A Call To Holiness

Prayers Received by Lena Shipley

Mysteries of the Rosary Glorious


Picture Me, in the early hours of that first Easter Morn, absorbed in prayer, My eyes swollen from the many tears I have shed, My Heart engulfed in the piercing ache of many swords. I am exhausted and numb. Suddenly, without warning, the first light of dawn burst forth from My window, exploding into a prism of intense light. Jesus came forth from the brilliance, being the Light Himself. His countenance, His wounds now dazzled like the noonday sun. My mortal eyes beheld a Glory I could never have imagined. I could not have withstood the Vision of My Glorious, transfigured Jesus before Me had He not temporarily released Me from My mortal faculties. Being yet in My human form, My heart would have burst with joy had Jesus not suspended My senses in that moment!

Two days before, He was, by outward appearance, the Son of Woman. This day, I beheld Him as the Son of the Omnipotent God in all His Splendor!

Our hearts merged as one. I was in possession of My God. O, what incomprehensible joy! "Mother", He said, "you have shared in My agony - How, Behold My Glory which you will be united in an ineffable manner. We shall never again be separated by time and space. The ransom is complete. My Mother, we have accomplished It Thus."

My children, the fruit of this Mystery is abundant. Through it, you will be given the grace of a deep faith - a belief in the unbelievable - that Jesus Christ lives today! You will be given the grace to recognize His Resurrected Presence in your midst, on your Emmaus Road to Glory!

THE ASCENSION What joy filled our hearts during those days after Jesus rose from the dead. Once again, He walked with us, He taught us and He prepared us for yet another change. Try to comprehend, My children, the immense Love Jesus had for His own. Having broken the bonds of death for us, He would now allow us to be witnesses to the affirmation of our Eternal destiny. As He was lifted up into the heavens, My eyes filled with bitter-sweet tears. My heart filled with love. I watched as He disappeared from My sight. His ascension to His Father never diminished the mystical union that we shared beginning with His Resurrection and coming to full fruition upon My earthly death. My children, allow this Mystery to fill you with expectant hope. For the day will arrive when your lives will have fulfilled God's purpose here on earth and your spirit, having been freed upon deaths solemn knock, will ascend to Him who waits for you.

DESCENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT My Cenacle, It was the first cenacle that heralded the coming of Power, the Fire of Love - the fire that enkindled human hearts of stone with courage and conviction. Truth and Justice blew upon us with the wind of the Holy Spirit. Gathered together in fear and fatigue - in solemn prayer - we awaited the return of our Savior. We waited and prayed. He had promised to send us a Comforter and so we waited and prayed. Just as He had promised, He filled us to overflowing with His Love. He poured forth His Spirit upon the earth for all generations - for He had opened the gates of Heaven to all. Never again would He be confined to time and space. His Love was for all time and all space. His Church on earth was born! I was content to be Its' Mother, Its' Heart united with the Heart of My Son - for all time. My cenacle, allow the fruits of this Mystery to unleash in your hearts. Experience the Risen Jesus, then go out and be the Risen Jesus for others. Allow this Mystery to renew your broken spirits and then go out and renew the Face of the earth. COME, HOLY SPIRIT, COME!

ASSUMPTION My Hearts' restlessness was stilled. My heart was fulfilled. I was returning to the source of My being. Love had gone full circle. My Spirit was being drawn ever so gently toward Its' source. My soul, united to My Lord, My Son in a mystical bond transcended time and space. At the designated moment, heralded by the gentle songs of the angels, Love's Immense Power Source drew Me body and soul into the radiant light of My Eternal Home where My joy and My glory knows no bounds. My children, what radiant light, peace and exaltation await you! Allow this Mystery to produce within your souls great joy through expectant faith. You too will be lifted into heaven on the wings of the angels who already know what grandeur awaits you. Endure, my children, endure!

CORONATION The glory that is Mine in Heaven - the radiance of My Crown - is beyond the comprehension of the minds of mankind. The sufferings from the swords of all My earthly Fiats have been transformed into precious gold. The glorious gems embedded therein represent all My consecrated children both on earth and those in heaven already transformed into glory. The brilliance of these precious gems reflects the purest hearts of My sons and daughters. I wear it with infinite love and pride for my children. My Eternal Mothers' Ring! My circle of love! My children, this mystery invites you to contemplate the wonder of heaven. Allow the Mystery of My coronation to fill you with hope and love. Your own crown awaits you. Your crown of glory - your hope fulfilled!

Mysteries of the Rosary Joyful

Mysteries of the Rosary Sorrowful


AGONY IN THE GARDEN My afflicted children, How deep will be the agony of my unrepentant children as they recall their sins and dreadful rebellion against God. Those who were surrounded in luxury and seeped in the poison of Satan will stand alone in the Face of God's wrath turned on the sinful nations. "How lonely she is now, the once crowded city!...Bitterly she weeps at night, tears upon her cheeks with not one to console her of all her dear ones. Her friends have all betrayed her and become her enemies." (Lamentation l:l,2 O, My afflicted children, must I cry and plead for conversions right up until the day of the Lord? Then, they will turn their stony-faces and hardened hearts toward the Light! They shall see their wretched states just a Jesus did so long ago in Gethsemane. They shall lament over their sinfulness just as Jesus did. They, too, will sweat droplets of blood at the sight of them.

SCOURGING My afflicted children, The sins of the wretched nations must be ripped away. Your God is returning and where God is there can be no defilement - not the least trace. The rebellious people shall cry and lament as ..."Her persecutors come upon her...all her gateways are deserted, her priests groan, her virgins sigh, she is in bitter grief...The Lord has punished her for her many sins...gone..is all her glory, her princes, like rams that find no pasture, have gone off without strength before their captors....(Lamentation l:3-5) My children, the pride of my rebellious ones shall be stuck down. I, your sorrowful Mother, must witness their blows as their sins are laid bare. When God lays bare their guilt - who, My children, can endure it? Through this mystery, reflect on Jesus stripes that laid bare your guilt. Yet, in your stubbornness, you wear them still!

CROWNING My afflicted children, my prideful and rebellious children will be crowned with the shame of their wretchedness. They will be crowned in disgrace unless they repent and turn back to their God. "All who esteemed her think her vile now that they see her nakedness. She herself groans and turns away."(Lamentation l:8) My children have fallen into enemy hands and their enemies will laugh at their ruin. Their filth is before them, they gave no thought how they would end. Astounding will be their downfall with no one to console them. Look, O Lord, upon their misery for the enemy has triumphed over them. (Lamentation l:9 (paraphrased) My children, through this mystery see the crown your sinfulness has gained for you! Yet, the Innocent Lamb of God wore it for you.

CARRYING OF THE CROSS My afflicted children, the weight of sin presses heavy upon the world. My children did not heed the voices of the prophets of old. Nor do they heed God's voice today through the Pope, Christ's Vicar on earth. My Son's Church, who is, in fact, Jesus living mystically in your midst, is bearing the heavy cross of confusion, lack of discipline, division and persecution. How my sorrowful heart breaks as I watch the whole world stumble under the weight of sin. "He has kept watch over my sins; by his hand they have been plaited: They have settled about my neck. He has brought my strength to its knees; The Lord has delivered me into their grip, I am unable to rise. (Lamentation l:l4) My children, reflect, sorrowfully on what the rebellion of mankind has caused your Saviour. If God's enemies struck at Jesus with such a vengeance, how much more will they strike at those He loved so much that He would die for them!

CRUCIFIXION My afflicted children, Darkness shall descend upon the whole earth for the awesome hour of the consummation of sin. Man's rebellion against His creator has summoned this hour of God's wrath. Rebelliousness and sin shall be put to death and totally eradicated from the earth forever. A song of lamentation shall echo around the world. "The Lord has done as he decreed: He has fulfilled the threat He set forth from days of old; He has destroyed and had no pity, Letting the enemy gloat over you and exalting the horn of your foes...Dead in the dust of the streets lie young and old, maidens and young men have fallen by the sword; you have slain on the day of your wrath, slaughtered without pity. Terror rises up against me from all sides, There was not, on the day of your wrath, either fugitive or survivor. The peoples know affliction from the rod of his anger;...forced to walk in darkness...He has worn away my flesh and my skin. He has broken my bones. He has beset me round about with poverty and weariness; He has left me to dwell in the dark like those long dead. He has hemmed me in with no escape and weighed me down with chains....He left me desolate...He bent His bow and set me up as the target for his arrow. He pierces my sides with shafts from his quiver. I have become a laughingstock for all nations....He has sated me with bitter food and made me drink my fill of wormwood. My soul is deprived of peace, I have forgotten what happiness is, the thought of my homeless poverty is wormwood and gall - my soul is downcast within me. My children, Thus it shall go on that great and terrible day of the Lord - when the whole earth shall behold and tremble at the sight of their Omnipotent God - Crucified - because of man's cooperation with the powers of darkness. My children, the whole earth shall quake at the sight of its' creator, crucified!!

12-11-88 Message CHRISTMAS PRAYER #1

Thank you for the gift of your Son, the Spotless Lamb, our victim and ransom, our Light and Salvation. the purest of Mothers, thank you for your response to God's call, your fiat which gave to the world Jesus, the Humble Babe, our resplendent King. thank you for your all powerful, ever present counsel and wisdom. During this season of joy and expectation we ask you with Mary, our protectress, to lead us to the Christmas Star. Open our hearts that its' stream of rays penetrate our darkness. Guide us as we follow that star. Share with us our celebration of the birth of the baby wrapped in humility. Grant that we recognize His voice in our hearts, His love in our homes, his pain in our world. Lead us by this star to all truth - the truth that will set us free from the bondage of sin. May enlightened truth prepare us for His coming again as King. Open our ears, our eyes and our hearts. Help us to stay awake and alert as we await the ultimate joy of Jesus' return in glory, justice and mercy. O Star of David, that did reveal His humble birth, lead us once more to our Christmas King. Amen.