A Call To Holiness

January Through June 1999  Messages to Lena Shipley


I cry, my little cenacle.  I weep for my children who will never know what hit them – who will never repent before the arm of God’s justice falls from Heaven.  I shed copious tears for my children all around the whole world who have not heard my motherly appeal for conversion to the Gospel of my Son – who now carry their heavy portion of the Cross.

O, my dear ones, the winds of God’s justice have only just begun  stirring up their fury.  The purifying sweep of His arm has just begun to move!  Such pain, suffering, such loss!  You see, my cenacle, all of the present travail.  But you do not see the loss of souls – souls who cost my Son such a dear price.  You see the pain and shock on the faces of your brothers and sisters.  But you do not see the pain in the heart of your Saviour who suffers with and through his children of the world!

The devil’s fury has now been unleashed upon the whole world.  When his thunder was yet far off, your Mother was here warning, consoling and urging all her children to pray, pray, pray!

I come to you tonight as your tearful mother of the Great Purification and Renewal.  I plead and exhort you to pray and fast.  Do penance.  Deny yourselves bodily pleasures and comforts for the sake of those who are being stripped of their securities and earthly loves.  Souls are at stake, my little cenacle.  See what sin has bred – death!!  Death of the soul – the souls of families, the souls of churches, the souls of nations.

The world must grieve for it’s many losses.  Yes, rightly so.  But you, my little ones, must grieve, with your sorrowful Mother, for souls.  Your hearts must move for those who would be damned to Eternal Annihilation.  In this way, you will now begin to see why I have come, why I have been with you so long.  Not to preserve your earthly homeland, have I come; but to insure your places in the Heavenly homeland.

I have come to throw wide open the gates of Mercy for you.  Too few have passed through them!  In this hour, you see them slowly closing – giving way to the gates of Divine Justice.

I have formed you, my little cenacle.  I have provided for you this safe shelter from the storm that has now reached it’s greatest strength.  Stand firm and stand together in this little haven of prayer.  It is only here that you will gain power to endure and the strength to defend the posts of your famililes, your church and community and ultimately, your world.

I will never forsake you.  I now exhort you to defend your positions of prayer, love and sacrifice.  Trust in God and his promises.  Keep aflame the virtue of hope in your hearts.  You have arrived, with your Mother, at the summit of the world’s Calvary.  Our hearts now weep, and wait and pray for the death of evil and the resurrection of a new dawn, a new heaven and new earth – purified and resplendent with the glory of it’s Creator.  Do not run and hide.  I am with you always.