A Call To Holiness

Messages from July through December 1996

July 1996 Messages to Lena Shipley

07-10-96 WEDNESDAY CENACLE It is good that I am here in a special way through this shrine

My Beloved Daughter,

It is good that I am here in a special way through this shrine that I have desired and with which I am so pleased. I am always with you, My beloved mouthpiece. But, I especially desire to be a visible presence in your life so that you can be that visible presence of love and mercy to those whom you are sent. So it is that this little shrine proceeds from the salvific plan of God and will be for you a garden of peace and renewal - a hovel of prayer where the Heart and Mind of God reach out to touch you, fortifying you for your mission.

Speak to My Cenacle of peace and bring to them the certitude of My Maternal presence among them in this war of the ages.

My Beloved Cenacle, Praised be to the Most Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit as we wait together in joyful hope for the coming of our King of Glory before whom every nation on earth shall bow and glorify.

My Cenacle, from your sentinels of prayer, you watch and pray with Me, your guiding star. You see, from your watchtowers, that peace in the world is under seige. Peace in homes, peace in communities, neighborhoods and countries - all dried up fountains now - peace, a thirst, today, unquenched.

You have seen that your world can no longer satisfy the hearts that were made for God alone. It has no permanent answers to your present trials and tribulations. Your world cannot bring you peace in the face of a rebellious nature whose unruly elements lash and scourge the earth. The world and its' powers cannot offer peace as wars annihilate large numbers of people and tragedies claim the lives of the innocents in a matter of seconds sending shock waves around the globe. The hearts that were made for God alone are, today, with all your technology, restless and can find no lasting peace.

My beloved, your maladies are the result of man's rebellion against the one, true God. Mankind will find no peace apart from God just as surely as Adam and Eve could not restore themselves to their original beauty before their fall.

I am among you to light your way to peace and restoration with your God. I am here to lead you to the true peace that the world cannot give even in the midst of the current trials through which you are living. I come as the whole world's Queen of Peace as a sign of contradiction in the face of the global chaos in which you now find yourselves - a chaos that is reaching it's crescendo in these last hours before My Triumph.

I come to you, My cohort, as a Sign of Hope as you proceed through the battle of the ages, a battle for souls such as has not been since the battle before time began.

My dear ones, I have created for each one of you a little haven of peace, a place of shelter here within My Immaculate Heart - a Heart created for you and formed as a refuge especially for these end times. The path that leads to peace opens for you and is now being traveled by you as you live out your consecrations, in prayer and sacrifice.

Be astute, My cenacle, not to leave this pathway to Heavenly peace and Divine Love. For the enemy, like a roaring lion, waits on the periphery - seeking to devour you especially now as time winds down. I leave you in the holy light of peace.

07-24-96 WEDNESDAY CENACLE I am here with you so that you might see the Face of Mercy in these times of tribulation

My Dear Cenacle,

Praised be Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, for the wondrous things God has done for you! God has done marvelous deeds among you. He has taken your stony hearts and fashioned them for Himself. God's favor rests upon you. I am here among you to claim for Him those whom God has chosen. Praised be God, the Blessed Trinity, for He has looked with kindness on His lowly ones and His Mercy will endure forever.

Rest assured, My Cenacle, that I am here with you so that you might see the Face of Mercy in these times of tribulation. I come to implore you again and again. Do not become impatient or complacent as you wait for the fulfillment of My prophecies. Use these moments of grace to prepare yourselves and the whole world for the hour of the great and terrible test.

The world is about to pass through a test such as it has never before endured nor ever will again. A test such as could never enter your imaginations - a test you could never hope to pass on your own power.

My beloved, God must to glorified in and through His creation! All creation must glorify the Almighty! It cannot give Glory to it's Creator in it's present condition. The world has become enmeshed in sin and cannot break loose of it's own accord. God will shake loose the world from its' snare. All creatures must decide for God!

You, My little ones, have decided for God. You have given your little hearts to Me, your Mother, for safe keeping. God now desires you to be living tabernacles who house His presence in the world. You must be lampposts of truth - vessels of every virtue, pillars of faith in these dark and dangerous times.

Follow Me, your true guide, into the battlefields of your homes as living tabernacles of His peace and His Love. Bring peace, My little ones, where there is now anxiety and discord. Follow Me into the battlefields of your workplaces and communities. Be living tabernacles of His purity, honesty and integrity. Follow Me into the battlefields of your Churches as living tabernacles who house the Truth and the Faith as Jesus handed it down to the first apostles.

Be courageous, My little tabernacles, as all will surely come crumbling down around you. God will loosen the bonds of sin, a supreme test you must all endure.

Satan desires to sift you and all My cohort like wheat; but I have prayed for you at the foot of My Son's Cross - a prayer from the Heart of your Mother - which God cannot refuse. Remain securely in this Heart so full of love for you, as the rain of God's Justice falls upon the earth. You shall remain safe within the ark of My Heart and thus behold the day of glory, the sun of victory as it arises upon a new and glorious day.

07-31-96 WEDNESDAY CENACLE I am here to awaken you to these special times in which you are living

My Dear Cenacle,

Praised be our Blessed Redeemer, who, through His Holy Cross, has re-opened Heaven to all.

My little ones, I am here to awaken you to these special times in which you are living. The Heaven's reverberate with joy because God has willed to save His creatures from the enemy and to what great measures He now takes to save you in this special time of grace!

The angels and saints know what great glory God's remnant will bring to Him; and, if they could envy you, they surely would! For they know well the special time which is upon you.

Your Mother is here to awaken you to the treasury of graces reserved for you in these special times. The lance has opened for the world a holocaust of graces pouring forth from the Heart of My Son. His saving Blood and water have poured forth upon humanity for nearly 2000 years. The richest, sweetest and most potent have been reserved for these special, end times.

O, My children, I have come to awaken you to the specialness of these times. You have been called - each by name - to partake in the great plan of God's final and most decisive victory over the age-old enemy. You do not yet see the greatness of these times nor do you see the nearness of the events that will culminate in the victorious triumph of My Heart to which you have all been chained by My Rosary. You have not yet grasped the importance of the role you each play in My victory.

I am with you to keep you awake and responsive to the signs of these special times of grace in which you are participating.

My Cenacle, lean not on your own understanding. Rely not on your own strength. For surely I tell you - you cannot fathom the depth of God's wisdom nor the scope of His ways. He has chosen you to hold your post in these special times of warfare. He has chosen not the strong of this world, rather the weak to manifest His greatness. His greatness shall be made known in the world through you.

Pray to know your role in these special times. Pray to understand your littleness, yet, through your littleness, your distinct significance in God's Plan. Pray to remain docile, peaceful and trusting of your Infinite God's Love for you. Pray to remain attentive to My voice in your midst. The enemy wishes to deafen My words by sowing seeds of doubt. He wishes to obscure the signs all around you. He wishes to close your hearts to the truths of these special times and graces.

In these times, the doors have been opened for you. In these times, My voice beckons you to enter through them. I am with you while they remain open. But, O, My beloved, they shall soon close and all who have not entered must then reckon with Divine Justice. These times have been placed into your hands, My cohort, to draw all men through the open doors of Mercy. They are soon to close, My little ones. Remain, as always, prayerful and responsive to these, your special times of grace.

August 1996 Messages to Lena Shipley





My little daughter, Speak to My cenacle of the conclusive hour of our days together. Do not be so afraid of deception, My little heart, for, although it is wise to remain prudent and cautious, I have protected you more than you know. I am with you bearing you upon angelic protection as you carry out with Me, your tender Mother, God's design. Speak with confidence. You are My voice calling out in the wilderness of evil.

My cenacle, You are beginning to see, sprouting everywhere, the fruits of Satan. You are beginning to see the fruition of the seeds of hatred - full blown - sown by the enemy. Violence - genocide, infanticide, suicide, homicide - reign throughout especially large, godless cities. Terrorism is quickly approaching it's peak in the world.

You are witnessing the fruition of the seed of error, confusion - a general apostasy and exodus from Faith in the Truth who is Jesus Christ. Unmasked before you is the fruit from the seeds of materialism, liberalism, rationalism - all have created the monster of atheism and a host of sterile idols. Evil has instilled it's venom into hearts - the fruit sprouting forth from these hearts have become poisonous.

Youth is lost in a sea of indifference because many families are irreligious, without moral fiber. O, My poor children who have no-one to teach them!

You have arrived at the hour of sacrifice - the world's Calvary. You, My little ones, will be the object of the devil's greatest wrath. How blessed are My cenacles throughout the world. They have been chosen to receive the greatest grace of sacrificial, holy love! You are to be beacons of the Truth; and, bearing the light of Truth, you shall also be beacons of hope to a sinking, hopeless world.

I am here to guide you through the hour of your witness. It is the hour of your witness amidst the final and bloody martyrdom of Christ's church. It is the hour of your witness to the Truth of the God-Man amidst the throes of lies from the man of iniquity. It is the hour of your witness amidst unspeakable afflictions.

My dear sons and daughters of the reign of the Kingdom which is coming upon the earth, you are the forebear's of a new and glorious age. You are the chosen who shall hear the shouts of gladness with which the angels shall exalt you. You are the witnesses of Christ who shall hear Him say to the Father, "These I give you, for they, during the great persecution, have borne witness to the Truths of My Kingdom. Now I acknowledge their glory to you, Father."

Yes, My cenacle, I am with you in this hour of your witness. I lift you up unto My Son's Cross that you may be sanctified through it and thus glorified in Him - your Truth and your Eternal Destiny.

Your Mother - The Father - The Son and Holy Spirit - love you and thank you for your witness!



My little daughter, Deliver to my cenacle this prayer that I have inspired in you through the heart of Josefa, servant of God and repairer of His many wounds. Unite yourself to hervirtuous heart and the hearts of all victim souls - for all of these paths are alike. They lead to the wounded heart of the Savior. Indeed, all are one - united in suffering with My Son's Heart - so Sacred and so wounded. Daughter, in all of your trials, have recourse to the two hearts set before you. (Mentally, I saw the two united hearts like the ones represented at Holy Love in Ohio.) The flames from these hearts light your way and ignite your poor heart - to love of God and neighbor. Why do you trust so little? Open up your little heart in trust and speak to My Cenacle.

My dearest cenacle, I call you dearest because you are one of my littlest cenacles - poor and little of spirit - who walk the path of conversion.

My littlest ones, how it wounds the Heart of God when you attempt to work alone - forgetting even for a moment that it is God who accomplishes everything in and through you. Can any of you create a blade of grass? Little successes come about not solely through your efforts; but, because of God's goodness. God uses His little soldiers on earth not because He must, but because He desires His beloved creatures to partake of His immense goodness and become co-sharers of His bountiful goodness.

You are My littlest cenacle because you rely on the goodness of God to accomplish the task God has entrusted to you.

I am the goodness of God enfleshed. I bring to you the Merciful Heart of God when I offer you the refuge of My Immaculate Heart.

I am the Mercy of God enfleshed. I bring you His Mercy as I lay before you in my messages the final stage in His plan of salvation. I open for you the floodgates of His Mercy when I pour out among you so many graces that have blossomed into many young buds of virtue.

I am the Love of God enfleshed. My maternal love and care for you is a reflection of the Heart of God. His love for you knows no bounds. From His Heart, many flames shoot out upon the world to set it ablaze as never before.

You, My littlest cenacle, are one of the flames of God's Love. You are a creation of love emanating from the Heart of God. You are being led by Me into the desert of your dark little corner of the world.

I am here to work a prodigy of love among you. You shall taste and see the goodness of God. God sends Me to perform this prodigy for you. So shall it be, my little ones.

My littlest cenacle, a bright light dawns for you. You are My blessed ones. You, too, shall be prodigies of love for others. God shall do this for you - not because of your merit, but because of His goodness and His love for you.

Peace! Peace! Peace! I leave you in a Holy Peace.



My Beloved Cenacle, Praise God for His Word within you is like a seed which will bring forth good and abundant fruit in due season. Praise God because He has chosen you to nourish your brothers and sisters with this fruit thus becoming partakers of His magnanimous salvific plan.

I am with you in this mighty work. Indeed, I have become for you in these times of yours a great reservoir of God's grace - a channel whereby grace flows from Heaven to earth. By this means, I am building within My cenacles, a strong foundation upon which the renewed Church of Jesus shall rest.

I am building you up to be sturdy pillars of faith in a society which has come to rely on its' own technology and resources for its' sustenance. Your society has become pagan and shall receive a pagan's reward - eternal damnation - if it continues to choose its' false gods.

I am building you up to be pillars of love in a nation grown cold and indifferent. Its' continual disregard for the dignity of life, has provoked the just anger of God and shall be given over to its' repugnance.

I am building you up to be pillars of virtue in a nation swelled with pride and greed. The stench of this venom fills the land causing even nature to rebel against it.

Finally, I am raising you up as pillars of hope. You, my cenacles, shall be the light toward which many shall gravitate when all their structures have crumbled, when all false hope shall disappear as a vapor.

You, my cenacles, are the foundation upon which the renewed Church will rise from its' grave. You shall be my angels at the empty tomb announcing a new Easter.

The wounds of my Son are open and bleeding, my beloved. I call you to be the balm which soothes His wounded Heart. Be expressions of His Love in this evil age - an age that approaches its final hour.

For this reason, your Mother is among you. My dear ones, hold your plans ever so lightly as we approach together the end of this hour in time. For all shall change with the swiftness of lightening. What once was, shall be no longer. Your plans for tomorrow may not be realized as you anticipate.

Conform your will to God's Will in all your affairs. Do not be caught off guard. Pray that the hidden evil designs in your nation, which are becoming more and more unmasked will cause more souls to turn to their God for help. My Beloved cenacle, God waits for their return and shall continue to wait right up until the trumpet blast of Divine Justice. Be the luminous sign of hope for those who shall, one by one, awaken to the Truth. For you walk in light and your light shall soon overcome this present day darkness.


September 1996 Messages to Lena Shipley




Daughter, Always turn to Me here in the Sacrament of My presence. You will never go away empty. I am here - truly here with you. If you leave here still thirsty, you have come but you have not drunk. You have come as an observer, if you leave still wanting. I wish you to come, not as a casual observer, yet still hard-hearted and slow to believe. Rather, I desire you to come to Me here as a full partaker of this mystery and the many graces I offer to you and all believers who come to immerse themselves fully in My Love poured out from the Monstrance.

Tell My Cenacle, your friends and family. Tell all who have hearts to listen that I am waiting for them here in My prison of Love. You are Heaven's voice, My little heart. Tell My faithful ones who unite as one prayer, who form My Mother's Cenacle, tell them - "You who have heard the messages from Heaven, take heed of the signs of your times. You have not yet surrendered your hearts to Heaven's peace plan. My little ones, I see there is still no peace in souls - even souls consecrated to the Hearts of My Mother and Mine!"

I see many have not surrendered their wills to Mine. There is yet so much anxiety and indecision in hearts. I see many have not yet surrendered their possessions to the Divine Plan. There are still so many enslaved hearts - hearts chained to their physical obligations.

O, My beloved, My Heart aches because so many suffer needlessly! See, My little ones, every breath you take is effortlessly orchestrated according to the Divine Plan. You breath in and then let that breath out again. If you did not release your drawn breath, your lungs would explode! Why can you not live in the same Divinely orchestrated fashion? Just as you release every breath you draw, release the events of your lives back to Me. If you did, your hearts would remain light and uncluttered. Your burdens, although part of living, would be made light! Give your lives back to Me, My foolish, burdened children! I wait for you here to accept your offering and to, in My turn, transform your lives according to the manner in which they were intended - joyful and abundant - even through pain and trials.

I wish to prepare you in the manner in which I speak, to courageously march forth as my latter day apostles -unattached to this world which is quickly passing away. The winds of change are stirring up a storm such as has never before been witnessed. You, My chosen ones, who lead the ranks of My Mother's army, shall ride these winds effortlessly or be violently tossed about in the tempest of your own wills. The choice is yours! Choose My Way. Choose My Will. Choose My love - My graces freely and abundantly bestowed on you here in My Presence. Choose wisely. Choose soon. Be at Peace for My immense love will always be your sustenance.



My Little Daughter,

Hear my voice calling from the depths of my motherly heart calling to all my lost and stricken children. All my children have been stricken with the disease of sin. All fall short in God's all-knowing sight. All are in need of forgiveness.

Speak to my cenacle of my tears and most sorrowful heart as I see my little ones scattered, divided and so self- absorbed.

So many chosen souls still lament over their trials! If they could only perceive the hidden gifts destined for the souls God has chosen to be heirs of His glory! - Those souls who have been rescued by the Blood of the Lamb. If they could but perceive the immense, eternal worth of their souls, their sufferings. God has provided a way for fallen, depraved humanity to come into His glory - by way of His Cross. (Co-sharers in His Cross - co-sharers in His glory!)

My little cenacle, if you could know the worth of your crosses! You would prostrate yourselves in the dust of the earth in reverence and awe and thanksgiving for them! O, my poor children! So many cannot see; therefore, they cannot console the living God who remains ever with you in this Sacrament of His love.

But I, your Mother, have found solace for Him in the generous hearts of my cenacles. In my cenacles, human

spirits have opened to Heaven's words, Heaven's love and Heaven's mercy. In my cenacles, I have found secure, warm beds in which to lay my precious Son, Jesus. In my cenacles, for so many years I have busily planted and nurtured seeds of renewal and regeneration. From my cenacles shall emerge a renewed and glorious Church.

Accordingly, my beloved, I come with the cross, which is the only way to this glorious victory of ours. Accept it into your hearts with love and thanksgiving. You cannot grasp its' power to transform your own lives, your families, your neighborhoods and your world. Therefore, accept them with humility and assurance that you are never alone in these perilous days that wind down to victory.

In the twinkling of an eye many changes shall affect life on this planet. With these changes, shall come the gift of new and heavier crosses. My cenacle, be docile and trusting through the coming trials. God is with you here in this Sacrament until the end of the age. The heavenly hosts surround you, ministering to your many needs, and I, your heavenly ambassador, remain your ever-present and luminous guide to the New Jerusalem.



My little heart,

Come, come into My home. Find your peace - warm yourself with the fire of My love. I have so much love to give you, so much grace. But you must ask for them. I wait here for you to ask Me. I am eager to dispense so much grace upon generous souls who will receive them with love and a willingness to further My Kingdom upon earth.

I send My Mother who leads you in the use of My many gifts among you.

My Beloved Cenacle,

Praised by Jesus Christ now and forever. Blessed be His Mystical Body, the Church. Blessed be my cenacles, who will advance the Kingdom of God upon earth - preparing it for the coming of the glorious reign of Jesus.

My dear ones, a new season has arrived, a new season rich in God's grace, a new season of His Mercy, a season of Justice. Look around you and see His Hand everywhere.

I am among you to gather the fruit of God's harvest from among my cenacles. God has been generous to you, my little ones. God's grace is bearing fruit in your hearts and must be generously dispensed to those starving souls among whom you live.

I am here to gather a rich harvest of souls for my Son. I have called you and attached you to My Heart through your consecrations. I need your help for this mighty work.

My cenacle, use God's graces wisely. Do not store them on the shelves of your hearts where they are of no use to you or those with whom you live. Convert these gifts, by your actions, into love - the only power that saves. God has first loved you; now, you in this season of the harvest, must cover the earth with His Love.

Use your gifts wholeheartedly and without reservation. Do not be ashamed to proclaim the gospel of your salvation. Do not be ashamed to proclaim your faith in My messages to you.

In this season of harvest, God awaits your offering. All that has been planted in you - having brought forth life -for souls - must be returned to God in the season of the harvest.

My dear ones, a season is coming when work shall cease. What has not been gathered for God, shall have scattered. Be attuned to the changing of the seasons of time. Work while there is still time. Reclaim for Christ, with Me, your Mother, the souls for which He paid so dear a price. I love you, my cenacle. I am with you as the seasons change and all work grinds to a swift and definitive halt.


9-25-96 Wednesday Cenacle

My little one, ask of Me what you will and dispense quickly seeds of division, confusion. Good fruits of love, unity and peace must thrive among you - brought about through My Mother's presence among you. There must exist among you a commonality of purpose - the conversion of hearts back to God, who is returning all of creation under His rightful subjection.

Can any one among you reason according to the Divine Mind of the Omnipotent God? You, with your finite minds - how can you think like God? Accordingly, you cannot plot out or make provisions for the masterful unfolding of God's purification of the world.

(My question: What must we do, Lord, to live out these times in a manner pleasing to you?)

Become docile - become as little children in the arms of their mother. Listen to her whom I have sent to you. She leads you to a transformation of heart.

Abandon seeds of ill-will among you. Avarice, greed, jealousy - smite them from your hearts. Cease accumulating unnecessary things that only serve to enslave you to this world. Owe no-one! Cease incurring debt, that no one should own you. For you belong to God who alone you owe the debt of your salvation.

Condemn no one. For God's glory shall one day shine through all hearts reclaimed for Him. In the hour of truth, the one you judged harshly shall mirror the living God -having been purified by His Flame of Love. The judgment passed shall then return to you.

Think love, my children. Think and act in love. Mend relationships. Rekindle love in broken relationships. Shall you seek to preserve your bodies while your souls are in such dire need of salvation?

Fear nothing that can harm your bodies. Rather, tremble in fear for the power of darkness that seeks to snatch your soul into the everlasting flames of hell. You have asked, What must I do, to whom shall I listen? I respond through the one whom I have sent - My Mother - My voice! Listen to Her! Read and re-read Her words. Do not be diverted in your conversion! Do not turn your gaze toward those voices who say, "Look here, the Lord says this. Look there, for He is in this prophecy! Many voices speak in My Name - but many more do not! Many are deceived - many are loosing ground.

O, why do you search, My little ones. I am here with you in this little garden of My Mother's. I look out to you from the Monstrance with such yearning. Why are you still not satisfied? Do you not understand the great privilege afforded you in the manifestation of My Mother through Her words?

Rejoice, my friends, My love never tires of you. I shall pursue you until the end. You shall be My people set on a hillside whose light will draw many. For I have called you and I want you - I want your will, your heart. Cooperate with My Mother who has begun to work a prodigy within your hearts. Cooperate in this work of conversion.

For I am coming. I come soon to establish My Kingdom among you.


October Messages to Lena Shipley


(BLESSED SACRAMENT) I saw Our Lady with Her Heart in Her hands. The Heart was crowned with thorns. She said, through many tears,

My Cenacle, I am sorrowing so these days! Look at My Heart, so pierced because My Son is so rejected. This humanity has lost sound judgment, common sense and even base kindness in dealing with one another. Love has been lost, My beloved little children. Love is lost in hearts because God is Love and God has been abandoned. O, how my poor Heart suffers these days!

My mission upon this earth in this century of yours, by all human appearance, seems destined to failure. But, My cenacle, it will not fail! God is the Author of My Mission and God cannot fail because Love cannot fail!

My Heart is sorrowing because humanity is failing! So far as it goes, even my chosen souls are becoming lost and entangled in a web of confusion and error. O, my little ones, it is the test of love that you must pass! Love cannot coexist with pride. So many today forget their littleness because they cannot perceive the greatness of God.

My little cenacle, remember from whence you came! Humility attracts God like a magnet and love follows in torrents, permeating all like the fragrance of sweet perfume.

My Beloved, love one another and let your love grow in the soil of your hearts that I have prepared and nurtured. Create a climate of love, for this is the climate to which your Jesus wishes to return.

My tender souls, humanity as a whole is failing this test of love. But you, my cenacle, must not! Make of your lives, lived in prayer and attentive to My Voice, an offering of love for stricken humanity.

Relieve my pierced and sorrowing heart of some of its' pain. Take His crown unto yourselves in these last days of sinful living. Take His thorns to remind yourselves of your littleness. Unite yourselves to Me in an all out love effort - for love transforms and divinizes. This, My children, is the climate into which My Son will return.

Be heralds and examples of His merciful flame of Love. Soon will come His flame of Divine Justice to purify and transform this stiff-necked humanity who refuse to listen to the voice of truth, who refuse to see the Hand of God in calamity after calamity and who refuse to take notice of you, my heralds of Love.



(Early in the morning - around 6:00 A.M. - I saw a flash of light, instantaneous. It was very similar to the flashes of light I saw on Apparition Hill on the night of Aug. 15, l988 just preceding Our Lady's apparition.)


My dear, dear children, Prepare! Prepare! Prepare - for the final moments of history that I have so long prepared you. The glorious moments in which your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, will intervene in a dramatic way are now upon you. He comes, my beloved!

He comes upon the wings of silence. He comes through the doors of your hearts, which I have helped you open to Him. He comes to those consecrated to our two united hearts. He comes upon the wings of love. He enters your often chaotic lives through hearts that love - those whom you meet whose hearts have opened to My messages of Divine Love. Those pure of heart whom the gracious God has given to you to love as He would. He comes upon the wings of truth. The Holy Spirit of truth has descended like the dew settling upon hearts that have been enlightened and set apart as beacons upon a hillside - overshadowing the thick net of darkness that has entrapped this world. He comes in the Eucharist, the Sacrament of His own Life -a testament of His Love for this world who abandons Him and smites His Love. He lives in His Church - His Mystical Body on earth. He is one with his Church and its' members.

O, poor humanity, what you have not understood! Your Savior lives! He brings Life! He is the fountain of living water to quench your thirst forever! But you have too long preferred thirst and death!

Your Savior now comes to confront your conscious as the Crucified One - the Rejected One - the Smitten One - the Condemned One! Your conscious shall condemn you and bring you to your knees.

O, My little ones, He comes as your Eucharistic King. He comes to bathe the world in His Love. The Monstrance, like rays from the Sun, shall illuminate the darkness making all things new. Creation shall bask once again in the Light of His Love.

It is for you, My Cenacle, to prepare for His latter comings through the way in which I have laid out for you. Your graduation from the school of My Heart will soon arrive. Soon, very soon, you shall enter another school - the school of adversity and persecution, the school of the Cross and Crucifixion. The final pages are turning as swiftly as the leaves are falling from the trees.

Pray, my cenacle, for the grace of true sorrow for your sins. Pray for enlightenment - knowledge of any trace of sinfulness still clinging to your heart. Remain close to the confessional where Jesus meets you with open arms. For He comes - to save. He comes with love and with mercy. He comes with grace of conversion for all men the whole world over. He comes, finally, as your Eucharistic King - to wait for humanity's response to His Love before the great and terrible day of the Father's Justice.



As we began to pray, I saw Our Lady come in a small, silvery globe of light. I could not see Her face. This globe of light hovered over the statue of Our Lady during prayer.

First, She said to me: "Daughter, be My voice and speak to My children. Be content to open your lips and allow Me to speak through them. For this is God's Will.

My dear children,

You gather here tonight in faith and in the unity of the Holy Spirit. You have been given ears to hear My call and hearts that have responded in love to both My Son and I. Your hearts beat for love of My Son and His beats for you.

I have come tonight to beg you to safe guard the precious jewel of your faith; for there are forces in place prepared to snatch this precious jewel from you. I ask you tonight to allow Me to be the Guardian of your faith. Pick up your rosaries, the prayer of the pure (humble) of heart. By this means, I will carry you swiftly and safely over the perilous sea of these times to a new dawn. For the old, oppressive times are quickly passing away and the new, resplendent times are upon you.



Dear Mother, do you wish to speak to your cenacle?

"I am always with My cenacles. I am with those who pray. Daughter, I am with all My children at all times; but my presence is most especially prominent when you are in prayer."

I wish to speak about the new era of peace. I have come to prepare you all to live in a new world of peace and the order of grace. My dear children, you cannot know the freedom of living in God's peace. Your world has always been held bound under the oppression of hatred and war. Everyone - man, woman and child - has felt its' effects. Man has fallen from grace and thus, the natural order of God has fallen asunder. Mankind has become unbridled in his quest for control - of his life and of power! Humanity has made a mockery of God's order. God has been debunked in your society and His grace laid waste because there are so few who accept it.

So, My children, you cannot know true peace. But, you shall know it! For this, I have come and identified Myself as the world's Queen of Peace. I am your way, the light - that leads to a new dawn of peace.

I am preparing you for another way of living. For the order of mankind shall shatter! I introduce you to God's order of grace - an order that has been lost by man's continued disobedience; but, an order that was always meant to be for all the creatures that God has created in His image.

I have re-presented to you God's law of love by bearing His Heart to you and showering upon you abundant grace. It is this law of love that shall govern the hearts of all people in the new and resplendent era of peace. His love shall swell and overflow from hearts uniting all in unbroken brotherhood. This unity of hearts shall cause God's order to reign in your land.

Love shall be the cure-all of every inconvenience and hardship. Love shall turn every hardship into joy and will be the cause that glorifies God as men and women help one another. God's Face shall be recognized in the sick, in those bearing trials. In this way, all shall be one in sorrow; all one in joy. Peace and brotherhood shall rule in hearts.

You shall know your God intimately; and, having seen His Face, you shall imitate Him. Nothing shall exist without a purpose. Nothing shall happen without a reason. All for the greater glory of God!

He shall be your King and you, His subjects - happily serving Him until the end of your days. The planting season, the harvesting, birth and death - all causes of great joy to you; for truth, my little ones, in the new era of peace shall be unveiled.

My little ones, paradise shall be restored in hearts. Life, although simpler, shall be glorious! Trials shall be lighter and seen in a different light - God's Light. My beloved, all shall be joy for you.

You will see Me, your true Mother, in all the Motherly love I bear for you. When you behold My beauty, you shall know that Heaven is your true home and the holy hope that will carry you to the end of your earthly days.

My beloved cenacles, the new era of peace is an era of freedom from the shackles that now bind you. It is your land of milk and honey - the pre-dawn or foyer to Heaven.

Rejoice, My beloved, and long for this day!


BLESSED SACRAMENT - Daughter, look into the eyes of My Mother and listen as She connects to your heart. For Her Heart is a reflection of Mine. When She speaks, She opens the book of My Heart for you.

My dear little children of the new generation, I, your Mother, am bearing the labor pains accompanying the birth of a new and glorious era for the Church of My Son. I am your Mother, My dear children. Can a Mother desert the child within her womb at the onset of labor?

O, My cenacle - how painful are these birthing contractions! I bear the pains of apathy and indifference to the word of God, sent to earth through My daily apparitions and messages - a sublime gift of the Father, the miracle for your times -rejected, scorned, even by souls blessed with special grace.

I bear the pains of persecution - even within the heart of the Church of Jesus. My Son's eternal presence is being denied. His bloody sacrifice - mocked and rendered irrelevant for today's pleasure-oriented society.

I bear the pains of confusion, convoluted reasoning, a general lack of simplicity.

I bear the pains of the Passion as the Church, My little ones, suffer along the way of their cross, imitating their Savior.

O, the darkness runs deep in this world - to its' very soul. The Light of Heaven has not yet pierced this darkness. My little sparks, do you not know that anxiety snuffs out your light? Why are you so anxious about many things? Is it still not true today, that the better portion is obtained at the Feet of Him who loves you immeasurably?

You must continue to be My children of hope and thus, lights to the world. How can you remain illuminated by hope and joy in this world of yours which is disintegrating? By remaining in the united Hearts of Mine and My Son! When you live in our Hearts, we bring you to the Peace of the Father. We bring you to the essence of His Plan for the world - one, united Spirit of Love - one Church basking in the Glory of God. We bring you to a new and glorious existence where faith and hope have passed into the realm of love. We bring you to the center which is God - the Trinity - where the speck of light that is lit within you merges into the Supreme Light that is God.

O, My dear children, the labor pains that I suffer to bring you forth into this new life of grace being prepared for you! Be at peace! Do not allow your enemy to set his snares with which to trap you. He uses anxious thoughts to tie you up and hold you as his hostage. Do not tire yourselves questioning God's methods, worrying about tomorrow! The graces given for the present moment are those that you will need to carry you into the next! Be My hostages of hope and joy - so that the passage into the new millennium be a smooth one.

Jesus is here! He has sent Me, the Mother of all, to carry you in My arms, to the Father, the Eternal Light of the world.


(I saw an image of a tapestry - from the underside, all different threads that run together. I did not see the picture on the other side.)

Jesus from the Blessed Sacrament: "My little heart, My Mother is with you as the pattern of your lives weave together to form an image of love."

Blessed Mothers words: My little cenacle, I am with you as the fabric of your lives conform to the Will of God. You cannot now see the image of love that is being woven by the threads of sorrow, joy - success and failure that make the fabric of your lives. You cannot see that it is both the shadow and the light that blend to form the image of love that I will present to the Father from whom your life originated.

I see the beautiful image being formed by my cenacles. I see the pleasure of the Father as I lay before Him the image of love that has been entrusted to My care in these times. My little cenacle, you cannot see from the underside, the magnificent glory emanating from lives lived in conformity to the Will of God. You cannot see, from the present din of confusion, turmoil and suffering, the glorious new sunrise just over the horizon.

It seems that the threads of suffering and darkness are running wildly through life's fabric in these hours. Yet, so, too, are the threads of hope and love - woven through the prayers of My cenacles.

My little ones, your country faces its' gravest hour, its' blackest thread! It continues swiftly down the godless path of death. And death it shall endure! Your soil has been contaminated with lies. The great 'isms' have brought death to the soul of America - relativism, feminism, secular humanism and atheism. Your leaders have all but sealed the fate of your land.

Mighty shall be the wave of Evil that overcomes this nation. The personality of Antichrist, already has set in motion his tactical plan to overthrow Christianity in America. Yes, my cenacle, the blackest, thickest thread is about to weave its way through America!

You, My cenacle, must take your position and stand your ground! Stand poised for attack with your arms and the garment of your salvation, (your scapular). Remain docile under fire and continue to trust that the Will of God shall never take you to where His grace cannot find you.

Yes, the death of America is sure. But its' rebirth is the hope that I call you to tonight. God shall breathe another soul into this once great nation. You, My cenacles, are God's life breath! You are the foundation of a renewed civilization. You are the first teachers of a new generation.

You are the remnant of a renewed Church. You are America's hope!

So, My dear ones, on the wake of another election, I come to tell you not to loose hope. For you cannot see the image of love that will emerge on the tapestry of your life. I can see the glory! Do not let the strongest thread of darkness overcome you. In comparison, it is nothing compared to God's threads of love - being woven today through you and all my children who have heard My voice crying out in the wilderness: Make way for the Kingdom of God!

Messages from November to Lena Shipley


My Beloved Cenacle,

I am here tonight to reaffirm My presence among you in a stronger way as you wage individual battles with dark forces. Satan, My little children, tries to gain a foothold in your hearts. The trademarks he leaves upon your heart are cold indifference, agitation, confusion and doubt. My beloved, this is his signature and he wishes to engrave it upon your heart.

I come with St. Michael to help you fight these battles with darkness. I will never leave you alone. For, alone, My children, you cannot stand against these forces.

Receive My Son in the Eucharist as often as possible! Daily - My little children. For Love conquers all - the Eucharist is Love - Love is God and God is Love!

I beseech you to live your consecrations with greater intensity. Renew your consecrations often - even daily. In this way, you open all doors, all avenues through which My help may reach you. My grace flows through all these open doors and you will sense My help ever more intensely.

You must know, too, My cenacle, that Satan and his legions have entered all doors opened to them in this country.

Through the open door of 'free choice' many demons have flung themselves. The havoc raised by them has caused rivers of blood to flow in your land. My tears now mingle with the blood of the innocent as did My tears mingle with the blood of My lifeless Son as I held Him in My arms.

The evil spirits have flung themselves through open doors of greed, anger and lust. They have captured human hearts and imprisoned them in dark, hollow tunnels.

My blessed children, you struggle against fallen human nature. You struggle down the narrow path to holiness. But you do not struggle alone. I am your guide. I beseech you, My little children, do not open your hearts to the spirits of greed, anger, envy, excess and idolatry. Do not be fooled by the sweet voice of promise that the world can never deliver.

I come to warn you of the traps set before you and all my prayer warriors. I come to promise My continued protection in these perilous hours. For the hour draws near when God's Mercy and Love will manifest Itself in a great sign. God's intervention shall interrupt time and all human activity shall momentarily cease.

My little ones, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. To be forearmed is to be prepared! My mantle wraps around you in protection. For your part, I say again and again: LIVE MY MESSAGES!


My Beloved Cenacle,

The Blood of the Lamb of God covers the multitude of sins throughout the world. To the Lamb of God be all glory and honor forever!

My little lambs, Jesus is the River of Life that winds His way throughout the whole world as His Gospel is preached from east to west, north to south. Jesus' Mercy and Love extends over the globe. His blood flows for every man.

I lead you to the River of Living Waters - not for yourselves alone; but, that you will be His tributaries and carry His Living Waters into the highways and byways of your life.

When you refuse to speak out and carry My messages, you shut off the flow of life giving waters. Many areas, deprived of these waters become parched and dry up. I have called you to be channels of Life for the world. Are you living My messages by which you remain open channels of grace?

Are you believing in My messages or have doubts closed off the valve whereby grace cannot flow through you.

My little soldiers, a large part of My army remain silent! They are concerned for their safety alone! Some have become intimidated by fear of persecution. Some are falling away and believing in false doctrine. Some, becoming confused as false prophets abound and flourish. False prophets have been fed the delectable, yet poisonous fruit of pride. The once fervent and zealous have been bitten by the serpent of sloth, procrastination.

My little remnant flock, Satan attempts to close down my tributaries. In doing so, many places that once enjoyed the nourishment of My messages now thirst!

My cenacle, you must gird yourselves with strength of will and a steadfast faith. Remain steadfast in prayer and sacrifice. Are you a living testament to the faith that you profess? Do you open your mouths and speak of the power of the sacramental life of the Church? Do you live peace and charity within your families? Do you bear witness to the Truth, the Way and the Life, Jesus Christ?

You are my little children. Come to me and I will help you. The Holy Spirit will overshadow you with gifts from on high. For great faith, great courage and great strength are required by my army in these times.

Today, my little ones, you are weak. Tomorrow, my soldiers, you shall be strong. Today, my children, you are often lukewarm. Tomorrow you shall be living flames of Divine Love. Today, many still grope in their blindness. Tomorrow, you shall be flooded with light.

For the Blood of the Lamb covers you and has wiped away all your sins. Rejoice, My highly favored children. God has done, what for you would be impossible. He has set His seal upon your foreheads. He has sent Me, your Mother, to you. I am here to help you remain open channels of grace for the world. For great shall be your distress if you should abandon your present course and turn away! God has given you much and much He will expect of you!

I am here to help you live in the Way, The Truth and The Life. Keep your hearts open to My voice in this wilderness!



WORDS FROM JESUS: "I send My Mother to put a voice to My Heart. Listen to Her and you hear the sound of My beating Heart. Behold Her works among you and you see My Heart. My Heart is made both visible and audible through Her. She brings you the gift of My Heart. She is the package, resplendent and beautiful. Her purity, the wrapping, that contains My Heart given to the world! I love Her and ask you, likewise, to love Her. See in Her, this Pure Vessel of Honor, the reflected image of Her Son. She has borne Him for the world, both for time and for eternity.


My little cenacle,

I remain with you in the prayer of your cenacle for the sake of My Son and your Lord and Saviour, Jesus. I remain so that He may be made known and loved in the world. If you knew Him better, your little hearts would break, as has Mine, because He is so neglected and abused!

I remain with you to prepare you for the great meeting. You shall meet your King of all hearts, My little ones! The unprepared - O, My cenacle! Truly they shall writhe in their own misery on that day! O, how Adam did squirm at the moment when He confronted the Heart of God once sin entered into him! How much worse is today's predicament! Horrible! Horrible! Creatures have treated their Creator, who is so full of love, in a horrible fashion!

You must rid yourselves of sin, My little ones! You must break out of bondage - for, the Sacrifice of Jesus has mandated your freedom! I am here to help you do so. Without My assistance, I fear this humanity would surely perish! For it needs great graces - Graces that I dispense freely and without reservation to my broken and soiled children.

I remain with you until the dawn of a new age. I give birth to this new age - you - my sons and daughters - are to be My infants - the infants I bear for the renewed and resplendent church. All you who remain under the protection of My mantle and whom I nurture in My spiritual womb - you have been given the keys to the Church in its' glorious new beginning.

How great is this privilege! Can you measure up to its' responsibility? You must, My beloved, and you shall!

Holiness, My cenacle, must be your goal, and, to that end, your every prayer, thought and deed! That is why I gather all of your goods, both interior and exterior. I safeguard them, as I busily polish your every motive for all that you do.

Be mindful of My presence, My little ones. For urgent is My appeal to each heart. Do not allow the enemy, Satan, to weaken My signal to your heart. He tries to muffle the sound of My voice. He tries to enter your consciousness and tell you that all is right with the world. He tries to convince you that nothing is going to change! He tries to use the merciful attribute of God by saying that God will readily forgive the ongoing atrocities of this age! He tries to relax your zeal. He tries to strip you of your courage. He attempts to keep you silent!

My cenacles, truly I proclaim to you the urgency of this hour. A great and terrible battle is waging for the salvation of the whole world. Nations shall be annihilated at the climax of this war. Nothing shall remain the same! Not a stone will be left unturned.

God's justice cannot allow the world to continue on its' present course. The seat of your government shall collapse and the now coiled, hidden snakes of corruption in it, shall unfurl and attack the present democratic system. Panic and violence shall cause many to follow Antichrist as he sets himself up as dictator and saviour.

You, My cenacles, shall survive only under the banner of holiness and faith in the one, true Church. I remain with you until our 'end' is achieved. Without Me, your faith cannot survive such an onslaught as will be. I, my little hearts, am here with you and will always be at your disposal. Remain, PLEASE, with Me!

December , 1996 Messages to Lena Shipley


My Little Cenacle,

Be little - in this season of joyful hope as you ponder the birth of He, the King of Kings, who became little for you - so that you could draw near!

Be little - in this season of humility as this inflated humanity has set itself up as its' own lord and master recognizing not the birth of its' salvation in a lowly stable.

Be little, my cenacle, in preparation for the coming of your Mighty King amidst quaking mountains and performing awesome deeds for those who have waited in joyful hope for the Revelation of all Revelations!

Finally, remain little in your disposition of heart. For the Great One is returning - the 'Wonderful', the Prince of Peace, next to whom there is no match!

Now is the time to reflect upon your nothingness. Apart from God, you can do nothing! All of your deeds become tainted - soiled with self love. You are nothing in this world - like a mule tied to a stable - the stable of this world. Reflect, my children! Reflect on the humility of your Creator - who left the abyss of happiness to dwell in this vale of tears. Reflect on the love of your Creator for His creatures, as Jesus, proceeding from the unity of the Godhead - descends to the coldness of a world that would reject Him - continually.

Remain little, My beloved, for it is into your lowliness and brokenness, that Heaven extends its' loving and healing hand to lift you up. I, My children, am Heaven's arm - sent to gather you and grace you and prepare you for what you are to become - Heaven's citizens.

Humanity forgets the Birth of My Son. The world forgets the Miracle of Bethlehem. There is no room for My Son in the chaotic activity that now marks this Holy Season. Materialism has extinguished the light of Advent and Christmas. Darkness pervades the land!

My Cenacle, you must be like candles that light the darkness! You must open the inns of your hearts to Jesus! Your good deeds - the straw that warms Him. My beloved consecrated ones, today the world revels in it's gaiety with no notice of the Divine Babe lying in the manger. Tomorrow, this senseless activity shall cease! God will make Himself known - not through the silence of an infants' quiet whimpering, but in the mighty shout of a trumpet blast.

Soon, God will return to His people - a people who have continually rejected Him, mocked and blasphemed Him and trampled under foot all of His blessings.

May He find you, My cenacle, ready to greet Him - doing what is right, mindful of Him in all of your ways. I gather you together to light up the path through which He will return. Persevere. Remain little and steadfast. Peace!



My prayer to Jesus for the sake of our cenacle:

"Jesus, look down upon us with mercy and pity. Touch our lives. Heal our pain. Strengthen our wills. Quench our thirst. We hurt, Lord. We are often confused. We fall and sin again and again. Pick us up, Lord. Surround our cenacle with the protection of your holy angels. Never let us stray from the folds of your Mother's garment. You have called us to conversion through your Mother and ours. But like disobedient children, we don't always listen. Enliven us, Lord with the power of your Holy Spirit whom we already possess. Awaken in us the power of His gifts so that the tempest within and around us might cease. Come Lord Jesus, come!

Jesus response:

My little heart, With streams of pure love, I engulf you. With that same love, I invade the hearts of poor sinners who come to Me in repentance. From the depths of My Heart, I cry to you, My faithful ones, to join My Mother in the greatest conquest for souls ever engaged since the beginning. She leads you to the stream of My love. She beckons you to drink from it; thus, fully participating in the mighty work of salvation. She is My touch upon your life. She is drawing you to the safest place. She is hiding you within My saving wounds. My little hearts, allow yourselves to be led by Her, My gentle touch.

Our Lady speaks:

My Beloved Cenacle: May you, the holy cities of my cenacles, built of living stones, shine with a spiritual radiance and give fitting witness to the glory of our God. Praise Him for His great grace that forms you and fortifies you and sets you apart to be a great light to the world.

My dear ones, the very air that you breathe is polluted with the poison of confusion, lies and every form of evil propaganda. Allow Me to be your filter. I will remove every pollution so that you can breathe in the pure air of God's love and truth.

My little children, indeed, you need to live in the power of the Holy Spirit Who dwells within you. In order for His power to be activated, you must surrender the controls to Him. You hang on so tightly to the reigning power in your lives - your human wills. Let go, My beloved! Subject your will to God! Allow the Holy Spirit to lift you high above the things of this earth. He is breathing the power and love that is God over the land! But this stubborn humanity does not bend it's cast iron will to God's. Bend to the breathe of the Holy Spirit, My consecrated ones! Pray to the Power sent from on High and conform your lives to His promptings.

I am here as a shining example of one who lived in the power of the Holy Spirit - One whose will bent to every whim of God. I am your Beacon that illuminates the way of Love, Hope and Joy. I am the Spouse of the Holy Spirit come to aid you in opening the door of your heart fully to the Bridegroom who is coming to you. He desires to enter, to find you, His living stones of light, waiting and watching. Recognize Me, My beloved cenacle, as the Healing Touch of God's Hand upon a lost and stricken civilization. Accept His Touch and be healed!


WORDS OF JESUS: "Often, My little heart, the noises of this world drown Me out. How can you hear Me speaking to your heart? So many times, My little stable in your heart gets crowded. So many things clutter My humble home within your heart. Sometimes there is barely room for Me!"

WORDS OF MARY: "My little one, I come among you to invite you to Bethlehem to participate in the greatest of miracles. Your God visits His people in human form. So few come, my beloved. Too few are willing to travel with Me to the humble abode of My Son. Too few, My cenacle, too few will travel the distance from head to heart. Too few ever hear My soft whisperings in their heart.

It takes time to silence the human heart. So few take the time for the things of God. Even though, My cenacle, time is all you have to present your case to God, to come to know Him. So few invest it wisely!

(In a mental vision, I saw Our Lady in so much light. She gently picked up Her Baby (also luminous) and very carefully, slowly, She handed Him to me.)

"Let Him soothe you, quiet your inner being and bring to your heart His Peace - so holy, so fragile, just like Him.

Look into His sweet, angelic Face. Let it soften your own. Hold His pleading, yet comforting gaze. Fill your eyes with wonder and awe at the sight of your God made little. Remember, My worldly children, your destiny - your beginning and your end - in God - a God now made fragile - for you.

Feel His softness, next to your hardness; His breath, so warm, in the cool and misty air. Let the touch of Him and His breath upon your cheek soften and warm you. Hold His tiny Hand - so soft, so little. Feel His grip as He tightly wraps His tiny fingers around yours. He has a powerful hold on you, His creatures. Let Him hang on, My dear ones! For this is why He came - to draw you to Him through His tenderness and gentleness and then, to grip at your heart!

Touch His little head. Cup it so gently in the palms of your hands. So many receive Him into the palms of their hands. Do they recognize the tiny Babe's head - so delicate - when He is placed into their hands? Too few - too few! There is no time to remember your God become precious Babe!

Run your finger over His tiny ear. The ears of your God! Press your lips close to His ear and whisper how much you love Him. Let it be the echo of your love that fills His ears when the gavel drops against Him. Crucify Him! Crucify Him! Touch His soft shoulder. Pat it gently to comfort Him. An exceedingly heavy Cross shall one day be laid upon this tiny shoulder. Kiss it, My beloved child! Touch His little foot wiggling out of His wrappings. Look upon the tiny foot within the palm of your hand! Lift it to your lips. Imprint your kiss where the nail will penetrate. Unravel His tiny fingers from the fist he has made. Lift His hand to your lips and mark the spot of the nail with your kiss.

Hear Him crying! Press the Baby Jesus to your heart - Heart to heart! For this is what He wants! This is what will most console Him - nearness to you. He wants to hear your heart beating against His chest. He wants to feel your warmth next to Him. Your tears mingling with His. He wants an all encompassing embrace from you! Love, for love! Shh! He's stopped crying now! Gently place Him in His crib. Thank you for coming to welcome My Son.

O, My beloved cenacle - take the time to come! Come to Bethlehem's stable and see your God become so little. Lock out the world, for a spell, to take this journey with Me, the Mother of the Christ-Child. I long to place My Baby into the arms of the children of My predilection, who arrive at this Holy Place only by My invitation and direction.


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