A Call To Holiness


January through June 1997 Messages to Lena Shipley


Words of Jesus: "In every generation, I have sent prophets to be bearers of My love and Mercy, to admonish sinners, calling them to repentance and to bring My timeless blessings to all generations. I send you, My little heart, to echo the words of the prophet of old to My people today that they may know that their God is the same - yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

(From todays reading:) 

The Lord Bless you and keep you. 

The Lord let His Face shine upon you and be gracious to you. 

The Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace! 

(Book of Numbers, chp. 6) 

Words of Mary: "My Beloved Cenacle, Praised be Jesus, forever the same. All glory and honor and praise belong to Him alone - who always was, who is God and whose dominion over all things, created and uncreated, shall last forever! 

My little ones, I bring you the Word made flesh - Jesus! I come in His light - a light that cannot be overcome by the penetrating darkness of this age. My Beloved, the 'Real Light' has come into this world of sin. In Him, everything has its' being. Apart from Him, there is nothing - no life - no spiritual pulse - death - void - NOTHING! 

My role as your Mother is to lead you to the Light - Life for your soul! I am the ground where you and the Light shall come together. I am the 'meeting place'. I am the original Tabernacle of the Lord Jesus. Beneath every Tabernacle on earth, I lie prostrate before Him who is so abandoned. It is here that My cohort and I atone for the sins of humankind. I am for you a 'trysting' where you and your Lord come together in love. 

My dear cenacle, the years turn as pages of a book - the memories of which fade; eventually, lost with the winds of time. The years turn on the hinges of God's Truth. Jesus is Truth. He calls you, through the portals of time, to come. He awaits you with outstretched arms. He calls you - one and all - the tired, the lonely, the blind, the brokenhearted, the sick and despairing, the confused. Come one and all - to Him, who alone can give your soul rest. 

I invite you to mark the passing days and hours of this new year with Jesus - His words, His miracles, His healing, His promises! I call you to the Gospels - testaments of His Truth. Read! Read! Pray! I call you to study - a study of your Faith. Know your Faith, My little ones! - A Faith rooted in Jesus Christ. This year, you shall be called to defend it! In order to defend the Truth courageously, you must know Truth and love Him with your whole heart and soul. 

I come to announce that this year will be the year of Truth - Truth revealed! He came into the world but the world did not recognize Him. You, My beloved, are not of this world. You have recognized and welcomed Him and to you is given the task of making Him visible in this New Year of revelation. It will be through toil, prayer, sacrifice, penance and spilt blood that His lambs will make Him known. You are His lambs, His soldiers, His building blocks. You are the foundation upon which will rest His renewed Church! 

I call you to march into this New Year armed with the weapons of a true soldier of Jesus Christ - wearing the garment of humility and carrying the staffs of purity and charity. March with Me into the year of vindication by our God, whereby you will see the world begin to crack under the pressure of its' sin-induced stress. March with Me in the Light that is Christ, as we witness to and participate in the culmination of God's Plan that will realize the ultimate victory over sin. March together, with Me, your Mother into the year of revelation, the year that has been dedicated to the "Word made Flesh and dwells among us!" 



My Littlest Cenacle, 

The Lamb of God has come to take away, by His Bloody Sacrifice, the sins of the world. The Lamb of God is among you to sanctify, through the Holy Spirit, the whole world of believers. The Lamb of God will come again to claim those who have believed in Him and washed their garments in the Blood of the Lamb. Praised be God forever! 

You, My little ones, have been chosen by Him, who is the chosen One of the Father. He extends His Kingdom to you just as the Father has entrusted the Kingdom to Him. He has called you forth from your mother's womb, giving you a name and a mission. Do you understand the great privilege given you? Do you comprehend your worth and the responsibility laid upon your shoulders? 

From within My cenacles around the world, the last prophets of this generation have been called and formed by Me, Mother of all prophets. From within My cenacles around the world, the remnant Church is being grounded. To them the keys of a renewed and resplendent Church have been entrusted. From within My cenacles around the world a voice cries out: "Make straight the way of the Lord." From within My cenacles will come the spark that will ignite the heart of this stone-cold world and inflame it with Love of God. 

My dear ones, the true path that winds through this year is a narrow one and will get narrower along the way. You will find yourselves, as it were, walking a tight rope, requiring of you great diligence and concentration. My beloved, the true faith is being threatened and attacked and will eventually be crucified. But you, My little cenacle, are called to keep vigil with Me, the Mother of the true church, at the foot of its' cross. As It's Bridegroom, the Bride will resurrect - shining and glorious. My little cenacles will be the first recipients of the great gift of the reborn Church. You shall be the first to behold the miracle of the resurrected Church. 

My consecrated ones, God's favor rests upon you. His Light, through you, shall overcome the present darkness and dissipate the clouds over all the people. I will be with you as the one, true church must bear its mortal blows. I will be your guiding star as you attempt to keep balance along the narrow way. I call you to prayer. I call you to concentration. I call you to widen your vision to see beyond Me, your Star, to Jesus. See Jesus, My dear children. See Jesus. Concentrate on My Jesus - most especially, His last hours. 

We approach the mount of the Cross. The tunnels ahead are dark. But, you walk in the Light. The precipices are jagged, but you have the hind's feet of truth to carry you sure and swift. Just ahead lies a dense fog of confusion, but your eyes have been opened. You will reach the lonely, isolated spot of crucifixion but the haven of your Mother's Heart is always open for you. 

Beyond the horizon of these times, you shall exalt in what you see. Your hearts shall overflow and praises of God will be forever upon your lips. 

Pray! Be not distracted! See Jesus! See Jesus! 


Words of Jesus (Blessed Sacrament): 

"Daughter, your presence consoles Me. You have recognized Me as your Truth. For, I have chosen to reveal Myself to you as Truth. You have grasped at it and you have seen. You console Me. I delight in revealing Myself to you. Through the darkness of Faith, you have seen, you have heard and you have believed. Although your sight, your hearing and faith remains yet imperfect; the day shall come when you shall see and hear clearly and your faith made solid as a rock. Take heart, My little one, you do My Father's Will when you come here to console Me. 

I lead you to a 'mountaintop' where your sight may be perfected - a vantage point where all may be revealed in its' true light. I lift you up out of the mire so that you can see the cesspool from which you have been pulled. I take you to a lofty place where you can see, collectively, into the eyes of the stricken - the abandoned and lost, the diseased, the rebellious war raging against My creation (once radiant and pure; now darkened and stained - all but ruined.) 

Words of Our Lady: 

"O, little hearts of all My cenacles, From the mountaintop of the Cross I call you to see what the Heart of Jesus sees. I call you to unite with the Heart of Jesus. I call you to nail sin to the cross with Him. Die to selfishness. Turn away from idols. I call you to rise above evil upon the wings of the Holy Spirit. 

From the Cross of My Son, flow streams of life. From the mountain of holiness to the valley of darkness below flow shafts of light. You, My cenacles, are those shafts of light encircling the globe. You, My beloved, have seen a great light. Materialized in My many words is the Design of God. 

You, My cenacles, are the banks that house the treasures of heavenly graces! Why does duplicity still abound among many? Is it that you are still unfamiliar with your Lord and King? It is for this purpose that I call you to the mountain of the Cross - to meet the Holy One of Israel - the Crucified. There you will meet your King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I call you to view your world through His Pierced Heart. 

I invite you to become one with Him in the coming hours of the crucifixion of His Church. I invite you to become familiar with your Jesus and go forth into the night - renewed in spirit and effective in your words and actions. I am with you as you come to know Jesus in His humanity and partake of His divinity in your witness to what you have seen and heard as His effective last day apostles.


Words of Jesus: "My little heart, Proclaim to the people with praises and thanksgiving to the Living God that God has found favor here in this tiny village. He accepts, with Mercy and Love, the offering your people have set before Him. My living and true presence is honored and held high in the hearts of the people here. The Triune God accepts the simple faith of the people in atonement for the many offenses committed against Him. The seeds planted here by the few faithful shall provide a bountiful harvest for many. You who are rich in faith - share your wealth with the impoverished of spirit. God extends His mighty cloak of protection over this family in the coming hour of the great trial. With glad heart proclaim this great favor proceeding from the goodness of God." 

Words of Our Lady: "My dear, dear cenacle, You gather here in faith and unity of spirit with Me, your Mother. Together, we have built a unified structure grounded in prayer, sacrifice and faith in the One, True Church of Christ. 

O, how My Heart rejoices in your faithfulness, in your commitment to serve God through your observance of My messages. 

O, My little ones, if you cannot live together within the structure of My cenacle because of petty differences, than your heart still cries out, "I will not serve"! Pride is an insidious, abominable evil! Pride must have no place among you, My cenacle. It must find no dark crevice in your heart in which to take root. When you feel the sting upon your backs from the blows inflicted upon you by the proud and misguided, unite yourselves to the One whose stripes have healed you. 

Before you looms high and wide, strong and bold, an unshakable edifice built by Satan, the father of pride, and his legions. The whole world has become his throne. All of the armies of the world could never take it down, But you, My littlest cenacles, you shall rise up against this edifice of pride. Girded with the truth, clothed with the uniform of My scapular and bearing the weaponry of My Rosary; you shall overcome the powers and principalities of evil. 

Humble yourselves before the living God, whom you hold high in this Eternal Sacrament. For He shall exalt you, His lowly ones. You shall march into a new era rejoicing and victorious. Our victory swiftly approaches. Before its' dawn, comes a confrontation with darkness. The hour approaches when no man shall work. So, My Cenacle, work today, pray today, sacrifice today, atone today! 

Today - many gifts, many opportunities! 

Tomorrow - just you and God! 


Prayer to counter the attacks against the Church - 

My Dear Jesus, Your Face is so bloody with the blows from the many insults of the dissidents. Your eyes swollen from the many tears you shed because of lost souls. Your Sacred Head pounding because of the pain inflicted upon your Head on earth, Pope John Paul II. 

I re-dedicate myself to you in these days of the bloody martyrdom of your Church. I promise to uphold the teaching of the Church ever more resolutely as it suffers its mighty blows from the forces of evil. I promise to pray for the Holy Father - offering the sacrifices from my state in life for Him. 

As the Church weakens from within, make me stronger in my faith through your saving grace. I take your sorrowful Mother as my own and choose to walk with Her hand in hand up the steep climb to Calvary. I wipe your bloody, Holy Face, Lord Jesus, with these promises of faithfulness and await from you with joyful hope, the victory of the Resurrection - a new and glorious era of peace for your Church and the whole world. Amen. 

Words of Our Lady: 

My Beloved Cenacle, Praised be Jesus Christ and blessed be His one, true, holy Church as it endures the hour of its Calvary! 

My dear children, remain with Me during these sorrowful hours as we fight boldly the wiles of the enemy. We, fight, My little ones, with prayer, fasts and penance’s. We endure, together, counterattacks with acts of love and humility. 

Many of my chosen ones are wandering away from the fold. Misguided, they are putting many burdens upon themselves that are not of God. They are, purportedly, spending many hours in prayer - all the while - not loving one another! Thus, their words become empty while their hearts remain far from love. This, too, is a trick from the great deceiver! My little cenacle, empty hearts - empty words! Love your neighbors, my little children. Forgive your enemies. Humble yourselves with the mere truth that your meager efforts to pray are fruitless without the Holy Spirit in your lives, who alone can lead you to love! 

Many think they are meritorious of themselves, forgetting that only the Holy Spirit can sanctify - prayer, actions and lives. How foolish some of My children have become! Indeed, they have left the pasture of My Immaculate Heart. 

My littlest cenacle, indeed, if you have not begun to love, you have not even begun to live My messages. If you have not yet begun to love, you have set out upon a journey of a thousand miles while walking on a treadmill. You are not moving! Love, my children. Learn to love from Jesus who is love. I lead you here to this Eternal Sacrament to learn how to live in love. Then, living my messages will flow easily. For, we now journey together this mountain of love - the mountain of the cross where you, my cenacles, will encounter many opportunities to wipe the bloody and beaten Face of Christ - in His Church, in the poor and broken-hearted, in the weak. 

Live on in Love with Me, the Mother of Love, who remains with you as your Beacon of Hope in these dark hours before the dawn. 

February Messages to Lena Shipley


My Dear Jesus, I offer this hour to beg your mercy upon those unconverted who hurl every form of blasphemy and indignity upon you. Your back is now raw from the scourges of those whose hearts have filled with evil designs against your commandments and your Church. Speak, Lord, your servant listens. 

Words of Jesus: 

"It comforts Me to find growing amidst My Mother's garden, so many buds of virtue. It will be these buds that shall sprout forth flowers of sanctity. These flowers, now growing within the garden of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, ever-virgin, will spread their perfume of martyrdom and sainthood around the world in these, your times. My Hand is raised in blessing over you. I solemnly assure you that from among your numbers, many latter day evangelists shall arise bearing good and bountiful fruit. Conversions shall flourish and all will know that I have sent you to be My witnesses. Having been called from the womb of your mother and formed by the gentle hand of your virgin-mother; you, My Mother's buds, are to be defenders of My Truth and re-builders of My church on earth. You are to right the wrongs that have been committed against My Body, the Church. You are called to apply the cool compresses of your love to My brow, the soothing balm of your faith to My gaping wounds. You are called to bless this parched land with the sweet oil of your prayers and sacrifices that issue forth from the Heart of Mary wherein you have deposited all of your goods, both interior and exterior. My little lambs, this is the great hour of the Lord. This is the hour of Satan's humbling defeat. Follow, My little lambs - Listen and follow!" 

Words of Our Lady: 

"Praised be Jesus, King of endless glory, for His reign endures forever!
My little children, our enemy is not idle in these last hours of his illusive triumph in the world. He is weakening the wills of souls by first enslaving them to power, greed, self- centeredness, materialism and every other idol that promises temporary consolations. But you, My cenacle, must be made strong of will in these times of great temptation. 

Strengthen your wills, in these last hours of the decisive battle by adhering firmly to My messages. Fasting, especially, effectively subjects the powers of the flesh to the sound discernment of the spirit. 

My dear children, the spirit within you, which is God's own spirit, must reign over the desires of the flesh! This interior victory must be won first and foremost before we move into greater battles. Fast, My children! Adhere to your fasts! 

The decisive moments of battle are upon us. The height of Satan's reign threatens all peoples, every nation. There are many 'voices' today mimicking the ones that herald the Truth. Be not misled. Live your lives as My consecrated slaves. Live My messages! Only in this way can I protect you and lead you swiftly and safely over these present day tumultuous waters. Remain strong within the shelter of My mantle. 


My Beloved Cenacle, 

Praise and Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Victim High Priest. By His Holy Cross the world has been redeemed. 

My littlest children, God has laid before you during these special days of Lent, a banquet table. During this holy feast of Lent, I have been sent to serve you His choicest graces. My dear cenacle, partake of this holy banquet. Let nothing go to waste! Let these holy days be a sign from Heaven to you of God's infinite love and mercy. His desire is that no soul be lost to the eternal fires of hell! 

My cenacle, how my heart grieves that so many will starve spiritually despite the banquet of graces before you! But you, my beloved, be careful to let not even the slightest scrap be laid waste! Waste nothing - let no tear fall from your eyes in vain. Let no opportunity for penance pass you by. Seize every opportunity for kindness and charity - an understanding glance, an affirming hug, alms for the poor, a prayer for an enemy, an act of humility - a time to forgive. Pick daily from this banquet of graces that I lay before you. 

Become rich this lent, in God's mercy and His love. Spread the bounty of His mercy and love within your homes, church and community. Your world is starving for God. Your world has become a cold and lonely place. Your world needs you, my children, who have feasted on God's grace at the Divine Banquet table of Lent. 

My beloved cenacle, come, gather all the heavenly grace that I richly bestow upon you - for yourselves, your families, my beloved priest-sons, your communities. Waste not even a morsel! For tomorrow, the banquet shall be over, the table cleared. Heaven shall be silent! Today has been given you to prepare! Lent given you to repent, to fast and pray. 

Today, feast on Divine Mercy. Tomorrow, the party will be over. Divine Justice shall descend with the swiftness of an arrow released from a bow. My little ones, I am here to serve you grace from Heaven - for you and those in the world that you serve. Gather these riches into the storehouses of your soul. Come the day of famine, you shall have no fear - drawing on all that I have given you on this day of plenty - Lent l997. 


My Dear Cenacle, Our 

Lord Jesus Christ, King of all nations, reign over all hearts. In every human heart reigns supreme, an unholy deity - the deity of the human will. Strong and unyielding, the human will stands at the door of the heart as a guard at the watchtower. Your Lord, meek and gentle of heart, stands at the door and gently knocks. The human will meets Him there with clenched fist raised, protective and defensive. O, what a demanding and often oppressive taskmaster that holds my children bound to their passions, opinions and structures! 

You, My consecrated ones - you, who have ears to hear - listen to the voice of My supplications. Your own stubborn wills keep you from living in the freedom of God's infinite light, His infinite wisdom, and according to His Holy Will. He wants freedom for you, His children. He wants peace. He grieves because you live in slavery - shackled by your own impenetrable wills. 

My messages to you over these several years have been meant to soften your wills to allow God's Grace to penetrate and transform you. My Motherly words have bounced off many hearts hardened by sin and return to Me void. But, My cenacles, God's words were not meant to return to Him void! Rather, they were designed to return Him a rich harvest, bursting with good fruit. God is not pleased with the stubbornness of His people - those for whom He paid so high a price. 

He gave to the world as it's final refuge, a great gift of His Love - a Mother's heart. Many have blatantly refused His gift. Even worse, His gift has been mocked, trampled and scoffed at. Some attempt to enter the Holy Refuge dragging with them the baggage of sin - unrepented as well as the taskmasters of their own wills. A few, a mere remnant, have embraced God's Gift and have entered, carrying with them only love and a firm desire to please God. A few, My cenacle, only a few will help Me to bring salvation to this sinking humanity - so intent on destroying itself! 

This faithless generation looks for signs, science and technology to answer its' unanswerable questions. But the sign it shall receive will pierce them through and lay bare the Truth. O, what a ruthless evil plot - to play with God's commandments - to mock God's law of love!
My Cenacle, stay awake! For God wishes to use you to make straight once again His paths. He wishes to use you to right the wrongs that have been done to His Church. He wishes to use you to make visible once again His law of love. 

Be forewarned, for the great and merciful hour of His intervention draws near. The sword of His Truth shall pierce the sky and pierce the human heart. In the hearts of the saved, the great taskmaster, the human will, shall cower in the face of this 'quake' from Heaven and assume its' rightful place under God. In the hearts of God's enemies, this false deity shall rise up firmer and bolder than ever to fight on the side of the enemy in the great battle between good and evil. 

My dear, dear children, renounce your own wills by placing them within the confines of My Immaculate Heart. Renounce this world, even while living in it, by entrusting to me all of your goods, both interior and exterior. Prepare so that when the flood of evil has risen to its' peak and the door of the Ark begins to close, you, my cenacles, shall be safe within. 

March Messages to Lena Shipley

The following two messages were given to me while on retreat. Discussions there reflected a liberalism and general turning away from sound Catholic doctrine and tradition. 


My littlest daughter, Why is your heart so troubled? Have you not known through the words of My Mother that evil clings to the inhabitants of the earth like a dense fog causing my precious souls to loose their sight and scatter? My people have forsaken the fountain of wisdom. No longer do they walk in the way of their God! No longer do they dwell in enduring peace. My stray sheep speak of peace; but they taste not of its' sweetness. For those who have lost the treasures of wisdom, there is no peace; only a fraudulent self-appeasement. 

My people speak of unity when the pieces of their self-made structures are crumbling down around them. Falling debris everywhere! The dust of their own anger rising as billowing clouds of smoke! 

My little heart, a general lack of understanding pervades in these times. For God has given over this stiff-necked generation to it's own understanding, which is, indeed, foolishness. The laws of God are boldly transgressed and hearts are entrenched in confusion! This is the beginnings of the great apostasy spoken of by My Mother. Yes, even the number of My elect will dwindle and scatter if My words are not heeded. Utter confusion will reign everywhere. Bishops will rise up against Bishop; brother priests against one another. My sheep shall scatter. Tears and blood shall flow through the land like rivers. The great apostasy of My Church! The fruit of pride and disobedience! Every form of idolatry, every abomination against God's laws tolerated in the name of human rights, peace and unity! 

Should you despair, My little heart? No! I have sent you a Peacemaker in your captivity. I have not forgotten My oath to your forefathers. I have sent My Mother - Peacemaker, Star of the New Dawn! Through Her, they shall obtain all they need to have a change of heart. Through Her intercession, they shall be given new hearts, attentive ears and clear vision once again. 

She is raising up peacemakers around the globe to cooperate with God's plan of rebirth for His Church. Run to Her in your distress during these times. She is your only haven of peace today. Have faith, confidence in Her Plan, which is God's Plan. For, I promise you, My little heart, your numbers shall increase on the great day of victory. I will be your only God and you shall be My people - renewed, purified, strengthened - forever to rejoice in Heaven's glory! 

Do not loose heart, then - be My Mother's peacemaker today, during this apostasy by the way that you live your faith, by the testimony of your love, especially for the poor and the oppressed, by the patient manner in which you live out these trials in joyful hope for the coming day of victory. 

I tell you solemnly, that all who have heard My Mothers voice in their hearts have become imitators of Me before Pilate. The apostates have become Pilate's, who can no longer recognize Truth. 

Sunday Morning: 

My Beloved Daughter, Be not cast down in spirit! For the Sun abides within you. You have consoled Me and applied soothing balm to My many - now opened - wounds. How I love you! How I love all of humanity! I can only love. I am Love! See, daughter, what has been done to Me! - through My Church, my beloved bride. I lead you here to see; but not to despair. For I only return love for abuse and mercy to sinners! In the mystery that is My Being, I love! I suffer in My body, the Church - although glorified. I return love and mercy for insult. I forgive - always - the humbled, repentant heart. 

Make no mistake, daughter, My love demands justice and it shall be met. My humbled faithful - you are the living tabernacles that house the living God - not a hair on your heads shall be harmed! For My love is also rewarding. 

Be strong, My little heart. I brought you here to see how deep the trench of apostasy, how far into the abyss My beloved redeemed have fallen - even deeper than you can know. 

But you must not fear - My peace is within you. If you have come here looking for peace, you have not found it. If you search the far reaches of the globe, you shall not find it. Look within - there is your peace, your hope (My promise). I will never abandon you. I need you to be My hands, My feet and My voice. Do not expect consolations; but My glory will be yours to share forever. I told you once what I wanted from you - to let Me help you to comprehend the magnitude of My love - you have only just begun to understand. 


There was no message for the weekly cenacle last night. However, as I began my hour before the Blessed Sacrament, I found my spirit in a state of anxiety over an impending change in my life. After I said the Rosary, my spirit began to recollect itself and become peaceful. It was then that Our Lady spoke to me. 

My Daughter, Souls totally disposed in God are not easily distracted. They are collected interiorly. They ride the tempest of their life with confidence. Why do you fear? Are you not aware of the presence of My Son and I? Love should steer the course of your life, not fear. Love should be that which gives substance to all your words and actions. Though the tempest should rise and the winds of change stir your ship, let nothing disturb you. For the might of God is greater that the tempest and the winds of adversity and change. 

The mighty arm of God moves over the world with equity and justice. God rules and sets all in motion. He calms the sea and sets it in motion again. He orders all things for his glory. 

Contemplate God - move closer towards His light. Do not cower in the darkness of fear with the slightest wind. Have I not been with you so long to strip you of your foolishness? Why, then, do you still cling to your own thoughts and judgments? Contemplate God's immense wisdom and love! I am your Mother and want to lead you to interior peace. Cling not to your own understanding. Rather, die to yourself and let God show you His might, His great power to master all things for the common good. Trust. Let kindness and love rule in your heart calming an anxious spirit and giving testimony of God's command over the ship of your life. 


The following message was given to those of us who made, for the first time, or renewed the Total Consecration on Tuesday, March 25th. No message on Wednesday 

Beloved Sons & Daughters of My Predilection, 

Today the Church commemorates the dawn of It's liberation from the bonds of death with My words, "Be it done unto me according to thy word". With these liberating words, I enslaved My whole being, body and soul, to the Holy Will of God and struck the first chords of your freedom song. 

My dear children, I became the first prison of love for the Living God become Man - for you - for all humankind. My body was given up to God for the purpose of providing a living shelter, a refuge, for God's only Son. In effect, My body was given up for you, for all of my children on earth - so that in the fullness of time, God's Plan of Redemption would be realized. His Eternal Plan of Redemption began with My holy slavery and the words, "Be it done according to your word..". 

Today, you, my beloved, make my words your own with your consecration and commitment to holy slavery. You give testimony of your commitment to God's Will and supreme authority over your lives through your consecration to My Immaculate Heart. You enter into your spiritual refuge where you are continually formed and nurtured by Me, your ever present Mother. I will present you to the Most Blessed Trinity clothed in the resplendent garment of grace when your purpose on earth has been fulfilled. 

My children, your consecration brings glory to the Father from whom proceeds every good. Live out your consecration with zeal and courage. For I carry each of you in the safe vessel of My Immaculate Heart to your eternal home. God needs your total commitment to fulfill His plan of salvation in your midst. He has called each one of you and has entrusted you into My care. Through the words, "Be it done to me according to your word.." that today you adopt as your own, may the last notes of freedom's song ring out around the whole world bringing to an end the misery that sin has wrought. 

Today, I accept all of your goods, both interior and exterior. I pledge to return them to you resplendent in grace - having won for you a crown of glory. 

April Messages to Lena Shipley


Daughter, Never, never doubt My love for you and for all souls. If a soul approaches My Mercy tainted and scarred - totally beyond reproach to the human mind; My grace shall act as a transforming bath. That soul, lost and scarred, shall emerge pure and resplendent. The lance opened for the world limitless graces for humanity. Never judge a soul as hopeless - beyond My grace! Rather, immerse that soul into My Sacred Heart. Act as a conduit for such souls. Because of your merits, I shall take pity upon souls steeped in sin. I shall remove the barriers that prevent that soul from coming to Me. Because of your prayers and sacrifices, I shall take pity upon lost souls. 

Do you know, My faithful ones, that you can effect a mass exodus of poor lost sinners toward Heaven's open door. I have given you this power. I delight in your faithfulness. Listen - always - to the voice of Truth. Do not listen to voices that would distort My Truth, laying upon your shoulders heavy burdens that do not convey My will for you. The voice of My truth brings a message of peace and love, mercy and Holy hope to a world torn asunder by sin and strife. She bears a message of love to a world grown callous - a world which has attempted to kill it's God. She illuminates the way in a fallen and darkened world. Listen to Her. Her Truth is Her Son. Her mission and mine are one.  Her peace is the way that leads to everlasting life. 

Words of Our Lady: My Dear Cenacle, Tonight I bring you Divine Mercy in abundance. I call you to It's living waters while it flows out upon the whole world in torrents. You must work zealously, in your prayers and penance, to bring many souls to the Fountain of Life. I remain here with you in these days of preparation and grace to ready the world for it's final purification. 

This spring of grace has flowed endlessly for the world since it was opened on Calvary. It continuously flows to cleanse the leprosy of sin. It flows to restore life to the soul. Its' life giving water is the only provision for peace in this riotous world. I remain with you while the spring of My Son's Mercy flows over the land. 

I am here to remind you that all things pass away. Mankind lives as though life shall never end. But your days here on earth pass as grains of sand through an hour glass. God has ordained it so. Man passes a life span here on earth to work out his salvation. Many remain blind - making choices for death, rather than for life. 

My dear ones, there is no salvation for a world that has forsaken God!  The hour of salvation is ticking away. The time remaining to come to the fountain of Divine Mercy is winding down. 

God is relying on our cenacles to lead a mass exodus of souls to His Mercy while there is still time. You have been my faithful ones. Your labor of love will produce a bountiful harvest. Persevere in your labor of prayer, sacrifice and acts of love. For the day for work is drawing to an end. All will change in the twinkling of an eye. God will intervene for the final purification of this world. Every eye shall open and all shall be left to reckon with the Truth. Happy the man who has listened to My voice; whose soul is filled with Divine Mercy. Peace 


Words of Jesus: 

Daughter, Look to your Mother who loves you and looks out for your welfare. Why is your heart disturbed? You so often forget that your Mother pleads your every need before the majesty and power of the Trinity. She obtains for you every grace to meet the challenges set before you. I have not left you orphans. I will come back in due time. 

My question: What do you ask of us, your people, Lord? "Persevere. For My part, I have promised to prepare a place for you so that where I am you also will be. I keep my promises. Look to Me. Stay with Me. Love Me - for your reward shall be great." 

Words of Our Lady: 

My dear cenacle, Happy are those who bear their sufferings for the love of Jesus! He is exalted by such offerings. My Son's Heart flows out to all of you. He has covered you in His Mercy and will raise you up on the last day. 

My cenacles are in place to herald the outpouring of the Spirit upon earth. Come, Holy Spirit, come - to renew and sanctify! 

My dear ones, no one has seen the Face of God and lived! Therefore, My little ones, cast off the old, childish ideas of how God looks, acts and feels! Your human and limited ideas will not suffice to prepare you to live in His glorious reign upon earth. God is infinite - possessing attributes beyond your comprehension. His true image cannot be formulated by you nor His glory comprehended by the human mind. Therefore, My dear little children, remain little! Allow your souls to become clean slates where I may do my work in you. Allow Me, your Mother, who sees the Face of God and lives, to impress upon your hearts, reflections of His true and glorious image. 

Because God is love, I shall draw designs of His love upon your heart. You, my little children, must become loving to be able to see these impressions that I am so willing to leave with you. Cast off negativity. Put on charity. 

Who, My children, has looked upon the Face of Love and lived? No mere mortal! The love of God is multi-faceted - an immersion in peace beyond your understanding. It is the bath that I wish to immerse you, my cenacles. Therefore, cast off anxiety, despair and sadness! Put on hope in the face of hopelessness and faith in the unimaginable. 

Come, my dear children. Allow me to prepare you to live immersed in the Kingdom of God - transfixed by the Image of God that you have yet to see and have dared not to contemplate. Let go of the old and the childish. Allow me to adorn you with the new in preparation for these new times in which God's glory will be manifest upon the earth. I love you with a motherly love. 

Commentary: Our Lady continues to prepare us to live in the glorious Kingdom of God after the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. She tells us that God is incomprehensible to the human mind. Who can imagine the glory of the Beatific Vision? She tells us that the incomprehensible God is Love - not able to be understood on human terms. So, she presents a challenge to us. She tells us not to attempt to put a box around God. This is what our own images do. This hinders the work of the Holy Spirit in us. The challenge: to be child-like and not childish. 


Words of Jesus:  Daughter, write what I tell you and show you. 

"I love you and am always present to you.  That is what the Resurrection means for you and for all those who accept Me into their hearts.  I am here before you truly present in this Sacrament!  You are here before Me.  I want all My faithful here with Me - ever close - during these perilous times.  Where shall you go in this world today to find purpose for your lives?  Disorder and confusion  reign supreme in the world of today.  Where shall you go to find peace, then, but here with Me!  I love you all so much and I meet with so much rejection!  My people are angry!  My people are lost and confused.  Bring them to Me so that the fruits of My Resurrection may be theirs. 

Mental Vision:  I saw two angels appear in the sky. They unrolled a very large canvas in the sky.  They made of it a huge dome-shaped tent.  It was off-white in color.  After they assembled it they lowered it so that it was closer to the earth, but did not rest on the ground.  They stood as guards at the entrance to this tent-like structure.  In the dome were flowers  of every type and color arranged in a semi-circle around an altar of pure white crystalline marble.  Suspended above the altar was a gold cross (very large).  On the cross was an agonizing body.  The bodies on the Cross changed like scenes from a movie - fading in and out.  One of the bodies on the Cross was the Pope. Everything except the flowers and the gold cross was sparkling white.  There was an unearthly silence in the structure.  Suspended above the altar in mid air was Jesus in the host.  The host was huge and illuminated.  People from the outside came toward this unearthly structure.  The angels allowed some people in while others were turned away.  The people who went in seemed to understand that what  was inside was Holy beyond imagination.  They adored the Eucharist profoundly.  They  were dressed in white robes and prostrated while never really touching the ground.  Everything was suspended.  Those that weren't allowed in seemed bewildered, yet uninterested.  They just went about their business.  Those that went in and then came out again were changed!  Their faces seemed to shine -indicating the transformation within.  They were given back their street clothes and told by the angels to go back and mingle with all the others who did not see this spectacular Eucharistic Holy of Holies from Heaven. 

Words of Our Lady:  "My Dear Children,  Your souls are in the presence of the majesty and the power of God before this Sacrament of the Eucharist -although your eyes cannot sensualize this reality. You are one with Him in His sacrifice as you follow Him through this world carrying your cross.  You are given great light as you come and gaze upon your Lord.  You are sanctified and made whole here before the living God.  Your light never diminishes because what God does for you, the world cannot take away from you. 

I am among you to awaken your souls to this wondrous reality within you.  God is forming a people - My army - transformed in grace, to go out into the fields and vineyards - bringing light, peace and promise to an afflicted society! 

Go, my cenacles, into your fields scattering the darkness with His Light - the light that emanates from the Eucharist and pierces your hearts.  Go and extend your hands - now His Hands - to those who need help.  Go into your fields and be His Hands, His Voice and His Heart - for a world lost in sin and confusion. For this is the day and the hour to gather for the Lord.  When the heavens and the earth begin to tremble and grow dark, those yet scattered shall be lost forever. 

Time, as grains through an hour glass, eventually runs out for everyone.  I am with you in this mission. 

4-30-97 Wednesday Cenacle

Blessed Sacrament (Words of Jesus) 

"Daughter, Take courage! Have confidence in My healing power as it radiates out to you from My Sacramental presence. Have confidence. Love Me, for I am so in love with you and all souls that I have redeemed with My Blood. I thirst, still, for all humanity. I long for them to come to the Fountain of Grace - the Blessed and Holy Sacrament of My Presence among you until the end of time. (I saw a mental vision of people coming by the thousands to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament) Look, My daughter, they will come - many will come." 

Vision: This mental vision seemed to me like a continuation of the previous week. I saw many, many people migrating toward the suspended 'tent-like' structure. The appeared battered, bruised and defeated. Their clothes were dirty and torn. They looked as though they had been broken down in battle. They carried nothing with them. Defeated by the world, they now gravitated toward the huge and luminous Host inside the tent. They seemed to be drawn there like being pulled by gravity. Some were being carried in the arms of the Blessed Mother. Those being carried seemed to be less wounded than those walking on their own. 

Our Lady's words: 

"My little daughter, you have seen a depiction of the new heavens and the new earth suspended above the parched earth - now purified. The glorious Eucharistic Reign of Jesus Christ come upon the earth - now purged of every trace of sin." 

The vision continues: As the battered people staggered toward the 'white tent', they fell at the feet of the two angels positioned at the entrance. The angels, along with several others, ministered to these broken people. Some were removing their shoes. At the hands of the ministering angels, the people were transformed. No longer in tattered cloths; but wearing bright white robes. No longer dirty and tear stained faces, but with faces that have now seen, in part, the glory of the Lord. They now entered the tent singing and rejoicing. Upon seeing the 'Living Host', they prostrated themselves. The brightness of the huge host was too intense to look upon. Still, there was absolute silence within the altar area. 

Words of Our Lady: 

"My dearest consecrated souls, The Eucharistic Reign of Jesus Christ will come upon the renewed earth after the great trial which is upon you. In the hearts of my consecrated souls, My Son's Eucharistic presence reigns, even now. 

You, My cenacles, are the first fruits of the glorious new era. Continue to allow yourselves to be carried by Me into the realm of the new era of peace - the new heavens and the new earth. 

Just as it was given to me the privilege of carrying the God-Man into this world in poverty; so it is My mission to carry His redeemed into the new era - in glory. 

Look to Me. I am your hope in this day of sin infestation and utter destruction. I am the heavenly light that is leading you through the utter darkness of this hour. I am the warmth of God's love as the coldness of hatred spreads over your land like a wild fire. 

In this season of new life, you see the buds sprouting forth into new life as the cycle of life continues according to God's Will. Fresh buds of grace are sprouting forth new life in the hearts of you, my faithful. I beg you, especially during this month of May, My month, to concentrate your efforts to pray and sacrifice. I will take these seeds of life and work prodigies among you for the good of poor sinners - in this, My month of May. Peace, my children, Peace! 

May 1997 Messages to Lena Shipley



Words of Jesus: "Have you nothing to say to me? Are you lost in the world, beloved little heart of My Heart? Then, come to Me all the more!. Talk to Me all the more! Dispose your heart in recollection, all the more! In that way, I am enabled to dispense peace to the inner sanctuary of your heart, despite the raging storm which surrounds you. I am Peace! No one who comes to Me, will I ignore. No one who speaks My Name will go unheard. No one who loves Me will ever be alone! So, My wandering wayfarer, come to Me, speak to Me, love Me. I am at your disposal. I am your prisoner of love, captured for love of you. I am your ultimate Peace!" 

Words of Our Lady: 

"My faithful, enduring cenacle, How blessed you are, My persevering children! In Jesus name, I have prayed for you. I have recommended your every need to the Eternal Father through Jesus, the Lord. You are yet unaware of all that I have accomplished in you and all that I have yet to accomplish for the world through you! 

O, My little children, I call you little because your hearts are just beginning to awaken to God's Infinite love. Like the fresh buds of the earth, your hearts are still young and tender in God. Because you have been in slumber so long, you are only just beginning to discover the way of Divine Love. 

God desires peace for the world. Since Jesus is the way to Peace, you must follow Him.  In order to follow Him, you must know and love Him.  Before you can know Him, you must know and love yourself - for He is your center, your sustenance, your very life! 

God's peace plan for mankind has had many points, many stages throughout salvation history. Read your history, my dear children, so you can see how God's Mighty Hand has moved over humanity - out of love and justice for the ultimate good of His creatures. 

My Pope has called the world's attention, in this year, to the Person of Jesus Christ so that you might come to know, through grace, the 'Man' who became like you so that you could become like Him!  (Resembling, through grace, His Divine Nature.) 

My cenacle, this knowledge must come about before the world knows peace. Knowledge of Jesus opens the door to the God-life to which I have come to invite you - living in God and God, in you, like drops of water falling into the ocean. This, my dear consecrated children, is Heavens' desire!  This is the quest of every true Christian - living in God, God, living in him. Knowledge leads to love of God; Love - to service. 

You, my cenacles, are the pre-dawn to a new and glorious age where Christians will know this - their purpose. My cenacles are to be the 'push' for those straddling the fence between God and the world. My cenacles are to be the light for those wandering in darkness. My cenacles are to be the 'wake-up call' for those whose hearts are still slumbering. 

A great sign shall appear on the horizon of time. A sign that will rock the boats of God's people. A sign that will illuminate the hearts of all humanity. A sign that will cause a jolt so intense that it will facilitate the knowledge of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. A sign so great, it shall be the catalyst for the love and servitude that God so desires from his creatures. A sign that will bring God's creation back to its' rightful place - to peace within the bosom of the Father. 

I am calling you to await the coming of this great sign in peace and confidence for I, your Mother, have prayed for you. 

June 1997 Messages to Lena Shipley

6-11-97 Wednesday Cenacle

Blessed Sacrament: 

Dear Jesus: So many times I am asked and I also wonder how better to discern your will. Can you make it clearer? How do we know when we are following your Holy will? 

"My little heart, to live in My Will is to live in accordance with the will of the Father and the Spirit. We are one. Living in My will is to live in unity and harmony with your God and fellow creatures -that same unity which exists between the Father, Son and Spirit. The realm of My Will is a trysting place where you are one with God through obedience, faith and trust. It is peace for your soul - the place where you work out, in love, your salvation. The realm of My will is the Kingdom of God where everything is ordered according to My law of love. My Will is working through the task that I have given you in the vineyard of the world through obedience. My will is fulfilling the purpose for which you were created - to know, love and serve Me in this life thereby to be happy with Me forever in eternity. 

Look to My Mother, who has been sent to the world as its' luminous Star. Her invitation to peace is an invitation to live in the Kingdom of My Will. Look to Her - for She is My Will, personified." 

Words of Our Lady: 

Continually give thanks to God for His generosity to this undeserving, still-necked humanity. The more humanity rejects Him, the Creator, - the more plenteous are His gifts of grace! The more despicable humanity becomes, the more He shows His undying, unconditional, perfect love for it! The more it sinks deeper into the dredges of sin, all the more does He send laborers to excavate it! 

What more can He do for this ungrateful world? He sustains it in His Love. He holds it in its orbit. He causes the sun to shine upon it and the quenching rains to fall upon it. He cleanses it with His Blood as His continual sacrifice is re-enacted around the globe on His Altars! He has sent a bright star to precede and herald His coming. I am the Star of the New Annunciation! 

The brightness from the rays emanating from My Heart exposes His gifts to the world. A treasure chest of grace I have been commissioned to dispense to this stricken world. 

My beloved cenacles, the power of darkness attempts to bury God's treasure under the vomit of falsity, confusion, blasphemy, indifference and the skeletons of this culture of death! I am mobilizing my army to help me keep exposed, for the world's salvation, God's saving gifts to it. Help Me, your Commandress-in-Chief of this heavenly army, to annihilate the debris of sin. Let your prayers, sacrifices and penance be the vehicles that remove the vomit of Satan from amidst My children. Let, especially your Masses worthily attended and acts of charity expose the Light of Christ to every nation. I am calling my armies to remain secure and decisive in their adherence to my messages as Satan hurls his weapons of mass destruction toward the Church, families, the young and vulnerable, religious and consecrated souls - during these, his last gasps of power over my children. 

I am here with you, hovering over the whole world, as its' illuminated Star - dispensing the treasury of Heaven's graces and beckoning my beloved children toward their Sanctuary of Peace - God's Divine Will - through the portals of My Immaculate Heart - the gift of your times.