A Call To Holiness

July through December 1994 To Lena Shipley

07-06-94 Wednesday Cenacle Yes my little heart, the mission has remained the same

(I was reading the book, THE GOLDEN ARROW, when Our Lord spoke these words.)

My daughter, you can see that the melancholic plea from the depth of my Sacred Heart remains the same over the centuries. You can also see that if the cup of wickedness was full to overflowing in the last century, how much more so is it overflowing today! Souls are drowning in the cesspool of its overflow in this, the last century! Yes, my little heart, the mission has remained the same (that of spreading the gospel message of repentance), the missionaries differ.

I call you to plead my cause for Me in your circle. Hours of reparation in front of my Living Presence in the Blessed Sacrament is what is needed to mitigate My Father's just wrath. My little heart, there is no escape from the rod of My Father's just anger. Abominations are hurled upon Him from all sides. His Church stands in near ruin due to the pride, sophistication of those insolent ones - My consecrated ones - who have infiltrated the Church. There is no turning back. The tide of evil has swept too far and too deep to prevent the chastisement of the ages.

I am in search of generous souls who will bear some of the weight of My burden. The weight of sin bears heavy on My Sacred Heart. Please lighten this heavy load ;with hours of reparation. Will you wear a thorn from My Passion? Will you relieve Me of the pain of my crown? Will you, my generous soul, remove even one of these with your hours of reparation?

My little heart, I need you! Appeal to the Cenacle. Appeal to My Consecrated Sons. |Appeal the faithful. There is no escape from the chastisement that will once again restore My Kingdom on earth. It's intensity can be mitigated. Reparation must be made for the horrendous crimes of your age. Reparation must be made so that channels of grace can be opened to the souls of sinners who would other wise be lost.

Hear the cry of the two hearts united in their sorrow for humanity. Feel the pain of the two hearts entangled in the crown of cruel thorns made ;up of the sins of fallen humanity. Join these two hearts at the edge of Eternity, where Heaven meets earth, by spending time before your fountain of hope for the world - the Living Presence of your Saving God!

My little heart, why do you doubt? Hive I not made it clear enough in scripture that those who are committed to the Truth shall hear My Voice? Have courage and be confident. Even though it appears that the world and am coming back through the ;victorious Immaculate Heart of Mary, to reclaim what is mine - for the Glory of the Father.

07-13-94 Wednesday Cenacle I come to you tonight with gratitude for you generousity of spirit

I pictured Our Lady in a much different way - like a peasant woman, dressed in very poor, dark clothing. (She explains later why she came to us that way.)

"Praised by Jesus Christ, true God and true man, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. I come to you tonight with gratitude for ;your generosity of spirit and for fulfilling your duties in your state in life with love. But, my children, you are still concerned about many things - you have many concerns in your hearts.

I call you tonight to an interior silence, an interior peace, an interior calm to sustain you when the events predicted begin to unfold. :You will begin to see all these events unfold; therefore, it is important for you to keep this interior calm. If you live alone during the unfolding both cosmic and interior trials - DO NOT BE AFRAID! God will send you ministering spirits in ;your hour of loneliness and trial. Do not be running about seeking human consolation. In those hours, be preoccupied with only one thing - prayer for the salvation the lost. There will be no human consolation; rather, God will be with you. Remain calm and filled with interior peace. Again I tell you, that in those frightful hours, God will send you what you need; but your test will be to maintain an interior peace and remain calm. If you find yourselves alone during these painful hours, unite your loneliness to Jesus loneliness in Gethsemane and realize, in this union, that you have found the ladder from earth to heaven.

For those of ;you who have families, ;you have a great responsibility, especially for the days that are coming. I am calling you to be what I have been to you - a nurturer, a guide and a protector. This is what ;you are to be for your families. When confusion and fear overwhelm those around you, I am calling you to have interior peace, interior calm.

I have come to you dressed in this way to symbolize that we have entered the hour of the passion. When Jesus public days were over and His words were silenced, He entered into His passion and an interior and exterior silence. Even though His words were silenced, the teaching was even more profound. We are in this phase in the plan of salvation - the final phase of salvation. We are in the reenactment of Christ's passion through His Church, His Body on earth. So, My children, this is a time for silence. It is a time to stand with me beneath the Cross of the whole world with silence in your hearts. It is a time to reflect and to assimilate all that I have given you. It is a time for interior silence, a time to reflect on Jesus' silence before Pilate. We are to imitate Jesus in His silent acceptance of the Father's Will.

My Cenacle, I do not mean that you should not speak! Rather, now your actions will be more weightier than your words. I realize, as your Mother, that you are so concerned with many things regarding your earthly existence. I remind you that I lived with all these concerns also. But through it all, I had the grace to maintain an interior peace. My children, with trust, this shall come to you little by little. Pray for trust. It will be imperceivable at first, abut continue to pray for trust through your daily trials and struggles.

My Cenacle, cling to the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation like an infant clings to the breast of its mother. These sacraments are your nourishment, the way that will see you through the days to come.

I am with you in your silence. Remain vigilant.

07-20-94 Wednesday Cenacle There are only a few who respond to the way of holiness.

My Beloved Cenacle of the Eucharist,

Holy, holy, holy is your God! He is the Eternal Word, the Lamb who was slain and the Risen Lord who dwells with you in the Eucharist. He is the same God who desires intimacy with His children who are the fruits of His Love. He has called you to everlasting joy through your Mother. He desires your holiness.

There are only a few who respond to the way of holiness. I am calling many to live the way of holy Love, but few are listening. Those who hear my call often turn away when it becomes clear that the reward they seek lies in Eternity, not in this world. It is obtained through servitude of love.

My cenacle, hasten your steps on this way of service, the path of Love. The world awaits a shattering blow from the rod of God's Justice. Even now, many around the world are united with Jesus in His bloody Passion, crushing loneliness and cruel mockeries! Stand with me, my cenacle, in silent horror and anguish as so many are being sifted like wheat in the grinding mill of tribulation. Many, even in your country will fall under the immense weight and pain of the cross. Many will cry out from beneath their ruin, "Who can help us now? From where shall come our help?"

My army, having been formed by me and protected under my mantle shall rise like the sun spreading an immense Light in the darkness. You, my cenacle, shall fly to the aid of your fallen brothers and sisters who did not hear or chose not to listen to my call as it resounded around the world.

Having washed the feet of the sinners with the sweet oil of sacrifice and fasting, my army shall hear the cries of the poor! Having hewn the path of prayer, my cenacles will lead those who have been laid low. Having tasted, themselves, the goodness of

god's peace in their hearts, they shall now reconcile the world to God. The wolves shall one day lie down with the lambs.

Today, my cenacle, I beg you to persevere on this road to holiness. Feed on your daily Bread - the Eucharist. For in these days of the great trial, your task is essential. It is in your hands that I entrust the keys to the gate of the triumphant victory of My Immaculate Heart. Reject all that would deter you on this path to holiness. Persevere in prayer and the living of my messages and stand with me at the foot of the cross of the entire world - silently contemplating the pain of the present agony, the awe of the coming victory, the glory of God revealed in the new era that has been promised.

07-27-94 Wednesday Cenacle I come to you in the name of god blessing you with his peace.

I saw a vision of the globe spinning erratically in the dark abyss of space. The only word I heard was: CHANGE.

Then Our Lady spoke: "I come to you in the name of God blessing you with His peace. Not as the world understands peace, but as God understands it. My children, look upon your world! There is no peace to be found! do you think God's promises are untrue? Do you think my message of peace is a lie? I tell you that you do not understand God's peace any more than those who walked and talked with Jesus understood it! Even those closest to Him misunderstood His intent. They thought He came to deliver them from their political woes. They could not understand the deeper meaning of freedom - freedom of the spirit! Today, it is the same. Many of my children think that the Peace I offer them will bring tranquility and prosperity to their physical lives. No, my beloved, peace must begin within. There must be soul peace before there can be peace anywhere else!

I have come to offer individuals God's peace. But my people are not in peace! They carry weights upon themselves that God does not expect them to carry. They are preoccupied by many things. Only one thing does God ask of souls - their will in exchange for His. Souls, even pious souls, offer Him everything else except the one thing He wants - the human will! Consequently, my children find no peace!

I have come to offer God's peace to families but there is no peace in most families today! Because they do not pray together. Everything they do is a struggle. They must use all of their strength to pay their bills, to maintain harmony, to keep the ship of their family afloat. They swim against the current without prayer. They do not believe that their family would be as a ship floating easily downstream with prayer and surrender to God.

I have come to offer God's peace to the nations. But nations live by the sword. Even your own country lives by the sword of abortion. Their laws promulgate the lifting of the floodgates of death. My cenacle, every drop of innocent blood spilt upon your soil is being stored in a heavenly flask and will be placed upon the judgement scale for these United States.

My little ones, my messages offering peace have been largely misunderstood; consequently, there is no peace to be found. But you, my cenacle, whom I have called my cenacle of the Eucharist, have understood that Jesus is your peace! You have recognized His true presence in the most Blessed Sacrament. You have responded to His call to come to Him there! I beg you to be His witnesses to your faith in His true presence because your world is spinning out of control in the dark abyss of sin. Life on your planet will change in an instant. Life as you know it will be no more. The peace that I have come to offer is meant to prepare you for this transformation. Change your hearts, my cenacle, and come to God's Peace!

08-03-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE I wish to renew in your hearts the efficaciousness of the Eucharist and fasting

(As we were praying I saw a mental vision of many bodies sprawled out on a field much like the image of the Rwandan people who are suffering and whose bodies are lying all over the fields. But the bodies that I saw were Americans. The second image I saw was the two hearts of Jesus and Mary interconnected with drops of blood falling from both of them. I asked Our Lady why she is not giving the message earlier as before and she responded that she comes to us and delivers her message on the spot, in the present moment to remind us that she is with us, praying with us. She is pleading for us, for our families, for all of our petitions. She is pleading at the foot of the cross of her Son. She is praying for our world as we are praying. We are united with Her as she is with us. She comes in this way to remind us of that.)

My dear cenacle, I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. I bless you with the sign of the cross, the sign of your salvation. Many people around the world are now feeling its weight - being crushed under its weight. I come to offer you, indeed to appeal to my faithful cenacles, especially in these United States, to accept two gifts from my hands. I wish to renew in your hearts the efficaciousness of the Eucharist and fasting. Accept, my cenacles, the gifts of fasting and the gift of the Eucharist with renewed fervor.

My children, fasting is a gift. You have forgotten that it is a gift. Your country is on the brink of feeling the sting, the scourge of the rod of Justice. These United States will experience the heavy rod of the Father's Justice. Your land of plenty has become a land of excess. Indeed your land has passed from excess to the next degree! My cenacle there is a degree beyond excess, the fruits of which you are reaping right now - iniquity! The fruits of this iniquity are total disregard for the sanctity of marriage and family life, murderous living, riotous living, sanctity of life. These are the fruits of the next degree beyond excess; that of iniquity! You are experiencing the slaughter of the innocents. What has been sown is now being reaped.

My children, do you not know that there are hideous demons that can only be released, or expelled from your midst through fasting? My beloved, you do not fast! I do not come among you to admonish you - you are the delight of my heart - you have been my faithful cenacle. I simply point out that you do not fast because you adhere to habit, you adhere to passions. It is very difficult, my children, to break away from your habits and follow the way to holiness. You must use your will. Be strong of will as you attempt to fast. This will be the means by which some demons lurking around and ready to attach themselves to souls can be expelled. Look upon the faces of my children around the world who are suffering! Do not think that this suffering cannot befall your United States! Begin to fast!

Go to your homes. Turn on the faucet - pure water flows forth. But there are many in the world with parched lips and parched throats who have no pure water. Yet, you grumble and complain. You are still so attached to your excesses. You do not know how to discipline yourselves! Look upon my suffering children in other parts of the world! Has it not been predicted that many nations will be annihilated? Is this not happening through wars, diseases? Fast, my beloved!

I call you my cenacle of the Eucharist because you receive Jesus in the Eucharist every day. You have the Bread of Life within you. I call you to accept the gift of the Eucharist by receiving Jesus every day. Become the Bread of Life for those in your midst who do not understand the signs of the times. Be witnesses. Be the bread of life for those who are suffering by your prayers. Unite yourselves with the suffering.

Appreciate these two gifts that I have come to renew in your hearts. I am with you.

08-17-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE What pain I must endure to see so many doors slam in His Sacred, wounded Face

My Cenacle of the Eucharist,

Let us bring praise, adoration, reverence before the most profaned, neglected Body and Blood of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. What joy you bring your Mother because so many of you have made of your poor hearts a stable in which He finds His repose!

Many are the hearts, who like the inns of Bethlehem have no room for Him. Hearts that are cluttered with idolatry. Hearts too full with worry, anger, resentment. Do these hearts not know that they refuse entrance to their King of Kings, Lord of Lords - the Creator of hearts?

O, my cenacle - what consolation you give me when you accept and welcome My Son! What pain I must endure to see so many doors slam in His Sacred, wounded Face!

My children, I beg of you to make reparation for the indignities committed by so many souls against the Body of my Son. The reparation I request of you are acts of charity. Receive His fragile Body as though you were receiving into your arms the Babe of Bethlehem. Receive Him with the tenderest affection placing him most affectionately in the stable of your hearts. This act of charity toward the Body of Christ is most efficacious in the eyes of the Father from which the Son proceeds.

My dear ones, I call you to acts of charity toward those in your families. Respond to anger, impatience and misunderstanding with love, patience and much understanding. There is such spiritual poverty in families today!

I call you to acts of charity with one another. Treat one another with kindness, attentiveness. Pull together. Be unified. Respond to your enemies - God's enemies - with love, peace and patience.

O, my beloved - how I wish I could draw you together and take you with me to Heaven! But God has ordained that you partake of His cup of suffering - remaining in the world - as the bitter purification unfolds. You must be made strong through the Body and Blood of Jesus. You must be made strong in love through the Blessed Sacrament.

Fear not, my children! Your mission is great. Your suffering great. But greater still is the height and the glory to which you are ascending. The power of Love, the Blessed Sacrament, is with you, as is your Mother who is with you now and who shall manifest Herself to you in greater degrees as God's Perfect Will ordains.

09-07-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Remain united to the Eucharist in body, mind and heart

I envisioned Our Lady in bright white and gold glowing. It seemed as though a shower of red roses were falling on her as we prayed.

I asked her if she wanted the cenacle to change to Thursday nights. I was sad because this was my last night. She seemed to smile and said no that she had called this cenacle of the Eucharist to make holy this day of the week. She gave me a personal message about my own prayer life. She asked the Cenacle to remain united to the Eucharist in body, mind and heart - in body, by receiving Jesus every day; in mind, by always being mindful of His presence in the Blessed Sacrament; in heart, by loving nothing more than Jesus in the Eucharist.

As we prayed, the roses falling on her seemed to make up her mantle. She said:

"My cenacle, There is much joy in heaven on my birthday. My birthday set in motion, God's Plan of salvation. But let us go back - My mother's 'yes' to life set God's plan in motion! My mother embraced the gift of life with a full heart. She loved me with God's self-less love. By giving me to the service of God, my life bears fruit into eternity. If her love was possessive, my life would only have borne fruit for the duration of an earthly lifetime.

O, my cenacle, the birthdays that have been interrupted due to selfishness! How many prophets voices have been silenced! How many lights extinguished! O, the channels of grace that can never flow into humanity because of so many interrupted birthdays!

My cenacle, be concerned - not for the life of the church - for Jesus Christ is the Church. His very life lives on in the church as a living, breathing organism. The gates of hell shall not stand against it. But be concerned for the human agents who have brought error into the church. Be concerned for my beloved sons who have turned their backs on the gospel of Jesus to preach their own gospels. My cenacle, lay a wreath of prayer upon the grave apostasy that has infiltrated the Church. The fragrance of its' perfume and the sweetness of its oil will penetrate the hardened ground of error.

Be concerned, my cenacle, for the children - not because they have become rebellious; so much as for those whose spirits are being killed - by neglectful parents, by abusive adults who commit every heinous crime against the children. Lay a wreath of prayer upon their graves. The fragrance of its perfume and the sweetness of its oil will penetrate the hardened ground of abuse and neglect.

Be concerned for your world - not because floods, quacks and the like threaten to destroy it; but because it fails to return God's glory. The earth once reflected God's glory and was bathed in light. Now, it lies in darkness. Lay a wreath of prayer upon its grave so that the fragrance of its perfume and the sweetness of its oil will penetrate the hardened ground of sin.

Be not afraid of the transformation to come. Be filled with trust - a trust based not upon human emotions; but a trust emanating from my reign in your hearts as its Queen.

I am with you. Pray, my children - and - trust!

09-14-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE A mental vision

Mental Vision: I was in a very large body of water, most likely an ocean. The waves were very tumultuous. There was a storm upon this sea and I was in it. My head was bobbing up and down going under the water then coming back up. I was very much afraid that I was drowning. The experience was so real to me that I could actually feel the sensation of water filling up my ears. Suddenly, Our Lady appeared over the sea. Her image was not very distinct. She appeared more like a silhouette - I could not see her face. But I could see very clearly her hand outstretched over the sea holding the rosary over me as I bobbed up and down. The Rosary she was holding was luminous. It seemed as though it was energized - so much so, that it became almost a living thing. Our Lady wanted me to reach out for it and when I did, it energized me and had the power to pull me out of the troubled waters. Suddenly I was again in the safety of Our Lady's mantle. The only 'words' I heard were, "My daughter, have recourse to prayer. You have forgotten that God has dispatched many ministering angels to the earth today with packages for you." Then I saw many little angels in the Church. They had gifts from God to us. The Holy Spirit gave me the knowledge that these gifts were actually the circumstances of our lives that help us to grow. Our Lady said, "My daughter, you have forgotten that God wants your sanctification, and these gifts are the means by which you grow in a particular virtue that is needed." Each and every one of us was given a gift by an angel that night. Whatever virtue was needed was to gift given. It will become evident as circumstances unfold in our lives. For example, if patience is needed, then the gift of the angel was the opportunity to practice it. If prudence was needed, then the gift from the ministering angel was the opportunity to practice it. Our Lady asked us to have recourse to prayer to be able to understand and accept the gift God has given us tonight. Prayer is needed for us to truly understand what we need to grow in holiness, accept it with docility and peace. We must look upon all the circumstances of our lives as gifts from God rather than trials. We must try to always be aware that God wants our sanctification - our sanctification speedily - in these times. She asked us to think of this cenacle as a safe refuge where Our Lady is waiting always to pluck us out of the tumultuous waters and bring us to peaceful, tranquil waters. She asks us to understand the depth of peace that she is offering us through prayer in this cenacle.


Vision: I saw three scenes that indicate how many souls are living in spiritual darkness. The first was a scene of a super highway. There were many roads crossing one another, going over and under - many lanes of traffic. All vehicles were traveling very fast. Soon, several vehicles were crashing and pulling off the road because they were unsure of where they were going. Only the vehicles that had precise directions were able to maintain the speed necessary and the many sweeps that the highway took.

The second scene took place on a beach. It appeared that a beautiful city was erected on the shoreline. All the homes looked beautiful and solid and very large. But when the tide came in, most of the homes were washed away in a moments' time. The foundations of these structures were built on sand. Almost nothing remained standing. All ended up as a pile of rubble.

The third scene was an image of a large city at night. I was viewing this city from the air so that I could see a very large area. Most of the homes were in darkness. There were a few homes interspersed throughout the city that had lights on. Over those few homes was posted an angel. (These angels represented the lights of truth.) Then I saw a large table around which were all of us from the Cenacle. Our Lady was there. At the head of the table was an immense Light. It was not the Person Of Christ; rather, the light represented the Blessed Trinity. This thanksgiving table was unlike the ones that we are familiar with. It was not food, but heavenly food (graces) we were feasting on.

Our Lady spoke: "You are my children of Light. As your voices raise in thanksgiving, thank the Giver of Light for the gift of illumination. Many will not think of God tomorrow as they gather around their banquet table - as though God is not the source of their bounty!

My children, thank Him for everything. Praise Him for His greatness. I make a request from you - that you make a sacrifice, tomorrow, for those who are hungry - spiritually, physically and also for those suffering souls who have not yet entered into the heavenly banquet. Make a sacrifice for these intentions, My Cenacle. However small, if from your hearts, shall gain infinite treasure. I have shown you the state of your world. How many live in the darkness of sin and apathy! Pray for them, my cenacle, as God graces your tables tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day. I shall come in the light of the Holy Cross as a reminder that this is the great sign of your times.

10-05-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE You are living out a spiritual immolation as we prepare together to meet the Lord

My Dear Cenacle,

My little children, you are my little children because you have responded to my call to humble yourselves by way of living my messages of conversion. on the great and awesome day which will mark the end of this age of iniquity. In preparation, God has allowed My Immaculate Heart to open wide for the whole of humanity. O, My faithful, how many there are who have not entered through this sure way to God! Many more there are who have begun along my way of conversion but turn away sad for many are their possessions. Unwilling to let go of appetites, emotional baggage and worldly attachments, many are faltering and turning a deaf ear to my voice and returning to the lures of the world with its' false securities. Like a mother who opens her home for the holidays to all of her children and children's children, I have opened my heart to all. Like a mother who has prepared a delectable feast for her beloved to nourish their bodies, I have prepared a feast of graces to nourish and preserve your soul unto God for whom it was created. My children, do you not yet know that this is the hour of Satan - the hour of darkness for the whole Church? Have you forgotten that this is the hour of your purification - the hour of your suffering? My little ones, My Motherly love beckons you to come into the safe refuge of my heart. From all eternity you have been called to hearken to my voice and follow along the path I am leading you. The Father has called you, one by one, to live this hour of the Passion. Your Mother, too, has chosen and prepared you to lead an army of souls into battle and unto victory. I remain with you now to keep the glow of faith alive in your lives, to keep hope aflame in your hearts and to keep you motivated in love so that all my intentions may be realized through your response to the graces I am sending you. My Cenacle, I remain with you always to pick you up when you stumble. I remain with you to nudge you when you slow down. I remain with you to strengthen you when the blows of battle beat you down. You shall see me in splendor on the day of Victory - that triumphant Victory of hearts! Live then in holy hope and without fear even in the midst of the agonies of the present hour. I am real! - truly your Mother! The day of your visitation - face to face - heart to heart - is not far off.

11-16-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE Now is the time to particularly avoid unnecessary worry and concern over future events

My Beloved Daughter,

Be my voice, be my maternal compassion and bring my gentle admonition to my cenacle. My Beloved messenger, Be my heart for the children of my cenacle who I am forming in the image of the very Heart of God.


My Cenacle, now is the time to particularly avoid unnecessary worry and concern over future events - what you will eat, what you will wear, where you will live. Your Mother is with you! You are my little children! Do your little ones worry about such things? No! They trust their parents. The parents do not betray their trust. But even if they do, your heavenly Mother shall never betray you. That is why I continually remind you to live out your consecration. When you are living my messages, when you bring them to life in your very own flesh, you actually live, not in the world - whose master is Satan. Rather, you live in the refuge of my Immaculate Heart.

Your Mother comes this evening with a specific purpose. I am calling you to prepare ever more deeply for the hour of the great enlightenment. In that hour, many will suffer great internal agonies. The fires of God's Justice shall burn deeply those who have allowed themselves to be enslaved to sin, those whose conscience sleep in the bed of Lucifer. My Beloved souls, these purging fires are God's final gasp of Mercy upon your world before the coming of His Kingdom. But conversion will still be possible right up to the end. That is why you must never tire of fighting the good fight with your Mother. My little ones, I urge you to pray, pray, pray for the grace of TRUE repentance for your sins. This grace will come to you. It will come upon your soul like a warm breeze thawing the walls of hardness still standing around your heart. Prepare, then, my dear ones, to make a general confession of your whole life. Experience the freedom of a child of God whose chains of slavery to Satan have been broken. Wait with joy for the coming of God's Kingdom on earth.

My children, you are God's kingdom on earth when united in Cenacle and freed from the shackles of sin. Listen to your Mother! I am among you to see you through what lies ahead. You are obliged only to take care of your hearts, live my messages in this present moment. I shall go before you. It is only for you to follow and obey. I love you and all my children.


My Beloved Cenacle of Our Eucharistic Lord,

My Cenacles are the delight of my Heart and the means through which will come the Age of the Spirit, the Second Pentecost! Blessed be the Holy Spirit - the Great Wisdom-Bearer! You shall be filled with Wisdom! Blessed be the Holy Spirit - the Love Bearer of God - for you shall be filled with Love. Blessed be the Holy Spirit - the Great Comforter - You shall be comforted, my beloved! You bring great joy to my heart by way of enthroning my Queenship and the Kingship of Jesus here in this home. By this act of faith, you have hallowed this ground upon which demons will fear to tread.

My dear children, when you pray from your heart, when you give flesh to my messages, when you live your consecration, especially with great trust, you live not in the pit of this world, but in the palace of my Immaculate Heart. Yes, my beloved sons and daughters of royalty, I am your Mother, your guide, your Queen. It is here that I lead you, by way of the light of my messenger. It is here you may gather to pray during the days when my Son's Eucharistic Presence in His Churches become the prey of the enemy.

My Beloved Cenacle, days are coming when the unimaginable shall become reality. Be at peace as I shall remain with you leading you to safety. I have raised up and formed the heart of a Prince among my latter day apostles, My beloved son, Paul. He shall counsel, comfort and heal in the Precious Name of Jesus, all those who seek after him, especially in trials to come. He shall nourish you with the Body of My Son in the ominous days of the great sacrilege. Pray that the hour of the great sacrilege be shortened. Pray and trust - remember you are sons and daughters of a Heavenly Queen, who loves you tenderly. With great delight, do I and My Son take up residence in this home in a most efficacious manner, and in these hearts as King and Queen, whose reign is endless.

12-21-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE I am the Mother of Christmas!

(My Daughter, Peace, I bring to you - the peace of that Holy Night in Bethlehem. Lift up your spirit to the Lord who came to free all mankind from the slavery of Satan. My daughter, be at peace - for this same God who condescended to take the form of a slave, live among men in the dwelling of a human body, also condescends to speak to you who possess no great esteem except for what God has given you. You are nothing, my daughter and He is everything; but He chooses to make of you a pillar of light so that many may be enlightened with His Love, His Mercy and His Justice. In His light, speak to My Cenacle.)

My Beloved Cenacle of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, I invite you to Christmas! Your Mother beckons you to come to Bethlehem and gaze upon His poor crib, His blanket of straw. Gaze upon the God-Man, made poor and lowly - that you might approach with confidence.

Each of you is loved by Me in a unique, individual manner. You are all the children of My Heart whom I have called and whom I am forming into a perfect image of the Christ-Child. I invite each one of you to come through the silence of your own prayer. Each one come with your special gift of self to offer to Jesus. Each one, come, in the silence of prayer during these next few days - bringing Him your gift.

He loves you so, personally, each one of you - for what you are. He wants you to know that as you prepare to re-live the Birth of God's Son in Bethlehem, His gift to the world that First Holy Night, is eternal. The gift to each of you lives on and on. I invite you to pursue God's gift of His Son through prayer. I invite you to celebrate what the First Christmas means in your life. Allow the light that I am spreading throughout the world to guide you to the New Bethlehem, My Immaculate Heart, where all my cenacles await the second coming of Jesus with renewed strength and much joy amidst the jubilation of all the angels and saints.

So, my dear ones, in preparation to receive Him - your King of Glory - bring to Him your unique gift and accept His gift to you - a portion of His Blessing Cup - the Cross - the Eternal sign of your salvation and the means through which you will share in His Glory on the Day of His Coming.

I am the Mother of Christmas! I invite you to come with Me, reliving the old in anticipation of celebrating the New Christmas - where I am leading you.

12-28-94 WEDNESDAY CENACLE A new year dawns upon the horizon of history

My Beloved Cenacle of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus,

Praised Be the Mighty God who has looked with pity upon a world darkened with sin and error. His pitiful gaze promulgated the condescendance of His only Son into the realm of time. Blessed be the Son of God whose poverty in the stable of Bethlehem bore the richest fruit for mankind. Blessed be the Holy Spirit whose love endures forever - the sweetness of which you have all tasted.

Gather, my cenacle, with me around the Babe whose treasure chest is always open to you, His favored little ones. Gather in prayer with me your Mother and remain recollected as we herald a New Year.

I come this evening in the shadow of the Cross that now looms loftier, casting an even greater shadow upon the land. The new year will be one of many changes, many colors such as has never been before. This year ends the last chapter of the history of the false peace that has lulled many into a deep sleep. A new year dawns upon the horizon of history - a year of sorrow. Many will be shaken from their sleep.

- A year of agony - such as befell my Son as He knelt drenched in sweat and blood, immersed in the agonies that would befall Him and consequently - all of humankind.

- A year of scourges - resembling those inflicted upon the innocent flesh of the Lamb of God, shall also be worn by nations torn by strife and hatred.

- A year of humiliations, such as was endured by My Son as He was mocked and spat upon - shall befall the Church, the Bride of My Son, to an even greater degree.

The year of the Cross looms upon the horizon of time, casting its' elongated shadow upon a land wallowing in the deepest apathy and malice of every sort.

Now is the year for my cenacles to blossom into a living spring of new life, especially for those souls who are now dead to the God-life within. I am calling my cenacles to resuscitate fallen humanity with the fresh air of virtue - the fruit of having lived your consecrations in the recesses of My Immaculate Heart. I am calling my cenacles to complete sacrifice - such as was exemplified by My Son from the stable to the Cross. I am calling my cenacles to total surrender to the Will of God - which is prayer - bred from love; acceptance bred from trust. And, yes, I am calling my cenacles to complete trust, irregardless of all that unfolds around you.

I, your tender, most compassionate Mother am with you. I did not nurture you so long only for you to cower with every contraction that the world undergoes. I raised you up to be courageous warriors for these end times. Will you give up and crumble now that the times foretold are upon you?

I have poured out among you torrents of light and love. Will you take these graces - wasting none - and march on with Me, your Mother and your Queen - to victory?

Now is the year of resolution - absolute resolution - no turning back. I await your resounding and reaffirming YES. Will you reply, as I did, "Be it done unto me according to your Will"?