A Call To Holiness


January Through June 1998 Messages to Lena Shipley


"Come to Me, daughter!  You are thirsty.  You need not be!  0, I, alone, possess the eternal, living water from which to satisfy your thirst.  Drink from worldly fountains and your thirst will grow more intense.  I am the water, who alone can quench your thirst.  Why, then, do you desire worldly fountains, which dry up and cause the soil of your heart to parch? 

I wish to lead you to the springs of peace, love and mercy - the springs of abundant life.  You need not wander far and wide in search of Me.  You need only search within, where I wait for you.  I wait with open arms to bring you solace, forgiveness and love.  When you drink from My well, return again to your world to bring the same to My weary, abandoned, heavily laden. 

Come to Me, My little heart, and be filled.  Return to your world with one desire - to fill up what is wanting in your brothers and sisters in My Name." 

Our Lady: 

My Beloved Cenacle, 
Keep alive the spirit of Christmas in your midst!  Be bearers of peace, be menders of bridges, be heralds of the Good News that Jesus, your Lord, lives and loves in your midst. 

Do you realize, My Beloved, that an unseen, incomprehensible world surrounds you - the world of the Kingdom of God.  I invite you to enter that world through prayer.  Through prayer, you open the door to the world of the Kingdom in your midst, surrounding you and beckoning you to enter this most sublime region of love and peace. 

Through prayer, you will come to know God's will for you - day by day, hour by hour, moment to moment!  Through prayer, you will come to realize God's plan as the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan collide.  Through prayer, you will come to the joy of knowing the Truth and recognizing Truth as He will be revealed to all of humankind. 

My children, I am your Mother.  I invite you always to pray so that you will remain ever close to Me and Jesus when events that you do not yet comprehend come to pass. 

You are mere children in the realm of this Kingdom of which I speak.  As such, you need not comprehend everything that comes from God.  But, as My little children, you need only to listen and obey. 

When you obey My directives from Heaven, you remain peaceful, loving and unifying forces in your world.  My simple directive is this:  pray, offer yourselves as God's ambassadors - sacrificing whatever He asks of you.  Stay ever united to His Holy Presence - in your hearts through prayer and in your midst through His Church. 

The Kingdom awaits you, indeed, surrounds you and beckons to "Come" and draw upon the mighty power befitting to the children of Heavenly Royalty.  I am with you leading you to joy!


"My Lord and God, I come before you praying that I never forsake you, the Church or the truth. Please sustain me in faithfulness."

My Little Heart, come to Me when you are confused! You never need linger in the darkness when the Light is always with you. Come to Me when you are burdened in this hour of testing. I will refresh you.

Who can stand alone against the mighty torrent of evil today? My children are prostituting themselves! They are selling themselves cheaply in the world of things. They are substituting falsity for sound doctrine.

A torrent of tears are falling from Heaven. Even the elements of nature rebel in this sorrowful hour. But why should you fear? You have the Light of Faith, Hope and Love emanating from this Church - a Light that has pierced the darkness, a light that has illuminated the way for you to follow. Be stouthearted and wait upon your Lord. Be courageous of spirit. Keep your mind clear; your focus steady. You need not live like abandoned orphans! Do not wander about hopelessly. You are about to behold the Glory of God revealed!! You are to be My witnesses for ages to come.

My Mother's presence in your world in this century has been a foretaste of the joy, the beauty, and the peace to come. She has blazed a fragrant trail of virtue wherever She has appeared. She leaves, for your succor, the sweetest perfume of sanctity. Peace has been Her gift to you. Be my child of hope and love. Let them be your life-force. For you are a child of light. The darkness has dissipated around you. The Light that you bear is not our own; but Mine. For God has chosen to draw near to you. Let your love be God's promise for tomorrow - a new dawn, an ethereal light never to be overcome again upon the earth by the powers of darkness.

My little heart, Live in this Light and carry it within your heart always. It emanates from the love of God who is coming again to claim His own. Come to Me as you wait. I long to refresh you. My love for you is great!


My Dear Cenacle,

On this day as you gather in recollection of My appearances at Lourdes, where I revealed Myself as the Immaculate Conception, I invite you to reflect on my conception in the womb of My Blessed Mother -free from the stain and the pain of sin. I invite you to remember your own conception in the spiritual womb of your heavenly Mother - with your consecrations to My Immaculate Heart.

My children, ask yourselves, "What does my Immaculate Conception mean? How did this divine favor, attributed to the anticipated merits of God's only Son, exalt and bless this lowly handmaiden?" My beloved little ones, it means that while I was born into the world, I never belonged to it. I was never ensnared in it's empty promises or false hopes. The Word of Sacred Scripture was always a lamp to my feet. Prayer, the doorway to My God in Whose presence I thrived. Goodness and virtue were the fragrance emanating from my life - lived always in the Divine Presence. Charity and sacrifice opened a clear path to the Sacred Heart of God, that Divine Furnace, that always and forevermore will burn with Love for creatures.

My being emerged and took form from the mind, the heart and the will of the Almighty. The Master Artist drew a portrait of His great love upon the womb of my blessed mother. The Master potter fashioned a lowly vessel within this blessed womb to become the Tabernacle of the Living God. The Master Gardener planted a garden enclosed within the holy womb of my mother - a garden that would one day nourish the whole of His creation through it's abundant fruit. A garden that would one day disseminate the fragrance of blessedness around the world at a time when the stench of sin threatens to overcome the whole of creation.

I am the perfect creation of God - His portrait of Love, His vessel, His Tabernacle, His Garden, His fragrance. I have been the gift of the Omnipotent God to the world so that, by way of my cooperation, it might turn back to God and be saved.

You have been the children also chosen to cooperate with His plan. You, too, emerged from the mind, the heart and the will of God. It has been through the action of His grace that you have been conceived within My Heart; to grow there, until the appointed time of fulfillment. You, too, are emerging as portraits of God's Love, vessels to be used by Him, Tabernacles that house the Living God and gardens from which an abundant harvest will be produced. It will be the perfume of your holiness that will attract many who are now living under the stench of sin.

My little ones, as I have opened my heart for you; so, you must open yours to those with whom you live. I have been your refuge. I now invite you to become a safe refuge. My messages must now, in this second phase of God's powerful plan - take on 'flesh'. I invite you to spiritually adopt a poor sinner, taking that soul into the refuge of your heart by praying, sacrificing, living and suffering for it's salvation.

Persevere, my cenacle. Give flesh to my messages through your generosity, goodness and love, so that we may arrive together at the ultimate, victorious end which is eminent - the triumph of our merging hearts.

Saturday, Feb. 21, 1998

(Visit to Oneonta, NY)

To My Children of Royal Heritage, the children of My Immaculate Heart:

You are embarked upon the path to peace. As you have accepted Me as your Mother and guide along this path through the many battlefields that we must cross together - your feet have been set upon a path that leads to abundant life.

Through prayer and penance you are partakers of the great victory ahead. You are the first fruits of the glorious reign of God come upon earth.

Take comfort when your structures, systems and institutions collapse and fail you; for, as the children of My Triumph, you have not put your trust in them.

Be courageous when the thorns of many tongues mock and insult you; for, as My children of the Triumph, you have not put your trust in creatures.

When the world as you have known it, is tossed and torn and thrown into a state of confusion; fear not, for you - as My children of Our triumph - will see, by the light of Truth, a new day, a new life united under the banner of Jesus, the only Lord - your King of Glory!

I come today to thank you for your faithfulness in your cenacle of prayer through which will come our victory, the Promised Triumph of My Immaculate Heart.


My daughter,  Why do you hesitate to bring my words to my cenacle?  My words are like a breathe of fresh air.  My Cenacle needs to hear them as they are destined to be the windows through which the Holy Spirit passes to renew My Son's Church.

My Dear Cenacle,

I am present tonight with you in your cenacle of prayer just as I was in the first Cenacle with the apostles as they awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit and birth of the Church.  Together, we pray and await the Holy Spirit's coming again and the rebirth of the Church.

My Children, the Church needs the renewal of the Holy Spirit.  It's pulse has become slow and it's heartbeat faint.  My children languish in the stagnated air caused by compromise and error.  The blows of the enemy have been nearly fatal.

Our Church needs the fresh life breath of the Holy Spirit to re-vitalize.  The Church needs to be swept  clean by the strong, driving wind of the Holy Spirit.  The Church needs the sharp tongue of truth to be convicted anew.  The Church needs the waters of God's Mercy and the blood of Holy Martyrs to be purified. Finally, the Church will know an era of peace and unity resulting from the coming triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

My children, it is only through prayer that you will come to know that your trials and triumphs, anxieties and joys pass as a vapor.    All the events of your life serve to effect the necessary change in you to strengthen you for the last drama.  It is through prayer that you will know your part in God's end time drama.  It is only through prayer that  each of you and the cenacle may be the open windows through which the Holy Spirit may pass in order to renew the face of the earth, thus precipitating the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart that we await with joyful hope.

I am with you.  I love you.



"Take my hand, my little heart!  Reach for it.  Hold fast to it!  Don't let go!"  Where is your Hand, today, Lord?  "You will always find it in the present moment.  My hand is in the task at hand.  Reach for it when you begin your work.  You reach for My Hand when you  accept My Father's will for you.  My Hand is in the hands of all those people whom you meet in a day's work.  I am in those hands who need yours to make lighter work.   My Hands are the hands of those who embrace you today, who comfort you and lead you to a peaceful place.  My Hands are all around you.  Look down - My Hands are your hands when you are aligned to My Father's will.

But, today, it is not so much My Hands, but, rather, My Heart that I offer you.  It is the gift of this Sacrament that you now adore in this moment.  You came here looking for My Hands.  They were upon you all along.  For, they drew you here - gathered you up and pressed you to My Heart - here, in this Sacrament - exposed - made vulnerable - for you today!"


"I  come to you always, bathed in the light of God's Divine Love and in the spirit of humility.  For, you see, my little children, I know God; and, in knowing God, realize the baseness and littleness of all creatures and things created!

God's goodness has allowed Me the privilege of offering Myself to My children so that My own consecrated in the world may be meticulously formed in the image of My Son!  (not for their sakes, but for the glory of God)  For, who are creatures that they can boast similarity with God?  It is only through collaboration with God's unfathomable, infinite plan, can creatures be made to glow in the presence of their God.  Through streams of this pure light, all souls will be drawn to Jesus who alone reveals the Father.

My beloved cenacle,  know your littleness!  Humility of heart alone will enable you to be formed into another 'monstrance' which will reveal the glory of God in a darkened world - darkened by pride.  I desire that each of you reveal the Risen Jesus in your world by your very lives lived in poverty of spirit, prayer and love.

You need to become my children of love.  Without love, your lives, your works, even your prayer is sterile and void.  It is here, before this Sacrament that you will be filled with Divine Love.  Open yourselves to love.  Contemplate the Heart of God in this Mystery of Faith.  Contemplate a love that pours itself out upon a world darkened by sin as its' Bread from Heaven, as its' source of Life.

My children, receive God's love in the Heavenly Food He has provided.  Like a monstrance, display God's Infinite love, through the windows of your hearts.  Give me the liberty of fashioning your lives into living monstrances, as was My Life.  The Light of Life must shine through the windows of your hearts so that a world which lies in darkness can again see the light of day.  I am with you.