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The Recorded Messages from God the Father, Jesus and Mary to Lena Shipley

Lena Shipley lives in Waterloo, NY and has been receiving messages from God the Father, Jesus, and Mary since 1988. She received her first locution from Jesus in St. James Church, in Medjugorje. Since that time she has received many messages most of which have been compiled here in this collection of messages. The Preface to her book (not yet printed) explains in Lena's own words how it all began. The messages are all organized by dates and are included here for all our Blessed Mother's children to share. These messages are neither approved nor disapproved by the local Bishop. They are left for your discernment. To read more about discernment I have included an essay by Father Edward J. Carter, S. J.

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My little ones, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. To be forearmed is to be prepared! My mantle wraps around you in protection. For your part, I say again and again: LIVE MY MESSAGES!

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