A Call To Holiness

January through June 1994 Messages To Lena Shipley

01-02-94 Family Rosary I lovingly and tenderly receive your gifts for the Christ Child


My Beloved Families,

On this feast of the "Gift of the Magi" I invite you to pause along your journey and linger here awhile at this humble spot of the Christ Child's birth. I lovingly and tenderly receive your gifts for the Christ Child. Jesus eagerly receives them from my hands.

Your gifts of the gold of your love for one another in your families, the myhr of your sacrifices - one for the other (all that you do for one another you do for Jesus) and the frankinsence of your family rosaries, I take to Jesus for you. He returns ;your gifts, My families, through my treasury of grace.

I open wide my mantle and let them fall gently upon your households. Receive the gifts of the Christ Child. Receive the gift of His Love for your family, His Mercy and His true presence among you. Take His gifts into the world and scatter them upon a world which has forgotten how to give, forgotten the Gift-Giver.

(In a mental vision, I saw Mary gathering our gifts and placing them around the manger. When She gave us His gifts she opened her mantle and let fall upon us a heavenly dew. Much like when Juan Diego opened his cloak and let fall a shower of roses.)

01-05-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE I need your consecrations

My Beloved Cenacle,

Praised be to Jesus! Have courage, my cenacle, for what can separate you from the love of God? Nothing, my dear ones, can separate you from God's love - not even the cloud of evil that hovers over the earth seeking to devour its' inhabitants.

In this new year of grace, I am seeking new consecrations. Through consecration to My heart, I am gathering and protecting my children as the storm picks up renewed ferocity. I need your consecrations! I invite you to renew them often in this year of sorrows. My children need repetition. Slowly, after hearing my words often enough, my children's spiritual eyes and ears begin to open.

In this new year of sorrows, I will be leading you into deeper trust in the Holy Will of God. As events unfold that will result in copious tears, your mother will be here to assure you that God's Merciful Plan will not fail you.

In this new year of sorrows, I will lead you to deeper prayer. Take note, my children, of the airwaves in times of danger. Communication systems are open and in service to alert people moment by moment. So it is with prayer. Keep the lines of communication with your loving God open and busy so that moment by moment, you will be in tune with your God whose plan it is to save the world from damnation.

In this new year of sorrows, I will be fine tuning your awareness of the enemy spirits that lurk everywhere seeking to ensnare you. In this way, I will be helping you to seal all cracks of your homes so that nothing defiled may enter.

My dear cenacle, together, let us storm proof the house of your souls so that you will be ready for the onslaught that awaits mankind. Be ever ready to work with your Mother to prepare you for the wondrous unfolding of God's mighty and victorious plan of deliverance from the age old enemy of Love. God, who is love, is with you and I, your mother, am here to awaken your souls to its' wonder.

01-12-94 Wednesday Cenacle I am among you to light the way to peace at a time when the world fails you

My Dear Cenacle,

Let us praise Jesus, our King, who is worthy of all praise and thanksgiving. Let His Holy Name be lifted high upon the wings of your heart - for He is true God. He is just judge; yet, rich in Mercy!

My dear ones, I am among you to light the way to peace at a time when the world fails you and can no longer provide even a facsimile of the priceless commodity of peace!

As the events of time unfold, it becomes clear that peace in the world is threatened as never before. Violence rages in your streets, war looms on the horizon, the rugs of security are being swept from beneath your feet. But your Mother comes in the dead of night to bring you hope.

I bring you the promise of peace as false dreams shatter before your eyes.

I bring you the promise of perpetual springtime when winter closes in around you like a dark, damp blanket.

I bring you the promise of a new day, as the old becomes beaten and approaches its final hour.

I bring you the promise of a love that will never die when the coldness of hatred demonstrates its wretchedness before your shocked and saddened eyes.

Your King has come, my dear ones and dwells among you. You have beheld His glory. You have warmed yourselves in the bosom of my Immaculate Heart where Jesus nestles in His stable. You have been empowered within the radiance of His all consuming love as it exists in the Tabernacle. His Spirit breathes within the temples of your bodies - sanctifying you and making you whole.

My dear ones, why are you not at peace then? God has given you, His Beloved, everything!

Your Mother wants you to be happy in your miseries. Your Mother wants to console you in your grief. Your Mother brings you a remedy for your illness. PEACE PEACE PEACE - through prayer and through right relationship with your God, and reconciliation with your brothers and sisters.

Look not for peace in the world. You shall be disappointed; your dreams, shattered. Look to me. I light the way - to - peace.

01-19-94 Wednesday Cenacle The hand of God is outstretched before the nations

My dear precious children,

Your presence here tonight is most powerful, especially because of the sacrifices you have made to come. Your prayers are most efficacious before God because of the self-abnegation you demonstrate by being here - that self denial that I have come to call forth in you.

My children, the hand of God is outstretched before the nations. The hosts of angels stand in readiness to carry out His mandate. All the peoples shall feel the sting of His justice as it sweeps over the land. God's justice flows forth not because God has given up on His people, but because His people will not return to Him on their own. Do not fear, My children - as God's Hand lowers His children to their knees, so too, His hand shall raise them up again. You shall be clothed in the lily white garment of salvation. You shall know your God. You shall know the value of a soul.

O, my dear ones, if only you knew the worth of one soul! That would be the only knowledge you need possess. The world and all that is in it is as nothing to God in comparison to just one soul.

My Cenacle, there is only one thing left for you to do, only one act left for you to play out - that is, to be my obedient children. Be my obedient children - who have heard the voice of their mother, who have place their fingertips upon my face and felt my tears.

Only one act to play - be my obedient children! God has searched your hearts and found them worthy. Your Mother, too, has gazed upon you and knows you through and through. Be my obedient children as the hand of God administers a purifying sting across the nations making way for the new world. Now is not the time to ask for yourselves, rather, pray for the salvation of the whole world. The sinful state of the world is serious. Sin has crucified you Lord. Now the whole world faces the seriousness of judgment and of Truth

02-02-94 Wednesday Cenacle I have formed you through the strict regime of prayer, sacrifice and reconciliation

My Beloved Cenacle,Praise be to Jesus! Praise His ;Holy Name. Praise be to the Most Blessed Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit! I come to you in the light of the Holy Spirit to speak to you, my faithful cenacle, about this dark age in which you are living.O, My cenacle, these times are so painful for you - and for me, your sorrowful Mother - who fully participates in the great struggle of the present hour. I have formed you through the strict regime of prayer, sacrifice and reconciliation. Do not withdraw from Heaven's peace plan that I, myself, have clothed you. Remain steadfast in this regime - as never before - as the events foretold by me to my many messengers, unfolds.In this time when mankind's will has been weakened as never before, God's power will be made manifest as never before!In this time evil has arisen like a mountain, casting its dark shadow over the nations - enveloping God's children in darkness.In this time, God's light - the Fire of the Holy Spirit - will descend from Heaven - illuminating every crack and crevice and reduce this great mountain of evil to dust!This hour, my dear ones, is the hour of agony for the whole world.I gather you all within ;the folds of my mantle as the storm rages onward. My dear ones, your Mother's Heart is filled with sorrow as she must watch you, her own marked children of the light, carry the immense agony of the world in your own hearts.My beloved, I cannot tell you that you will not taste the bitter agony of this present purification. But I can assure ;you that I am and will be with you through it.I can assure ;you that you will always walk in God's light and His Love and that the Fire of the Holy Spirit shall descend upon you as has never happened before and never will again.I can assure you that you are being defended and helped by the heavenly hosts.I can assure of victory over Satan.I can assure you that a new age is peeking over the horizon - an era of peace - as never before dawned upon the world. In those days you shall know your God. He shall dwell among his people in a new and glorious way.Be at peace, therefore, I love you.

02-09-94 Wednesday Cenacle Beneath the Cross of Jesus' Redemptive sacrifice I pray continually for my divinely begotten children

My Beloved Cenacle,

Beneath the Cross of Jesus Redemptive sacrifice I pray continually for my divinely begotten children:

O, Lord, many are their adversaries of the darkness. Many from the nether world rise up against them! You have sent me, O Lord, to be their shield, my heart to be their refuge. But Lord, do they understand a mother's love? I have come among them to feed them heaven's diet, to nurture them back to spiritual health. I have made my voice heard in the desert - all according to the Divine Will. but the masses have not heart although they have ears to hear. They have not seen although they have eyes to see.

Create in them pure hearts, O Lord, by the merits of Your sorrowful passion. Sprinkle the nations, Lord, covering them with the Blood of their salvation. Unless my children behold your sorrowful passion re-enacted in your Body, the Church, they shall not see, nor hear, nor shall it enter their imaginations the consequence of evil - the choice before them. (Eternal damnation of heavenly glory!)

My children, I pray beneath the Cross of My Son- for God's justice to bring a swift end to the reign of evil caused by hate, idolatry, envy, sloth.

I pray beneath the cross for God's swift action to bring an end to the anarchy of evil that reigns in your cities.

I Pray beneath the cross - that all my children accept the gift of their Mother, given them from the merciful and crucified Heart of Christ.

I pray beneath the cross to expedite the dawn of the great peace that will follow the triumph of my heart.

I pray for you, My chosen cenacle, that you accept the grace of perseverance in living my messages, that you continually pray for this gift that I shall so willingly dispose upon you.

I pray for you - that you experience God's peace in this hour of anxiety and turmoil which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in God's Plan as it continues to unfurl before you.

My motherly heart, now transfigured in sorrow shall be transformed in joy on the day Christ's glory be revealed to you. You, who have been partakers of His pain, shall share in His glory.

02-18-94 Family Rosary Group Vigilance in the rosary

My daughter, My Mother is with you through a great grace that I have bestowed upon you for the ultimate goal of the salvation of sinners. Listen to Her voice. Allow your faculties to be used by Her so that all might hear the Heart of a Mother calling to her children. Draw closer to it - this Heart that I have raised up as a vessel of refuge and protection in these perilous days preceding the culmination of iniquity.

My Beloved little one, speak to my families. My families, How impressed I have been with your diligence! How willing you have been to make of your homes a manger where My Son may take His rest! How I love you for your perseverance. I ask you to continue to pray the Rosary in an uninterrupted circle of friendship and trust. Pray the Rosary from your hearts with an even greater trust in God's Divine Providence.

Many trials will threaten to shake your trust. But you must remember that your lives unravel as in a timespell of waiting. My families, you do not wait alone. I am with you - always - prodding you onward in spirit - as you wait in joyful hope for the coming of your savior. Be at peace, be filled with joy and confidence as you await the expected birth of your Savior - relived. I assure you that you are the last of the just who await another birth - the birth of a new age. An age that has been awaited for many years - an age longed for, for centuries - the era of Peace, true peace, - the Kingdom finally come upon the earth - of the Prince of Peace whose birth at Bethlehem you are preparing for once again. Continue to pray the family rosary lest you loose heart when trials besiege you. Pray and trust. I pray with you and I am here to reward your trust with Peace. For I do not come alone. I carry in my arms your Peace, the Prince of Peace.


My Dear Families,

How pleased I am to see your numbers increase and that you have intensified your efforts at prayer during this holy season of grace. My dear ones, seize every opportunity for grace today for tomorrow these opportunities may be withheld. My favor rests on your parish. God is pleased with your prayer community.

It is necessary that you pray and sacrifice continually in these days of apostasy. I store your prayers as spiritual energy that will explode in a transfusion of grace on the day that my maternal presence upon the earth will be made manifest to all. That day is fast approaching. My children, what you are doing today will determine how you fare at the time of the great sign.

You offer to God a fitting sacrifice by coming together to pray as families. You leave the comfort of your homes and the television which is Satan's effective tool. You are winning great merit for yourselves and many families who would otherwise have no one to pray for them.

My Beloved families, continue to occupy yourselves in prayer. O, how my Son suffered to loosen the bonds of sin and ransom you from its clutches forever. And now, how the world must suffer to break Satan's grip upon it.

It is good that you are here!

03-09-94 Wednesday Cenacle Blessed are you, My dear ones, because your Lord and Savior is of noble birth

My Beloved Cenacle,

Blessed are you, My dear ones, because your Lord and Savior is of noble birth. He is God's own Son and has come into the world to ransom you from the clutches of evil that now threaten to devour you. Blessed are ;you, too, because He not only came to suffer and die for your salvation, but He also cares for you still by sending His own Mother to be with you in these grave times - My times. My army, raised by Me, shall be a strong fortress of Protection. My watchtower, a looming citadel, where you My dear little ones, shall be safe!

How pleased I am, My Cenacle, with your consecrations. You are collaborating with God's Plan by way of your consecrations. You are ascending the citadel within my Immaculate Heart by way of your consecration. You assure the victory of My Immaculate Heart by way of your consecration.

My dear ones, from My citadel shall you behold the glorious defeat of Satan forever! The ransom, being already paid - God shall repossess what is His!

Oh my dear ones, the sun is setting on a dry and parched land. The land, racked with the disease of sin, has produced a multitude of dry bones that are scattered everywhere. The scourge has been long and dreary; the burden, heavy.

So agonizing has the long, hot day of the scourge become, that the mountains, the plains and the seas will soon begin their revolt. My little sons and daughters, the whole world - the elements, the stars and planets shall participate in a revolt against the foes of God.

Yes, my beloved, I am with you so long to warn, to nurture and now to lead - hastily, those whom I have raised up. I lead you - hastily toward the citadel - My watchtower - where we shall together watch as the enemy gathers his forces for the showdown - the battle of all battles.

How shall you endure such a battle, you ask? Only by complete surrender to your mother's commands accomplished by way of your consecrations. Being totally led by Me, you shall lead your brothers and sisters. Be strong, my little ones, because it is I, your victorious Queen, who leads you.

The day has been long - the sun is setting upon the dry land. Night is falling - the night of anguish - the anguish of the Crucifixion. But a new day for you - a glorious day - is dawning. The Son will rise - the night defeated forever. You shall know your God. Truth, Justice and Beauty shall arise with the dawn. All will be made new.

Endure the heat, endure the night. Remain faithful - attentive to my voice. Trust. I am with you. You are my children. I will remain at the foot of your cross until you behold His Glory.

03-16-94 Wednesday Cenacle I come to gladden your heart because Jesus loves you so

My Dear Cenacle,

Praised by Jesus, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity! Blessed be Jesus, the Christ-Child. Praised by Jesus, the Divine Teacher. Blessed by Jesus Crucified. Praised by Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament!

My dear children, in this time of penance and conversion for the whole world, I come to gladden your hearts because Jesus loves you so. His love wrenched Him from the bliss of Heaven to be born into humiliation and pain for you - personally. His love magnifies around the world; it's magnanimity dwells in every Tabernacle. His love bequeathed to you a Mother who remains ever at the foot of your crosses. Rejoice and be glad - even though children afflicted, you will never be children abandoned and without hope. Never as in this time have my children been in such dire need of pure and supernatural love.

Because of your confidence in your Mother, many seeds of life have been cultivated and are already sprouting forth to create a dew of grace and mercy upon the earth. But the adversary has set many dangerous snares. That is why I call forth from you a spirit of mortification and penance.

My Cenacle, wear the mortification of humility like a badge that identifies you as my army. Your souls should be steeped in the spirit of humility - especially in these days of calamity. Humankind lives as though it does not realize that it is God's Love which sustains and maintains order at every moment. Begin to let it sink deep within your hearts - God is in control!! It is His law of love which governs the earth. His law of love calls forth new life and renews hearts. It is through God's power that winter gives way to the new life of Spring. Yet men live as though they have no need of God; when men cannot cause even one blade of grass to grow! If humankind were left to their own devices, the human race would already be declared an endangered species! (Hovering on the brink of annihilation.)

God will allow mankind to experience a withdrawal of His protection only to awaken hearts to His Supremacy and His love - which is rich in mercy and justice. Men will become even more deviant, selfish and carnal! The withholding of God's protective shield will allow Satan his last gasp of power. It will bring great harm to crops, to the environment. The elements will become unruly. As everything turns upside down and inside out, human hearts shall be awakened to the reality of God's Might, His Love and His Mercy. My dear ones, God's love has been ignored and scorned as men became haughty and self-possessed. Human hearts shall be made pliable at the Hand of the Potter. They shall know their total reliance on Him who created everything and holds all into being.

Be vigilant warriors in this final battle. You give your Mother great power of intercession by your faithfulness to My messages. Your faithfulness and your trust is what is needed in these decisive days.

My Cenacle, it is the road to Calvary you now must travel; but I bring you joy for your journey. Keep your eyes on the Pascal Victory. We all will share in the glory of the consummation of evil.

My Cenacle, keep your gaze fixed on Jesus. You are aided with the walking cane of my maternal presence. You shall not stumble if you walk by way of your consecrations, rosary in had, in the spirit of prayer of the heart, and interior mortifications.

I am with you always!

03-23-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Your consecrations draw you nearer to the hour of Victory

My Dear Cenacle,

Praised be Jesus! For in Him, with Him and through Him, you shall give glory to God. My dear ones, your consecrations draw you ever nearer to the hour of Victory. God has chosen consecration to My Immaculate Heart as the means whereby human hearts shall be drawn to Him!

My Beloved, My joy is full because you have enthroned My Immaculate Heart by way of your response to my call. Through your consecration, My heart is aglow - blazing and burning - with the likes of God's own Love for His children. My cohort in every part of the world are raising My banner of victory high with the pillars of their consecrations. My cenacle, the stage is set for the dramatic conclusion of the Paschal Event.

My cohort lead the whole world into the battle of all battles. The Woman of Revelation has made Her appearance and now she leads her army under the protection of the heavenly hosts, directly into the den of the archenemy. He shall strike at you, but shall not topple the mighty army I have raised and now lead. He shall spew deadly venom upon you but you shall not die from it.

Prepare to confront the antichrist! He walks the earth and will be disguised with dignity and charm. He shall trick many with his charisms. The light of the Holy Spirit will reveal his deceit to my chosen little ones. Against my army, he shall have no power! But your Mother is here to warn you! To be forewarned is to be forearmed. You must remain vigilant! Remain close to your Eucharistic Jesus and keep your rosaries clasped in your hands!

In this phase of battle, your Mother calls you to an ever deeper commitment to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Keep watch with Him, my dear ones, so that you are not caught off guard. You walk as though through a minefield. Every step you take must be guided and patterned after mine. This is why your consecrations must be lived and renewed with diligence.

Have no fear whatever! There will be an explosion of grace unparalleled in history, as evil and decadence accelerate right up to its consummation in the fire of God's Justice.

I invite you to watch with Jesus! As in the garden, the agonies that await the worldly, the very agonies that caused Jesus to sweat blood, are dropping like a curtain for the enactment of the last act of human history in this era. I invite you to your Eucharistic King. I invite you to join your Mother in prayer at the foot of the Cross. I invite you to pray and pray and pray!!!

03-30-94 Wednesday Cenacle You shall behold the Passion of My Son through the windows of my heart

My Dear Cenacle,

Behold the Lamb of God, who has taken away the sins of the world! Behold your Jesus - crucified for the sins of the world. Blesses by the wood of the Cross through which Jesus has opened the gates of Heaven to all!

Jesus' words from the Cross, "Father, forgive them.." echoes through the ages to this very hour. My children, let these saving words penetrate your soul as you hear them in your heart being spoken regarding this evil age.

As my consecrated ones, you shall behold the Passion of My son through the windows of My heart. I invite you to observe Jesus through my heart. Because it is with me, your Mother, that you are now gathered at the foot of the cross. My children, we weep together as we behold the Church, the bride of Christ, as she moans and writhes in pain as she splinters and shatters.

(Mary crying) My Beloved, the sheep shall scatter as its' shepherd on earth is struck with the rod of chastisement. With every crippling blow - disobedience, liberalism, error - the sheep shall become disoriented - lost and confused! Finding themselves without a leader, many will follow false prophets right to the edge of the great abyss.

O, my cenacle, the Church, the Bride of Christ, will undergo her passion! She is mocked and persecuted. As this intensifies, she will be made to wear a crown of humiliations. She shall crumble under the weight of her cross. The faithful remnant shall wipe her bloodied and tear stained face with their undying loyalty as she continues to make her way to Calvary. She shall be stripped of all worldly adornments with which modernism has clothed her. She shall be brought low and made poor. The faithful will cry out to God, "..why has thou forsaken us.." as their church breathes what seems to be her last.

From the windows of my heart, I invite you, My consecrated, to behold the anguish of your Mother. Watch with me, pray with me, wait with me. For the dawn of another Easter morning is just beneath the horizon. All that dies and falls to the ground shall be raised up again. The Bride shall rise, spotless and new. The Glory of god shall be revealed through her. Unblemished and purified, she shall rise up to meet her bridegroom.

(Mary crying again) Today, My Cenacle, watch and pray with me from the portals of my heart as we await this agonizing crucifixion. Pray that you are not caught up among those sheep who will scatter. Rather, as my consecrated, recognize the voice of your shepherdess, your Mother!

04-06-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Jesus, the garment that I have come to clothe you in these difficult and perilous

My Chosen Cenacle,

The peace of your Risen Jesus be with you! The peace of your Risen Jesus is the garment that I have come to clothe you in these difficult and perilous times! My children, the Risen Jesus is the Object of your Faith, the cause of your Hope and the essence of your Love. Your Jesus dwells within you. His Love surrounds you. In these days of joy, remember His love poured out upon the Cross and continually poured out on all the altars of the world. Celebrate the power of the Love that has set captives free, melts the hardest of hearts, - the Love that purges, cleanses and renews.

My Cenacle, recognize Him, not only in the breaking of the bread, but also in the poor, the afflicted and the persecuted. There is no tempest that He cannot still neither in the seas nor in the hearts of those who trust in Him.

The tempest of evil is rising up - flooding the hearts and minds of My children - those beloved whom Jesus has redeemed. Hearts are rocking to and fro and being torn apart by the forceful impact of the waves of sin. For a time, my beloved, it shall be so. The waves rise and swell, threatening to consume every living creature and structure because of mankind's lack of faith. The elements shall revolt against nature. Every sea creature shall perish - for the water shall be contaminated. Men's hearts shall be sifted like wheat - refined in the furnace of chastisement in preparation for the coming of your Lord's kingdom.

When mankind cries out to God in fear and trepidation because death seems eminent, Jesus shall stretch out His saving Hand. Be still and know that I am God, He shall say in the silence of your hearts. Those who recognize Him shall rejoice as in the days after His Resurrection. Those who still know Him not, shall perish in the storm of iniquity. As for you, My Cenacle, - you who have found your refuge within My Immaculate Heart and have become attuned to the Voice of Heaven - shall be saved in those days soon to come upon you. You who have recognized the signs of your times and have prepared, those of you who have partook of His saving action shall be His witnesses in these last days of iniquity. And you shall be the first fruits of a new era.

As the tempest rises and the securities in the world that you have known crumble, Be still and know that He is Lord. This same Jesus whose power stretched over the sea so long ago will again stretch forth His Hand and calm the storms of your lives - those in your heart, in your home and those storms soon to come upon the world. Trust! He is alive. The tomb where Jesus was lain on Good Friday is empty!

04-13-94 Wednesday Cenacle How long must mankind remain dull of heart?

My Dear Cenacle,

Praised Be Jesus! - For He is all Love. Mercy flows from His Love like rays from the sun. His Mercy calls His people out of the dredges of sin. His Mercy calls His people out of their prisons. His Mercy calls His people out of their tombs. As He raised Lazarus from the dead, so too, His Mercy raises His people up from the dead to new, renewed and replenished, abundant life!

O, My children, how long must mankind remain dull of heart? Why do they still love what is vain? why do they still cling to what perishes? Why do they chase falsehood and error? Do they know that the Merciful God does wonders for His faithful ones - those who incline their ears to hear His voice and reconcile their hearts to His Divine Will.

My Cenacle, give witness to His marvelous deeds! Give witness to His Power, His Mercy. Only god can bring peace and security to your dwelling. Only by God's power can unity be restored to divided hearts, homes and countries. As apostles of these last times, you must illuminate the earth with the Light of Christ which shines brightly within you ever since you were born into His Kingdom through the life-giving waters of Baptism.

As apostles of these last days, you must be bearers of His Mercy! I invite you to live Mercy! My Cenacle, Forgive! Forgive! Forgive! Let no trace of bitterness linger in your hearts. Do you not know your enemy constantly waits to fuel the embers that lie within human hearts? He knows that the fire of hatred, bitterness and resentment render ineffective your witness to Divine Mercy. this is why I plead with you to extinguish all such fires in your hearts! For you must bear witness to the Mercy of god - the only saving grace for your times.

My children, the hour of enlightenment is very close. This fire of the Holy Spirit will illuminate and purify all hearts. It shall be the greatest and final act of God's Mercy for this evil age. You shall not partake again of so great a display of God's Mercy until you feast upon it in the re-establishment of God's Kingdom on the earth and in the hearts of all men - the Great Era of Peace soon to dawn upon the world.

I warn you as your loving Mother to extinguish all such fires of impurity from your heart - those fires of anger, envy, pride, lust, avarice- before the Great enlightenment. Otherwise, the very fires of hell shall burn within you on that day!

As my consecrated children, let nothing defiled enter into your hearts in these decisive days. Prayer, especially spent before the Blessed Sacrament, which is the living testament of God's love and mercy, mortifications, sacrifices of every sort and fasting shall be the guards that you must station around your hearts to insure its protection. Stand watch with me, your hearts to insure its protection. Stand watch with me, My Cenacle, for the things I have come to foretell, will surely come to pass! I love you all with a devoted motherly love!

05-04-94 Wednesday Cenacle I am with you so long to show you the Way of Love

My Dear Cenacle,

Praise be the Risen Jesus who dwells among you in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar! Extol His Name, my beloved children. You are to be witnesses to His presence and His great love and mercy.

My children, I am with you so long to show you the Way of Love. My messages point you toward the selfless path of love. I am the light in the world illuminating the way to love. I am the vessel upon which you may embark on this journey to perfect Love. Consecration to my heart is the passport into the vessel of my heart which will carry you onward.

But many of my children have not understood my mission! I have been sent by God to bear His Light, His Love, His Mercy to a world that has forgotten the story of its redemption. I am the light sent into a world that is stricken with amnesia. I am the light sent into a world festered in the disease of sin.

Even my little children who have heard my messages and taken them into their hearts have become confused. They have taken to bickering and jealousy, to slanderous gossip. The many devils that have been let loose in these - the gravest of times - have infiltrated the hearts of some of my little ones who were not yet well grounded in prayer and a sacrificial spirit. Many of my little ones roam the world over in search of sites of apparition. Their journey leads them outward instead of inward.

My cenacle, what must I do to enlighten my dear ones! Hearts must be made perfect in Love! Before embarking upon a pilgrimage to foreign ground, first look into the familiar ground of your heart. If there is hostility toward your spouse, your brother, sister, neighbor lingering in your heart, turn back and make it right first. For the greatest grace is reconciliation and Love! Before you make a stand in defense of your Church - what is right and what is wrong, first look into your heart. If there is not love toward those whom you are condemning - be silent! If your good deeds are done before men without love, then they are done in vain! If your prayers are said from your lips and not your hearts, if anger jealousy, or anything of the sort clings to your heart when you pray, your words blow away like leaves and are lost.

My Cenacle, look upon my Son on His altar of Love! He has extended Himself to the limit. He gave up all - His strength, His Blood, His Body, His Life! - and you cannot even give up your pride, your self-righteousness, hurts and resentments!

No, my children have not understood! They are becoming like whitened sepulchers - devout on the outside, but dead on the inside!

My heart grows heavy as ;time closes in. I am appealing to you, My chosen - to begin to live the law of love. How shall I begin this way of love, you ask? Look toward your Mother. I point you to My son. If you have come into my heart as one of my cohort and have not continued toward my Son, then you tarry too long. I have not called you for myself, but to your god, Who is Love Itself.

05-18-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Satan desires to bring to naught all the good I have been producing in souls

My Dear Cenacle,

Praised be God, your Creator from whom your life breath flows and to whom it shall return!

As your Mother continues to work feverishly for love of souls, Satan continues anxiously to undo all my work in souls. He desires to bring to naught all the good I have been producing in souls. His plan, my dear ones, is to destroy love and leave hearts cold and filled with empty promises and pursuits.

My Cenacle, when love is gone, all is lost. For God is love and when you love you partake of God Himself. With love in your hearts, you feast at God's banquet table. With love in your hearts, you overcome your enemies.

I have come to strengthen you in the way of love - perfect, selfless love. If you have heard my voice in the wilderness of the world and have not understood God's song of love in my words, then you have heard nothing but the rustling of the wind. My words bear God's love to a cold world. If you have heard my voice and have not grown in perfect love, it would go better for you in the days of justice had you never heard them at all. For my messages to you can be summed up in this - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Love for God by the acceptance of His holy will in your everyday lives. Love for your brothers and sisters through selfless, cheerful giving. My Cenacle, be mercy in your world! Give mercy and mercy will come back to you. Love for souls who are steeped in sin by arming yourselves with God's plan of salvation as I have delivered to you [AE1]through my messages. My cenacle, if you have laid down your will for God's, you have indeed laid down your life for souls. There is no greater love than this - to imitate your Jesus in the way of love! Even the darkest moments to come will not extinguish the light of love that your Mother has come to set ablaze upon the earth. All is vanity, except for love. My cenacle, remember that I am with you.

05-23-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE I have led you to the the presence of God in the host

My Cenacle,

It is truly here - in this place of prayer, in this interior silence, in this place where my Son has chosen to dwell among his own redeemed brothers and sisters - that I have led you. It is here that you will realize your poverty, your nothingness in the world.

It is here you will see all that is greatly esteemed in the world is vanity. All knowledge, all human dignity, every possession - is vanity in the sight of God.

O, my cenacle, you cannot realize this anywhere else except here in the presence of Him - the Omnipotent God - contained in this tiny host.

It is here in this place of solitude that your Mother can help you to focus your spiritual eyes. Your mother wishes you to see clearly into the Heart of your Jesus. You cannot see His Heart aflame with love when you view the World through the magnifying glass of illusion. All must be made small so that He might be magnified! How can one gaze upon the tiny Host-become-God and not become small themselves?

It is here in this place where you shall find a poverty of spirit that acknowledges and blesses the God of all creation. In poverty of spirit shall you find Him who will make you rich in grace. In poverty of spirit shall you hear the Voice that will drown out all others. In poverty of spirit shall you be made ready to enter His Kingdom (so different from the world) and reside with your King. In poverty of spirit shall you truly understand the messages I have given to the world in Jesus Name.

You see, My cenacle, it is not to high and lofty places that I have called my army; but to the lowest place, that is to be the heel that will crush the head of Satan.

See your Lord and your Savior - a mere weightless wafer - in the sight of the world. Yet, in reality, His dignity, His immensity is far beyond your comprehension.

It is here in this place that I call you to realize all that I have taught. It is here that I call you to enable you to learn the essence of poverty. message given at St. Stephen's (Blessed Sacrament Holy Hour)

06-01-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE It is here in this cenacle of prayer where you are preparing for the coming of the Holy Spirit

My Beloved Cenacle,

It is here - hidden within the abode of my Immaculate Heart, among the faithful, and in the presence of My Son, where I would have you remain. It is here in this cenacle of prayer where you are preparing for the coming of the Holy Spirit - with light and with power from on high. It is here in this cenacle of prayer where your mother can best shield you from the wiles of your enemy. You are safest here, my beloved sons and daughters! O, that I could keep you here!

But your mission is in the world - a world that would devour you like a lion. In the world, you are distracted from your mission. In the world, you forget that Satan and his legions have their finger on everything! Even your minds are his playground. His touch causes spiritual mayhem. He seeks to disarm you and then to devour you. O, that I could keep you here - safe within this prayer cenacle!

O dear little children (your mother refers to you as such because your spiritual attention is that of little children), be attentive! Distractions are sown on your path so that they may rise up and blind you. Have you not yet learned that all in the world is vanity. The earth, in its virginity, belongs to God - was created by God, for His glory.

The earth and its beauty brought joy to the Heart of God and glory to His Name. But mankind has despoiled that which God created and now must watch in terror as God has the final say! Nature was meant to teach God's eternal lessons. But the students of the earth have failed God's tests, having learned false doctrines and now cling to their errors.

I call upon you to take stock of your lives. I call upon you to take a spiritual inventory. I call upon you to pray for true repentence - true sorrow for your sins - out of love for God and not fear of just punishment. My Beloved, love covers a multitude of sins and confirms you in grace.

I must release you to the outside world where traps of every sort await you. Remain committed to prayer and the haven of this cenacle. The darkness grows thicker as we approach the days of God's justice. It is descending like a cloud. The light lit by your Mother in this cenacle will be the light that will guide you and the light that the darkness shall never extinguish. Go out and be mindful of your wretchedness, Satan's trickery, the vanity of all worldly things and the sublime mission to which you have been called as my prayer warriors!

06-08-94 Wednesday Cenacle It is good that you persevere in prayer as your Mother has directed for my intentions, that is, to bring the graces of salvation to this Godless world


As we gather together tonight, united in purpose, let us lift up our hearts in praise and thanksgiving to our Jesus - pure, holy and immolated for ungrateful men - and truly present in the Blessed Sacrament - God's invention of love!

My Beloved little ones, it is good that you persevere in prayer as your salvation to this Godless world. Humankind continues to run headlong toward their perdition. Not knowing what awaits them, they foolishly connect themselves with the entreaties of the evil one and his legions who wander the earth seeking to torment its prey. Your Mother sees the disastrous end that awaits unrepentant sinners. O, what end , My Cenacle - an eternal inferno of flames that never die!

While, you on the other hand, await the glorious end for the faithful - as you are huddled here together in the safe abode of my cenacle! My beloved little angels, do not be fearful, nor despondent. Be not confused as events unfold as predicted. You shall be led through the many authentic messengers that I have dispatched throughout the world. Do not allow yourselves to be confused! You will be if your attention is not solidly fixed on your Jesus and His love flowing through the Sacraments.

Keep your ears attuned only to the truths of Sacred Scripture and those who lead you there. I myself have fashioned and molded your hearts to receive your King. I have readied the stable of your heart to be a resting place for your Jesus. I have focused your gaze to see clearly the things that are of God. I will not have you snatched away from me, my dear ones.

You are being inundated with unsound doctrines, changes in the one, holy, apostolic and universal church that are not pleasing to God. Self proclaimed messengers abound who are singing their own tune and are not in harmony with my true messages.

Go, my children, before Jesus - who awaits you. He shall dispel confusion and His everlasting truths shall be grounded in your soul. I, too, wish to protect you from confusion and error. But I cannot do so if you are running about seeking scraps of information from many sources to satisfy your hungry curiosity! My true messengers will lead you to a greater love for God through Jesus in His Sacramental Church, to a renewed devotion to your Mother and the living out of your consecrations, to a greater intensity of prayer and a sacrificial love for all souls. Let this be your litmus test. Do not be deceived then. If you are living within my Immaculate Heart through your consecrations, you will know what you must do as the dramatic conclusion of this evil age unfolds. Do not look towards tomorrow with all its trials. Rather, live well this present moment, pray well in this present moment, love well in this present moment. Remain ever in the state of grace and all shall go well for you.

Remain attuned to the hearts that are so in love with you!

06-15-94 Wednesday Cenacle The hour is at hand when the whole earth will writhe and groan in the agony of the knowledge of its sinfulness

(BLESSED SACRAMENT) I saw a beautiful garden filled with roses of the most exquisite colors. Jesus picked a white rose from among them and handed it tome. He then said, "Write what I tell and show you, daughter."

The hour is at hand when the whole earth will writhe and groan in the agony of the knowledge of its sinfulness. The atrocities of evil men shall play before their eyes like a living movie in slow motion. The full weight of the sins of mankind shall press down hard upon the soul of the world. The crushing weight of this burden will cause despair. Men will pull their hair out, beat their chests crying out in load groans. Men will know their God and to what a state their sins have reduced Him. The terrible bloody scene of the Crucifixion shall play in their minds eye slowly and agonizingly grinding away at the encasement around their hearts. There shall be no escape!

The demons who have held the soul captive for so long shall manifest themselves. They shall shriek in hideous, piercing laughter at the sight of the soul in torment as it now faces the Light of Truth. It shall be a most fearsome encounter. There shall be no escape! The demons now hidden in souls, attached like leeches shall then make themselves known in their last attempt to torment those souls and cause the destruction of those who were at their disposal for so long.

O, My Beloved little heart, the time for repentance is now! Repent! Repent! Repent! See the beauty of the rose I have placed in your heart. It stands for purity. Strive for it in all your dealings. Let not a day pass without examining your lives. Examine your motives, examine your actions, words. Examine your attachments, your worries, your every thought. Measure each of these against the purity of the white rose. Strive for purity in all you think, say and do. Mortify your senses, my daughter. Bed God's pardon for the whole world and bathe in the cleansing waters of My Sacrament. I myself meet you in the Sacrament of Reconciliation with every grace of conversion and with the tenderest of hearts. Come to the cleansing waters where I, Myself, shall wash you clean - not only your feet, but every part of your body, mind, soul and emotions. Let not your memories cause you to cling to the weights that bind you and prevent you from forgiving! Remain pure, My Beloved. There shall be no escape from the Great Enlightenment. The light of truth shall be this weight. But for my faithful, the Light of My Cross shall set you free.

I send My Mother to lead you on the way of purity, perfect harmony with your God and fellow man. Listen to Her!

Then Our Lady came and said, (She is giving each of us a beautiful white rose):

Come, my dear Cenacle, gather at my feet. Accept this gift from my hands. Respond to my call to make of your hearts a perfect image of this rose. I call you to purify your hearts in readiness to behold God's glory.

God's movie shall play ground the whole world. From this horror there shall be no escape! Only the pure of heart shall endure it and be able to gaze upon their God in His holiness, in His loveliness and luminous purity! Prepare, My Cenacle, for the vision of His Glory that I have come to prepare the way. Come, my dear little ones, linger not in your selfishness, idleness and petty attachments. Be ready. Remain in the state of grace. I am with you.

06-22-94 Wednesday Cenacle Behold this Woman, Blessed above all women, our Mother!

My Beloved Cenacle,

Blessed be Jesus whose heart interconnects with Mine. Blessed be the two hearts made one and the love they bear for all of humankind. Blessed be Love - pure - Love- untainted by selfishness and sin!

Jesus said, as I mentally saw Him stretch forth His hand to His Mother, "Behold this Woman, Blessed above all women, our Mother! She carries in her Immaculate Heart an undaunted love for her children - all the children entrusted to her from the Cross. Behold your Mother!"

Our Lady continues,

My children, Behold the Man! My Son who bore within his own body the sins of the whole world - past, present and future - so that all may be free - to become holy and re-enter Paradise. Holiness, My cenacle, is to fall in love with Jesus. Enter into His heart by way of this Sacrament. He longs to manifest His love for you here. He loves to calm the waves of your fears, anxieties and worries. He longs to soothe your pain. He desires to mold your heart after His own.

My Son has ;given me the final victory over sin. I have raised an army of faithful, selfless souls to participate in the glorious march from sin and death to new life. This grand march calls for re-fueling here before His holy presence. His own life and love he pours into your soul - here - before His hidden and wondrous presence.

It is here that he readies your soul to live in the new era. His Kingdom shall come - first in your hearts - then in the world. You know, my children, that the victory will come. God has promised it!

Live my messages, live out your consecrations moment by moment. Most especially, live in His love by letting Jesus fill you with his life and his love here before His Blessed Presence hidden within this Bread from heaven! I am with you here prostrate before Him in profound adoration.

06-29-94 Wednesday Cenacle I wish to lead you now into a thorough examination of you lives

Message to be placed here soon.