. Prepare, My families, with Me, for the Blessed Event of Jesus' coming. 

Within the dark night of souls, shines the brightest of stars - the Light of Truth. This star will lead you to your Savior - to your Bethlehem. 

My families, many are being led by false lights. Many families are following the wrong star. These false lights will lead them into the busy, noisy highways and byways of the marketplace.

My Beloved, be cautious not to lead your precious little ones down the tinsel-lined road to perdition - where their innocence and simplicity will be snatched from them by the marauders of their souls. Be cautious not to clutter their pure little hearts with material trinkets. 

My families, I invite you to ready a manger in your homes in anticipation of the coming of Jesus! Be focused and totally recollected in God. When He returns, let Him not find the inns of your homes cluttered with the externals of Christmas. Rather, let Him find there His resting place warmed with the straw of your love, your prayers and your sacrifices. 

Beloved, Be silent, be watchful and filled with joyful anticipation as you make of your homes your Savior's new Bethlehem. 

The days and the years come and go. They vanish into yesterday so swiftly. The return of Jesus is imminent - indeed, right at the door. Be prepared! Stay close to Me, as I again usher in the birth of a new era - the era of Peace. 

Go in the Peace and Love of Jesus! 

12-02-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE A new Christmas tide is at hand 

My Chosen Cenacle, 

In this season of hopeful expectation, your Mother wishes to raise you, My army, unto a higher plateau, where you can look upon the world and see it as does your Mother. 

Look, My Cenacle, while so many mock and defraud the humble birth of their Savior. Look, My Beloved, while My lost children use the occasion of My Son's birth to gorge themselves in every sort of debauchery! Look at My tear- stained face as My Son is removed from the worlds' celebration of Christmas - once again! 

I need you, My Faithful Cenacle. I invite you to counteract this mockery. As the multitudes adorn themselves in garments of celebration, I invite you to adorn yourselves in the garment of prayer. While many are eating, drinking and absorbing themselves in the gaiety of the season, I ask you to fast and perform acts of love for Jesus sake. While so many are lost in the noise and confusion that mark the signs of your times, I invite you to ponder, each day, the silent wonder of Bethlehem's stable - where an omnipotent God takes on your humanity. 

I desire, My children, to separate your hearts from the spirit that pervades the earth today. If you only knew how dangerous it is to tarry on the path that leads to perdition! 

Your Mother is with you to lead you in spirit, away from all that does not matter for the salvation of your souls. My children, the world and all its' deceptions are passing away. Because of sin, man has stripped and abused the natural elements of God's wondrous Creation and turned it into a fleshpot of sin. Even the air that you breathe has been polluted by mans' carelessness. Man has left God no choice but to purify the earth and make all things new again. 

My Cenacle, do you trust your Mother? I have come to proclaim tidings of great consternation and yet, great hope. The birth of a new age is dawning. Its' birth pangs will be great, devised to expel every trace of evil from the world that was once a veritable paradise. 

My Cenacle, do you love your Mother? Then allow Me to mold you and guide you within the confines of My Immaculate Heart. A new Christmas is at hand and you, My faithful Cenacles, are the stars that must light the way to the new 'manger' - the everlasting throne of the King! 

12-06-92 FAMILY ROSARY Focus on the light and away from darkness 

My Dear Families, 

I am your Mother of Light coming to you in this ineffable manner to keep you focused on the light and away from the darkness lest you become engulfed in it and loose your way. 

My families might ask, "What shall the days be like preceding the great day of the Lord? My children, they shall be days of confusion and spiritual darkness! Many will be scrambling about amid their many occupations directed at securing peace and justice for themselves. They will be employing their frail human devices to bring about solutions to the worlds' many misfortunes. Men will have made gods of themselves and their meager resources. 

That God would empty Himself to come and dwell among men through the helplessness of a Child laid in a manger, will have become irrelevant and even absurd to a generation steeped in pride and self love. Yes, My families, truth, humility and love of God will be mocked and trampled upon by the many who will have fallen under the influence of the spirits of pride, greed and lust. 

These latter days, days of the great apostasy, have befallen you. I invite you, My families, to counteract the worlds great malady with your love for one another, your prayers - that rise up as incense before the throne of God in witness to your belief in the One, True God. 

I invite you to live in spiritual poverty as the antidote to the pride of Satan, unleashed in the world today. Let your sense of helplessness in the face of rising calamities turn your families, with your Mother, to prayer, to God - as your only Source. 

My families, I remain with you as your Light. Keep your eyes focused on Me as you would a lamp in a darkened room until the Son of Justice rises with the dawn. 

Cling to the Truth hidden within Bethlehem's stable. Follow the Truth up Calvary's Hill where you will meet your Jesus amidst clouds of glory when He returns to call forth His army unto Himself, whom I am gathering within My Mantle. 

I love you, My chosen families. Your faithfulness will be your salvation! 

12-09-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE An invitation to become one with Jesus 

My Chosen Cenacle, In this season of jubilation and great hope, I continually invite you to gaze upon your Savior in His first humble abode. 

I invite you to become one with Jesus' littleness, with His humiliations as He drew His first breath upon this earth. This is necessary for God's great design to be accomplished in and through you. 

My Beloved, are you willing to abase yourselves, in order to neutralize the effects of the deluge of material excesses and pleasures in which so many of my children are drowning? 

Reflect, My dear Cenacle, on the humiliations that accompanied Me during My earthly life. I knew the humiliation of the suspicions of men, even My Beloved Joseph. Imagine the humiliation of My helplessness in not being able to provide My newborn Babe the comfort of a warm bed! I knew the humiliation of being a refugee. I knew the humiliation of watching My Innocent Son die a criminals' death. My humiliations went full circle when I could not even provide My crucified Son a grave site! 

O, what humiliations you could never fully grasp! - all to sever the root of the sin of pride that ensnared the worlds' first parents. 

My cenacle, surround the mangers in your hearts with the balm of charity, humility and purity. The hue of grace is spreading more and more - covering you, purifying you and brightening you. 

Keep watch, My Beloved, in humility - thus severing, inch by inch, the deep root of pride that surrounds many hearts. Keep watch in purity of heart in order to sever the deep roots of lust entangling many hearts. Keep watch in charity and sacrifice in order to sever the deep roots of avarice and gluttony in which many are drowning. 

Your Cenacle is becoming like a warm and well lit home in which many will find shelter from the cold. 

Be one in Our littleness so that many will be one in Our Glory. 

Thank you, My Cenacle. 

12-16-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Thanksgiving for the presence of Mary 

My Chosen Cenacle, 

Together let us offer our thanksgiving to God for the benefit of allowing Me to be with you in accordance with His design of salvation for the world. I am with you to enable you to truly prepare for Jesus' coming. 

Let us create for Him an immense pathway from Heaven to earth strewn with the flowers of your heartfelt prayer and sacrifice. Come, My children, let us perseveeringly labor to build the bridge of hope whereby your King will come back to you. The inlay will be of the gold of your sacrifices, set with the gems of your heartfelt prayers. 

My Cenacle, I am a Mother truly in love with you, Her children. I hear your every cry. I silently wipe away the tears of My consecrated sons and daughters just as I dried the often tear-stained face of Jesus as a boy. 

Come, My children, enter into the heart of your Mother as we gather around His manger once again. I invite you to listen to His first whimperings. Listen to your Infant/God as He cries out at the first pangs of hunger, the first bite of cold. Hear Him, My children, as His cry rises in crescendo as He meets, for the first time, the world that would reject Him. O, with such wonderment and care did I tend to His first cries! 

My Cenacle, Jesus will never again cry from the poor manger, that even then echoed atop Calvary! He will never again in human history cry out in agony from the Cross on Calvary! But you, My Beloved, can still comfort Him anew because of His lowly Birth in Bethlehem and His agonizing Death on Calvary. 

Pray and atone, My Army. This is your sublime mission! Your Mother attends the mangers of your poor hearts as you respond to this call - just as She attended the Christ Child on that first cold, crisp Christmas Morning. 

My Chosen Army, Jesus will not break into human history again in cries of discomfort and pain. Rather, He will return amidst shouts of glory! Men will not be asking, as before, "Is this He whom we await or will there be another?". He will be imbued in glory and majesty. His own will know Him and rejoice! On that day, He will wipe every tear from your eyes. Mourning and pain will have faded into yesterday. A new and Eternal Christmas will dawn! Today, Beloved of My Heart, prepare yourselves with prayer and fasting - in your mangers of humility. I, your Mother, am with you. Most assuredly, the glorious day is fast approaching when you shall have your fill! 

12-20-92 FAMILY ROSARY I have been sent into the world in this efficacious manner to exhort it to change its' present course away from God 

My Families, 

I am your Mother of Hope, your Mother of Peace! I am not a Mother of despair and destruction! I am the bearer of the Prince of Peace. I am the Proclaimer of His Message of Hope, of Love and of Peace! 

My families gathered together in prayer are the products of My call to conversion and to Peace. I have been sent into the world in this efficacious manner to exhort it to change its' present course away from God. I have pleaded with My children to turn away from sin and accept God's Mercy or be prepared to accept His Justice. 

The path to peace, which is the Path to God's Mercy, is often a stripping away of all that is not holy, all that is not of God. The path to peace is often the unveiling of all that hides the child hidden within the hearts of God's sophisticated children. 

My families, the world has not followed the heavenly star to Bethlehem's stable because it cannot fathom a Supreme God hidden within a humble Babe. Sophistication and complexity have prevented visage of a Savior shrouded in the simplicity of a Child. 

My children, it is as family that God calls you to Peace - by way of a Child - an unpretentious child who will lead to your Salvation. 

I am the Mother of the Child. I am the Bearer of Peace. I bore Jesus as Prince of Peace in Bethlehem's' stable not so that Love would be rejected and put to death, but so that Eternal Love would conquer the darkness and Eternal Life would be won for all men. 

Once again, I break into history to bear His Message of Peace to a darkened world - not to condemn the darkness, but to renew the first Christmas - to restore Its' Eternal Hope. 

You, My families, have been invited to abide in My Immaculate Heart and to be one with Me in this Restoration of the Hope of Christmas. By your Rosaries, you, My families are lighting the night sky with a light that will lead many to Jesus, Prince of Peace and to His Kingship on earth. 

I, your Queen of Peace, am with you - loving you and thanking you for your 'yes' which is your families' Christmas gift to your King! 

I wish to resound, again, the hymn - Peace on earth, good will toward men! 

12-23-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE The Light of Hope shines through God's faithful ones 

My Chosen Cenacle, 

My Precious Children, the Light of Hope still shines in the darkness through such as you, God's faithful ones, opening the vessel of Peace, borne on that First Christmas. As never before graces are pouring forth from the Merciful Heart of God. The spiritually simple and wise are following the brilliance of the Light of Hope, as in the days of yore. 

You, My chosen ones, have been called to follow the Light of Grace to the God/child residing in the poverty of your souls, to the Eucharistic Lord, your Bread of Life. Grace has beckoned you to the Light of your lives, the Espoused of your Souls. In wonder and awe have you observed Jesus in His poverty, His majesty, His might. You are, My Cenacle, witnesses of His great Love. 

God has entrusted to you the seeds of His grace, for the world is in dire need of Its fruits. I, your Mother, have awakened your sleeping hearts through the Power of the Holy Spirit and embedded within them My Messages of Hope. The messages I entrust to you are the seeds that I, Myself, am nurturing. Their fruit will be bountiful - the food that will feed a famine stricken world. In silence and hiddenness these shoots will sprout forth and grow - if you remain steadfast and faithful to My Voice resounding around the world. 

Come, My simple and My wise children! Gather around His bed on the silent, holy night of the forthcoming Christmas. I, Myself, will gather the precious gifts of your prayers, your sacrifices and your love. They will be the mantle that will warm Him in a world still cold to His Love. Your treasures of gold, frankincense and myrrh are Christmas gifts to the world - the stars that will again light the night sky leading many to the new and Eternal Christmas. 

I am blessing you this night with the Peace of the Christchild -that heavenly gift for which the world is starving. 

Rejoice, My Cenacle, rejoice! The Light of the Christmas Star will never be extinguished because of your faithfulness. 

Go Forth as His witnesses, My Cenacle. Go forth in the Light of the Christmas Star of Grace by which you are all embued. My Christmas gift to you is Peace, Heavenly Peace. 

12-30-92 WEDNESDAY CENACLE A New Years message 

My Chosen Cenacle, 

As the year draws to a close, come, gather around the Heart of your Mother! A Heart so full of tenderness, a Heart so full of unquenchable yearning for all of My children! 

My children, observe the year, as it passes away like a vapor. All is gone! The cause of your joy, the cause of your sorrow, your work, your play - all has passed away to make room for the new - the New Year that awaits you. Do not yearn for what is gone, My Beloved. Rather, wait in expectant hope for what lies ahead because all of God's promises are true! 

When you observe the seasons of the year - their birth, their death, you see how swiftly the years do pass. Learn this lesson well, My Cenacle! Your Mother is here to teach you, through the illusion of time, that all is transient, all upon this earth must pass away. 

The God-Life within you is the only lasting and true reality! That is why I ask you to lead an uncluttered life. That is why I exhort you to expand the bridge of prayer that leads to Eternity. I am ever pleading with you to lead a life of prayer - praying constantly - so that the God-Life within you will ever loom increasingly wider on the horizons of your heart. Do not worry, nor become engrossed in your trials. Worry narrows your perspective of the God-Life within. Neither cling to the worries nor the joys of yester-year. Rather, cling to the golden chain of your Rosaries, the lifeline to My Heart. 

It is not given to all to understand My Plan but only to those whom I have called. You have been given great Light to hear and to respond to God's Plan of Salvation operating through your Mother. Like the year, the world is in transition. The old, My Beloved, is passing away. The securities upon which My children cling, the familiar structures, the habits that are so molded into the fabric of life today - these are passing away! Just as one year ends, another begins, so, too, is the present era coming to a close with the convergence of a New Age. The age of the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Lords, the King of all Nations is dawning. My Cenacle, Jesus is returning to establish His Reign of Peace on earth! Satan would have his counterfeit also, with the deceptive new age movement in which you are living. 

My children, the old must be purged, the false gods must be shattered. Evil must be put to death forever! You have been chosen, My Beloved, to prepare, with your Mother, to make way for the New! The battle that will eventually destroy the old is already under way. You, My cohorts are leading, along side of your Mother, in this decisive battle! You are the beacons exposing the enemy minefield entrenched with the explosives of abortion, the many faces of false gods, the errors and deceptions aimed at the Church. Yours are the weapons that will lay claim to the victory - the passage of the old! 

As the New Year approaches, put on this mindset, My Beloved! Look not back to what is quickly dying. Rather, embued in the peace bestowed upon you sufficient for the present moment, forge ahead to the New - the New Advent, the New Pentecost, the New Era of Peace that is indeed just at the door. Hearts still must be won! We have no time to waste! Put aside the old, My Cenacle and look, with expectant faith and hope, to the New. I am with you in this Great Transition.